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Lucas at 6 months

Half a year with you has gone by already! It seems unreal to me. You are growing too fast for me. I know you my last baby, so I think all of your milestones are just flying by. The older I get, the faster the days go. I'm holding on to you so tightly. I will so miss your little-ness when it has left.

This month you decided to become a serious mover. You are all over the place. You stand on your toes and stick your toosh in the air. One knee drops down and you do a weird crawl forward. You army crawl on your belly too. If I put you down on your play blanket, two seconds later you are half way across the room pulling on a table leg or grabbing a toy that Milo left on the floor. You are pretty happy to play on the floor until you see me. Then you cry and want to be held. Um. O.k. I'll hold you.  I pick you up and tote you around for a bit and love all over you. Then you go back to playing and scooting.

You ride in your sling when we run errands still. I always take you with me. You are a nice companion. I talk to you and rub your fuzzy head. You babble and look up at me occasionally, but mostly you like looking around and grabbing anything within reach.  Everyone stops to talk to you and you give them smiles. You're a rock star at our local thrift stores. Everyone knows you. 

You talk and yell a lot. You take 3 short naps a day still. You go to bed around 8 and are ready to get up for the day by 6.  You still wake up a lot at night too. I love cuddling with you when I get into bed next to you. You snuggle under my neck for awhile and I take you in. I've said it before, but sleeping with my babies has been one of the highlights of my life. I will always treasure that warm, sweet time.

Caribou has just came on your radar this month. You love to watch him. You laugh and stare him down whenever he is near. He licks you and you back away and blink your eyes, but then stick your face out for more.  You still laugh at all the goofiness that your brother and sister do. They can make any random noise or dance move repeatedly and you laugh your baby face off.  You laugh is very deep and adorable. That sound can change any grouchy mood.

You like teethers now and are fascinated with cords and remote controls. Sophie the giraffe is your favorite toy and your momma made taggie blanket. You like to flap board book pages around. Crinkling sheets of newspapers is a blast and banging any object on the wood floors repeatedly makes for a good time. You also LOVE dumping out baskets. I just put your toys in them so you can have the fun of crawling over and dumping them.

You moan when you're tired and then you wail incredibly loud. You like to snuggle your face in mine when you do fall asleep. You don't really care much about nursing except when you are actually hungry. Every time I pick you up, you grab my head with your hands and open your mouth wide and then suck my face. I think it is a kiss, but maybe not. You like to eat my chin also. 
You let me kiss all over you and smoosh our faces together and copy my sounds. You raise your eyebrows when I raise mine. You make me smile. You are a joy Lucas. I love you to pieces schmookas.

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