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Milo at 3 1/2

Milo you are now 3 and 1/2.  Three has been our most challenging time with you. You still have all your sweetness in there, but lately it is covered up with a lot of stubbornness, crankiness, and tempers.  I was so sad that I might loose the special bond you and I had before Lucas was born. You were my little baby. You snuggled with me and would only let me do certain tasks with you. Me being away at the hospital for only one day really did you in.  It was just too much for you and you haven't been the same since. However, you are wonderful with Lucas. You adore him and give him little presents. You talk sweetly to him and profess your love.

 I think you feel really displaced right now. You realize I can't hold you all the time now and I can't do everything you want me to the way I used to. I try to give you what you need, but it doesn't seem to help much.

Keely and you have turned on each other in some harsh sibling rivalry. You two fight constantly now and are always in competition with each other. It is a war zone in our house most of the time. Keely also started going to school and you can't stand that either. You don't understand her being gone all day. You take it out on me. You seem very mad at me a lot now. You have some crazy long temper tantrums that are troublesome and exhausting to the whole family. You also are refusing to take naps, so on top of everything you are tired. We've upped your bed time and insist on at least a rest day each day.

I'm trying to set up a new daily routine for us to get reconnected. I hope that works.  I miss my little side kick.  I know you are still there. When things are good in your world you light it up. You are smart and funny and incredibly cute. You love to listen to stories. You pick out our "bed night" books each evening and an "bed night" animal to sleep with. I hold your foot while you fall asleep. You insist that I do.  You will only eat homemade pumpkin muffins for breakfast. You've done this for almost 6 months now. I'm sick of making them, but you love them and they are pretty healthy, soooo?

You love to pick flowers and watch birds. You love when there is a bright full moon to see out of our windows. You're just getting interested in drawing and using scissors. Your language is uniquely you still. You call marshmallows "strawbellows" and you say "tomorrow today" when you mean later. You say "hobo" for horrible. We try not to laugh. "That is a hobo song that you are singing daddy."  You call dandelions "candy lions". "They smell like candy!" You love peacocks and still pretend to be a kitty a lot.

 You love to play with tiny things…marbles, beads, small rocks and every chain is a caterpillar. You like play dough and silly putty. Tiny boxes and jars are also a hot ticket item in your world. Every container is an item you must have! We have to sneak out trash containers like pasta & cereal boxes or you will want to hold on to them forever and stuff them with little toys. They would fill our house.  You stuff beanie animals in bags and boxes because they all need homes. You get very angry when anyone touches your things. Cleaning up is a nightmare because you just go crazy on us. Change is very hard for you right now. I hope we can get through this rough spot and there will be smooth sailing soon.  We all love you so much. You are always our miggity-moo. Your bright eyes and incredible laugh fills our souls.  

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Lucas at 2 months

Oh my little man, you are a wonderful boy. You are so friendly and sweet. You smile with your whole face whenever anyone greets you. Actually, you have a whole body smile too. You draw up your hands to your face and you bend your knees up and do this body squirm while you face lights up. So cute my boy.  You are mostly mellow. You let me drive without screaming. You will go to the store without fussing. You happily take in all the new sights and sounds. While we work in the kitchen you sit in your bouncy chair and busily suck on your hands.  You boggle my brain. I've never been with a baby like you before! 

 You have put on a good amount of weight and you finally have those wonderful baby rolls around your legs and arms and chin. Your eyes are beautiful dark blue and you don't have very much hair. You are a beautiful boy. We can't stop kissing you, but you don't really like kisses. Pity. 

 Your brother and sister adore you. They fight over who gets to talk in your face or hold you. You love watching them dance and play. Keely likes to entertain you with your flute and all the things she owns that are shiny. Milo finds you lucky rocks for your collection.

You don't like to lay down much. When we are holding you, you want to be upright looking at the world. You like us to be walking around with you too. You happily sit outside with us and watch the trees. You like riding in the stroller as long as it stays moving too.

 You don't cry very much. Even when you do it's not very intense. Just fussing, but you do have a really sad face that you can bring out. We'll do anything you want us to when you make that face. We sleep shoulder to shoulder at night. You wake up 4-5 times a night, but usually you will go back to sleep. You do want us to get up by 6 though. That's a tad early for me.  You are growing quickly. Your face is changing and you newborn clothes already don't fit you. Instead of putting the outgrown clothes in the attic now I just put them in the donate pile and that is weird. You are the last baby for this family. I hope you stay as wonderfully mellow, and sweet as you are now. Don't grow too fast. This baby stage doesn't last long enough for me.  I want to hold you all day and stare at you. I want to feel your little hand wrapped around my finger and listen to your sweet coos forever. I want to savor your smell and rub my chin on your head. I want to remember the delicious smiles that you shine at me.  I love you Lucas. Thank you for being my baby.

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