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Summer Wrap-up

Well, this summer is coming to an end and I'd thought I'd do a little recap for myself.

It was a wickedly hot summer here full of house fixes, medical drama, screaming playing children, and back yard activities.

Our first news is that we found our that we are expecting our third and final child (due in February)!  For those of you who used to read here you may recall all the medical drama I had when pregnant with Milo.  I had a repeat of all that jazz. Good times.  It was a very rough beginning to our summer.  I was a mess and the children were stressed and bored.  We did not get to do all the things I'd thought we'd be doing this summer because of that.

 Thankfully, before all that stuff started we got to take our very first family vacation to the Outer Banks. It was truly lovely and we hope to make it a yearly tradition.

Back at home:  Ryan has been working on making a level patio in our backyard. There was a previous one that was so awful.  It was broken bricks laid out in a strange shape. The gate door couldn't open. We all would trip. It was so wonky that it flooded into a lake each time it rained.  He has been doing this large project all on his own, so it has taken a very long time.  Now the end is in sight though and it looks great!

He also tidied up our awful screened-in porch. When we bought the house last year, this porch's walls were covered in beat-up plexi-glass attached with rusty screws instead of screening!  It was like a giant, haunted hamster cage.  It was filthy and all the paint was chipping off. Unfortunately, this porch is on a busy road, so it will always be dirty from car exhaust. Bluck.  I am thrilled to not have to see the trashy plexi-porch anymore though.

The monkey angelic children have kept us ever busy each day.  Kids are noisy and energetic! These two parents are not.  At least they are cute.

  am I right?

They have enjoyed their fort that Ryan made them and water play this season.  Bubbles, balls, and jump ropes, also got their use.  Oh! and Keely is missing her two front teeth currently. Very cute.

We finally planted some flower beds and had the saddest garden ever!  We've gotten maybe 5 tomatoes this summer. So pitiful, compared to our last home's garden. In the late spring we tilled up our dirt yard and actually got grass to grow, but by midsummer it was all dead. Boo.  Maybe next year we'll have better luck growing things here.

My beloved camera has lost its ability to focus and has seriously bummed me out. I had not taken a photo in over a month in a half  (the horror!) until yesterday because of the poor quality I am getting. I know it will be a fortune to fix it though, so I've been putting it off.

And now, now we are gearing up for our second grade homeschooling year and Ryan is heading back to work this coming week…and I'm pregnant, did I mention that I'm pregnant? Craziness.

There's our summer in a nutshell.

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