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Lucas at 4 months

Lucas you grow more wonderful each moment. How easily you smile is such a blessing to me each day.  If I'm busily doing house chores and I glance at you you always flash me a smile.  You stare me down when I'm doing a task that doesn't involve you.  You spin your head around to find me if you hear my voice from another room. You are adorable. You smile at us and strangers. People melt in your presence.

You are a chunky little fellow now. I love you baby rolls. You are a good eater. You usually sleep pretty good at night. You like to wake up around 6 still. You nap usually 3 times a day and usually I can lay you down in bed and you'll stay asleep for awhile. 

  Keely brought home her first school sickness, a spring cold. We all got it, even you.  I tried so hard to keep you germ free. You cried all night the first night. I just walked around the house with you. We even paced outside and in the garage to let everyone else sleep. You were coughing and gagging and just not happy. You did recover quickly thankfully and went back to your old routines.

 You are very vocal now and make a lot of noise. Usually you are talking, but sometimes you are yelling at us. "Carry me!" "Talk to me!" "Play with me now!"  We have a little game we play where I hold your hands while you stand and I make a noise while I lower you to my face. We rub foreheads and you smile so big at me. If I stop the game before you are ready to you start pushing yourself to me and lowering your head as low as you can to entice me back. You always win me over.  You have a funny little chuckle too. You laugh when we dance for you or sing to you. You're awesome Lucas.

You like laying on your belly some now and are getting good at grabbing things and staring at them. You seemed shocked that you can hold objects. You study them and make grunting noises. We like to watch you explore. You do prefer to stand and look around now.  You used to always sleep in the sling when we went to stores, but now you prefer to sit up and check out the sights. 

 Lucas you're a fun baby. You're pretty mellow and those smiles are so wonderful. You aren't fussy on car rides and sleep well at night. What more could I ask for? You are a little rollie ball of sunshine.  Your current nicknames are Mr. Sunshine, Lucas Schmucas, and Schmoooookers. When you have your cranky times we switch over to Mr. Scream Jeans and Crankenstein. We'll see which one sticks with you.  

We all love you to pieces. Milo is always on top of you. Usually he takes care of you and watches out for you, sometimes he is jealous though and wants some of your baby attention. It's understandable though. You don't seem to mind everyone all over you. We just adore you Lucas. Happy four months!

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