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Lucas at 5 months

Lucas, you are huge! At your 4 month check-up you were in the 80th percentile for everything.  You basically were a 6 month old. You were so happy and friendly at your appointment. You did cry when the shots came, of course. Shots make me so nervous.  You ended up getting a high fever and behaved very sickly for three days. Immunizations stress me out….and you too.  You recovered though and went back to your cheery self.

You are trying to crawl already. Your tush goes up in the air and you start rocking on your forearms. Don't even think about it little one.  I do not give you permission to start crawling yet. Babyhood is too short. Take your time.  You don't like sitting at all. Not in chairs and not in our laps. You like to bounce and be carried around. You really want to be mobile. You do ball up in our sling though when we are out in the world. People always stop to talk to you because you smile so much for them. You're a fun baby. 

I think you may be a thumb sucker. You don't want much to do with a pacifier, but you can't get enough of your hands. You're very pleased when you get your thumb. I guess time will tell. You like to lay on your belly some now and flip book pages or grab toys to scoop into your mouth. Mostly you like to watch us.  Keely and Milo make you laugh with their craziness. You still stare me down when I'm not holding you. You also watch me intensely if I'm typing then I look over at you and smile hugely. I look away and you go back to staring. I quickly look back at you and you smile again. This goes on and on until you lure me over to smootch all over your smooth baby body.  You're very convincing.

 We bravely took a little vacation to visit your Grandpa Don and Nancy this month. You did pretty good on the trip until your hunger got you and then you wailed uncontrollable until we could stop somewhere. By the end of the trip you just screamed in your seat. I so wanted to just hold you. You aren't so happy in your car seat anymore. I don't blame you. You were really content during our trip though. You went everywhere we ventured without a problem. You just took in the sites and went to sleep when you'd had enough. You are a magic baby.  I love it.

You take about 3 little naps a day on our bed. You eat for only about 5 minutes whenever you want to. You sleep wrapped in my right arm most nights. If I scoot over, you just follow. I take in all you lovliness each night before I fall asleep. I pet your head and kiss your eyes. I breath in your smell. I listen to you deep breathing. I lock that moment in my brain and hope I'll always remember when you were this small. I already miss your newborn self. That warm weighted ball of a baby that would rest so calmly on my chest. I wouldn't trade those times for anything. I think there is nothing better than a newborn babe. There's nothing wrong with 5 month old Lucas either.

 Just about every night while we get Keely and Milo to bed, you have a little scream fest. Your scream is the highest pitched sound ever. It hurts my chest it is so loud. We call it the pterodactyl scream. It is really the only time you are truly upset. I don't know if you save up your frustrations for the end of the day or if you are just tired, but not willing to fall asleep peacefully. Hopefully, this stage will pass soon. 

I love you little Lucas. You are the sunshine in my day. Thank you for being you.

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