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Milo at Three

Milo you are now three years old! You woke up on your birthday and pointed over at the photos hanging by my side of the bed. You said, "That's mommy holding baby Milo. I'm a big boy now though!" You didn't even know it was your birthday and you never talk about the photos. It was very strange and knowing of you.   You did tell me on your birthday that you are going to grow bigger and bigger. You will be seven just like Keely also on your day.  You decided that you wanted a green, ice cream birthday. You wanted to get too many BIG cars for your special day too. You have told everyone about this for at least a month now. You picked a chocolate cake with green icing and you happily helped me make it. You were very pleased.

You are all boy. Monster noises, car playing, climbing, throwing, hitting, racing little machine. Thankfully, you are also the most cuddly, loving, adorable little man I know. Your fluffy thin blond hair and bright blue eyes can win anyone over.  You still clasp your hands and feet together like you did when you were a wee thing. You are incredibly short. Some of your clothes are for 18 month olds! You  talk an awful lot (too keep up with your sister) but many people still have a hard time understanding all of your words.  You do say some of the cutest things though. When your daddy or I come back from the store you tell us that you have been waiting "aaaall day looooooong!" for us. You love to give little presents to everyone (rocks, silly bands, broken little cars) you always tell the recipient that "it's for YOU! and you can keep it for.ever." When you are in a good mood you like to help me clean up and you tell me that you are a very good helper and strong too. 

Cars are your life. It is almost the only thing that you play with. You take one car for each hand to sleep with you at night. You pick several cars to go with you anytime we leave the house. You love your cars. You are very good at playing by yourself. I love to listen to your little stories. The cars talk to each other, make food for each other and race and need rescuing often. Sometimes you pretend that you are a kitty. A black kitty that purrs and often is mad and hisses.  You dressed up as "kitty" for Halloween too. You refused to wear the ears or tail though, so you were just a little dude all dressed in black. Everyone thought you were some sort of junior Ninja.  You did have fun trick-or-treating. You had to tell (scream!) to each and every one what each piece of candy you got was. "LOOK! mommy, I got a chocolate thingy!" "LOOK! Keely, I got a chocolate thingy!"etc. Good times. You usually picked a green lollipop if the people let you pick out your own.  You love all things green.
We switched you and Keely's rooms around, so that you and the new baby would be sharing the slightly larger room. You insisted that it be painted green.  You are happy with your new room. Your favorite animals are pigs and peacocks. You are so sad if we don't get to see the peacocks when we go to the zoo.  You also love little, tiny things and baby anythings. Baby animals, baby leaves, baby clouds, baby cars. If it's bitty, you like it. You still like to play with dice a lot too. You have a good little collection of them.
You can sing most of the ABC's now. Not in quite the right order, but it is adorable to listen to you. You also can write most of the letters of your name and you point out M's everywhere you see them. You don't like me to sing to you and you rarely will sing a song yourself, but you do love for us to read you books. You are a very patient listener and interested in the story. We read a stack of books together every night before bed. Sometimes you'll read to me too! I love that.

Milo, you are a beautiful handful. You are energetic, loud, smart, short, cuddly, funny, and loved. We all love you so much and can't believe we've had you for three years! You stay as yummy as you are baby boy and never forget how much you are loved by us. Happy Birthday Milo-miggity moo.

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