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Keely at 7


Happy 7th birthday big girl. We just started second grade and your reading ability has taken off. You just read My Father’s Dragon on your own and are working on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  You still love history and every historical figure that comes into your path. We must “do” history every day.  You and Math are still not good friends.  Milo is being mostly cooperative during our schooling time which is helping us immensely.

This year you have lost a lot of teeth, grown 100 feet taller, gotten even smarter and wittier, and professed your love for all things crazy colored.  Glittery, spastic, plastic, bright-it’s all for you.  You think I am so boring because I like light colors and there is so much white in our house and so many things match. You tsk tsk me and shake your head at my choices.

Some of your clothing issues have calmed down a wee bit. That has been nice. Your emotional meltdowns come in clumps now.  I thought that we would be past that sort of drama by this age. I was wrong.  There is still hope though.

Sadly, this year you experienced your first passing of a family member. We lost our beloved Aunt Robin this year. You took it very hard. It broke our hearts watching you so upset. Your genuine emotional pain hurt me so much.  This event has brought spirituality into the forefront of your thoughts this year. It has been hard.  I’m not a very spiritual person and am unsure of my own beliefs so when trying to comfort you I fell back on my Christian upbringing. God and heaven have been talked about and talked about and talked about. You have new questions daily. You stump me often. I’m baffled by all your little mind thinks about.  You are so smart.  I tried to paint you a picture of a beautiful afterlife and that calmed your sad heart, but you still aren’t buying it all. Every time there is a dead bug, all of your questions about what happens to it after death come back at me. You make me promise over and over that there is a heaven and it will go there. Everything must not just end. Dying being the end is not an answer to you…and then “Hey, if all living things go to heaven, doesn’t that mean dinosaurs are in heaven now? If they are, wouldn’t they eat all the people?”

You are very sweet and thoughtful. You still make and send people cards and presents often.  You will spend your own money to by Milo a gift.  You tell us the things you’d like to buy for us if you had enough money. You think of nice things to do for us.  Sometimes you sweep the floor or wash your dishes to surprise me.  You want to cuddle when you are sleepy.  The rest of the time you are full speed ahead…still singing, leaping, dancing, bouncing, and talking loudly.  Energetic always.

You love for your grand parents to visit us, but you always want them to play with you-not just visit.  You will not accept that most grown-ups don’t play with kids toys or run around yelling to imaginary super heroes. You can’t understand why visiting people just want to talk. “What’s so fun about that?” “Why don’t you all want to sing? and play?”

You do make people smile with your zest and spunk.  Your creativity is always there.  I often wonder who you will be as an adult.  We used to want you to be an architect. That was way before we knew you. Now we are thinking that you may go into historical reenactments or performances of some kind-dress-up, drama, shows, audiences, history. It’s got it all. Time will tell.

Milo and you are sweet to each other about half the time. You do look out for each other and that always warms my heart. The rest of the time you are vying for the biggest cookie or the most drink in a cup or the best flashlight and who can be the first down the stairs. Screaming always ensues. Little monkeys. Soon there will be a third child in our house and you are hoping for a girl. You want a sister to play with now.

Keely I love you to pieces. You are so different from me and I have to struggle often to connect with your wishes and desires and not appear or be disapproving. We are opposites in so many ways. I am trying to get my brain to just accept that.  I hope we can stay close and the differences in our personalities will not keep our hearts apart. I want us to always be close. I want you to always run to me when you need comfort. I want to be there for you and I want you to know that I’ll always love you and guide you and help you be whoever you want to be. Ah, if we could both continuously be filled with patience and compassion. I will keep trying.  Keely you are my baby-girl-bender and I am always your mommy.  Happy 7th birthday princess.

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