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Lucas at 3 months

 Three months! Lucas you are a dream baby. I couldn't love you more. You just don't stop smiling. Anyone can look at you and you just turn on. You light up. Now you are also talking up a storm. So many coos and ahs and sweet baby noises. We have whole very long conversations now.  You spend a lot of your time being carted around while I do house chores and entertain Milo. Sometimes you let me know that you need some face time.  If I sit you down and give you all my attention you just talk and talk. You are wonderful.

You have put on a good deal of weight. You have many chins and rolls and you just are delicous. You have that wonderful baby smell still and I just want to eat you up! You are discovering your hands now. Your eyes go very wide as you grasp something.  You love to eat your hands mostly-both of them clasp together and a finger or two in your mouth. You still sit in your bouncy seat while we are in the kitchen. You like to look at lights and mobiles.

Milo and I spend a bit of time outside each day and you suck your hands vigorously while watching the trees sways and all our flowers that are blooming. You are quite content outside. We got stuck in a major rainstorm last week and we were pelted and soaked. You flinched a little, but didn't wail as I would expect a baby to do. You just looked a little confused. You are so good natured. You really only fuss when you are tired, hungry, or need to get in a new position. 

 We also take really long walks everyday and you get in a nice nap. You nap maybe 3-4 times a day and not really on any schedule. You sleep in our bed, in the sling, in the stroller, in our arms-wherever you want to.  I'm not stressed out about scheduled naps with you and that is nice. You go to sleep when you are tired. Good for you. Some days you hardly sleep  and other days you aren't awake much at all.  I let you do whatever you need to. It has all worked out good so far. Sometimes I get you and Milo asleep at the SAME time even.

 Milo and Keely still vie for your attention. They are in competition for who gets the most smiles from you. You just love everyone and boy does everyone love you.

You have a very expressive little face Lucas. Your eyes talk and your eyebrows are always in motion. We just want to stare at you all day.  Daddy says that you are "heartbreakingly" cute. I agree. I look at photos of you and I tear up. I know that version of you is frozen in that photo, but you are growing and changing so quickly that you are already a different baby. I feel so lucky to get to have you with me and to enjoy your wonderfulness, but also so sad that you won't stay like this. This joyous little bundle of love and cuddliness. All you want is love and a happy face to look at. It's easy and pure and simple with you right now. How it should be. If it could only last.  I must continue to soak you up.


 I could sing your praises all day little man. Thank you for coming into my life and lighting it up. 

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