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Milo at 30 months

Milo at 30 months old you are beautiful, active, funny, very two, curious, and a handful. You talk in the sweetest little way. Most people still don’t understand your language, but I adore it. We often ask you to repeat things that you say because they are beyond cute. You like to make us laugh so you usually comply.

It is so hard to find the quiet time to sit and write these little journals. Keely and you are always asking for me, squealing at each other or climbing on me. You just climbed up on my lap now and are using my cable cord as a snake to bang on the keyboard. kO*HDSioy9*89h.

Let’s record some of the brilliant things you say.  If something happened at any other time besides right now you say it was “last morning”.  “We ate this for dinner last morning.”  If you are doing something odd or undesirable and we ask you why you are doing it, you say, “because Miwo likes to.”   When you get upset about something you stay mad for a little while and then you’ll come and tell us all that, “Now, I’m happy!” I’m happy now!” and you go about your day. When you are yelling for me and saying, “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy,” endlessly and I scream reply, “WHAT do you need, son?” You say in a sweet voice, “I need YOU mommy.”  I’m a sucker for that.  When you are being snuggly and warm you curl up on my lap and say, “Are you my mommy, mommy?” I say, “Oh yes I am your mommy. Are you my baby boy?” “Uh-huh” is usually your answer, but sometimes now you say, “No, I a big boy!” with your finger sticking up to stop my baby thoughts.  Sometimes you tell me that I’m YOUR baby.

You had a serious truck phase a few months ago. You had this little book that named all types of construction/emergency vehicles and you learned them by heart. One of them was called a grass cutter. You found an electric co. cherry picker truck and started called that grass cutter. Grass cutter has had many adventures around our house. He is your favorite. You love to identify vehicles on the interstate when we are out and about too.

You are playing more of Keely’s pretend games now. For short periods of time anyway. You look up to her so much. You want to do what she does and go where she goes.  She mostly looks after you and tries to keep you out of trouble.

You are very friendly to people. You will talk to anyone. If we are taking a walk and see a neighbor in their yard, you will yell out to them that, “HEY! We are taking a walk. I found a ladybug. We pet the dog. etc.” Even if they aren’t listening.  I always feel bad for you when others don’t hear you.  You look confused at why everyone doesn’t want to know this important information.  You talk almost as much as Keely now…and with both of you going, there is little quiet time in our house.

You finally take one regular nap a day around 1 o’clock and go to bed around 8:30.  We join you around 10. You wake up really early in the morning though and demand to get up.  You will have no slow wake-ups with cuddles and such. You yell that you want to get up now. Let’s go down stairs. You still nurse and show no signs of wanting to give that up. You come to me and say, “Mo’ please.” many times a day and night. I made the mistake of letting the pediatrician in on that many months age and he said something along the lines of “Well, that’s alright for now I guess, but you’ll want to end that soon or you are going to have some real attachment issues.”   Man, THAT would be terrible, dude. An attached child.
Daddy just built a new playset/fort in our back yard and you have no fear or limits. You can do anything Keely can do. You are strong and balanced and very capable. You energy is full speed most of the time. You like being outside. You love to watch butterflies and look for worms and rollie pollies. You love blowing and catching bubbles. You like to dig in the sand and mud. You do not like to take baths or get clean though.
You like frogs and your favorite color is green-except today. Today it is yellow. Hey, you’re two! Annie’s Bunny Cookies are your favorite treat and you like to eat Ravioli and Tortellini. Your food picks are very limited. I’m surprised you are as muscular as you are considering how little real food you eat.
You insist that all your band-aids be Hello, Kitty and that you have Princess vitamins. If Keely wants a pink something, you must have a pink one too. Keely insists to you that pink is not for boys, but you do not care one bit.
My boy, you do have a temper. When you have been wronged or not let to have your way, you yell and scream, hit, pull hair, pinch, and try to throw anything within reach- even furniture.  You go wild.  Thankfully, that doesn’t last too long. I hope that phase goes away quickly.
Recently, you’ve started singing songs and it’s good. Twinkle, Twinkle, ABC’s, Down By the Bay all sung in a very shy whisper through smiling lips.  If one of us is pretending to be something or talking in a funny accent, you watch us amused and then ask, “Who YOU bein’?”
Your eyes are amazing and clear. You hair is so fine and the most beautiful color. I love your smell and your short, stocky body.  I’m so glad to be your mommy Milo.  Don’t grow up too fast baby boy. I love you Miggity.

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