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Milo at 2 years old

My baby boy is two! I've been meaning to write about you for 6 months, but between  moving and making our house a home there has been little time for writing. So, here we are now at two years. There is so much to say about you. You are a beautiful boy.
  Your eyes are so bright and sparkly. You laugh and giggle a lot and you can make the funniest faces, always hoping to make us crack up.  Your speech isn't quite clear to most people, but I love your language. I know what your saying almost all of the time. You are putting words together in short sentences now, "no like" and "get it" are frequently heard. You love to cuddle under blankets "banks". You love to give BIG hugs and kisses. You give daddy a goodnight kiss each night and then push me on the back while saying, "kig it!" to me. You want me to kiss him too.  When you get hurt, even the slightest little bump, you come running to every single person who is in our house and tell them sadly to "kig it."  You are recovered once all kisses are received.

You do not like food. You do insist on sitting on our laps while we eat our meals though. Sometimes you will taste our food, but usually you just spit it back on our plates.  Not the most appetizing behaviors. You still are breastfeeding and ask for mommy milk when you're sleepy.  When you want to take your nap you will close your bedroom door, turn on your air machine, find your baby blanket and any animal that you need to sleep with. Then you will ask me to rock you. You still take two naps a day and sleep with us at night.   One of my favorite times with you is drifting off to sleep together. You always have one leg or your head resting against me and we snuggle under the blankets. I wouldn't trade sleeping with you for anything. I felt the same about Keely too.

You love to play with Keely when she wants you too. You try to do everything she does. You copy her songs and actions. You do not like her bossing you around though and you two do squabble quit a bit. She wants you to follow game rules and you have no idea what she is yelling about.  You try to play hide and seek. You cover your eyes and lean against something and count "four, FIVE, COME!" and then look around.  We love it. Keely and you do have a lot of little games that you made up and that you do play cooperatively. One of our favorites is the "Organical Awards Fish Race!" You two lay on your backs on the hardwood floors and propel yourselves with your feet, racing to a set finish line. I have no idea how Keely came up with the name, but we think it is fantastic.

You like to say hi to us all many times a day. You say it out of the blue and so sweetly, "Hi mommy." and you smile and usually lean your head on us. It's like a little hello hug. It's great. I just want to gobble you up. You could not be any cuter or endearing. 
You are still short, but you are so confident and capable that your size does not matter a bit. You walk up our stairs swiftly and you try walking down them until we catch you and make you "boot scoot"— sit and scoot your way down. You can put your shoes and socks on, take off your clothes. Get up or down from anywhere you want to be. If you can't easily communicate what you want you say, "C'mere!" and drag our hands so that we'll follow you.  When I ask you a yes or no question and you aren't saying, no, you will say, "uh huuuuuh, you doooo." while nodding your head yes.  You ways make me smile.

You will not ride in a stroller on our walks anymore and you don't like to ride in carts at the store. You want to be free and I guess you think you should since Keely gets to roam about. It's often a nightmare for your parents though. Keely and you go bonkers when left to run about in a large space. We try to never take you both to a store. I try to not take you both when I'm alone. Some of those trips have left me scarred and red faced. You are really friendly to people though. You wave and say things like, "Hi, man." and "How doin'?"

Gummies. You have a giant box that is filled with large dice, small dice, marbles, and random game pieces ( Choking hazard box). You call them your gummies and you get your box out many times a day and play with all the parts. You have many different cans, jars, containers that you sort them into and shake them around in and whatnot. It is your favorite thing to do. Keely is not allowed to touch your gummies.  We don't know why they are called gummies either. The gummy box lives in the living room. It does not leave that room. Those are your rules.
You love to play with little things. A box of beads. Our jar of beach glass. Coins. Anything that you could potentially choke on has you captivated. You have not put any of these things in your moth, yet. Please keep it that way son. 
When you can't find something, you start saying, "Find!" repeatedly and shaking your head from side to side as if you were looking for it. Then you start saying, "Mope! Mon't mear." translation-Nope, it's not there.  Keely finds this hilarious and we all say, "Mope! Mon't mear." now.

Oh, Milo you are such a joy and a handful. Your personality is so pure and just you…not muddled up by outside influences yet. I wish I could freeze you, my photos nor my words can capture Milo. I hope my memory will bring this you back to me when you are too big to want me. Now though, you want to be held and loved on a lot. You let me breath in your hair and kiss and nuzzle you. You let me baby talk you.  You want things to be right and good. You pick up dropped things, put away found things, kiss hurt things, throw away trash, try to fix broken things, help us when you can. You are full of joy and light and love and all the good stuff baby. All the good stuff. I hope you keep those qualities with you always. We all adore you little man. Happy two years.

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