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Keely at 6 years old

And now you are six. Six seems so old to me. I think I'm having a hard time figuring out if you're a little kid or a big kid. Sometimes you act very much like both. I look at you and you look so grown. Your body is so tall and lean and your face has such an older kid look all of the sudden. Thankfully, you still say you need some love and will cuddle with us each day. 
We are in our new house now and I think you've adjusted well. You have the biggest bedroom of the house. You said you should have it because "…well, I have the most stuff!"  'Tis true. 
We just got our schoolroom/playroom set up and will be starting first grade homeschool this week. You said, "FINALLY! I've been missing homeschool forever now."  You are a tad dramatic still.  I kid, you are always dramatic.  When you are calm and composed I am shocked and look around to see what is the matter. I watch you skeptically waiting for what is about to happen. Your energy rarely waivers. You bounce and jump and leap off of all furniture. You sing at the top of your lungs for large portions of the day. You talk all the rest of the time and follow us throughout the house to make sure we hear everything that is in your head.  I don't know how you are not exhausted by noon. I am.
We started two classes at a new co-op this year. Your best friend, Shelby is in your drama (ha! drama for you?) class, so that should be fun. You were very excited to go the first day and told me that I could leave and that I didn't need to walk with you or hold your hand. "Finally, I get to go all alone-by myself!" you told me.  Milo missed you terribly when you were gone.  I hung in the parking lot for awhile not sure of what to do without you.  I was so worried something would go wrong and you'd lose it.  I also just don't know what to do without two kids in tow.  Eventually, the heat got to us and Milo and I went home. It was so weird and quiet without you.  I love (and need more) silence, but I missed you. You are so alive and vibrant. Our home was empty without you. My heart was sad.
You don't care what people think of you. You aren't embarrassed ever, self-conscious, or unsure of your looks. You don't know what is in-style with clothing or popular characters. You gladly wear missed matched or dirty clothes…if they are comfortable to you.  You are currently wearing a headband on your forehead 24/7 and there is no stopping you.  I try to realize and appreciate these things about you but society has trained me well. I must do you right and not pass that on to you. I really do want you to be whoever you want to be…Pat Benatar sweatband and all.  I think we all would be happier if we just go to be.
You still are the bird lady. Now you love magic wands and desperately want a real one. You won't be convinced that they don't exist.  Pink is your new favorite color. You scan your belongings and claim there isn't nearly enough pink. "Just look at this mommy. Do you see enough pink?"  You're now saving your money to buy pink things and shiny pink things and a pink magic wand with a bird on it! maybe a pink bird! Oh Keely.
Your love of junk food is immense. If it looks crazy colored or sugary you want it…and then you want more of it. We limit it. Usually you can't eat all that you think you can…and complain of your belly hurting after a few bites.
You are observant still and the memory on you is crazy good. It always has been. No one can beat you at a memory match game. It's comical how good you are. You can also read well-when you want to. If I ask you to then you always claim it is too hard, you don't know that big word, or you are just a terrible reader and can't read a single word, not a one.  Later, you'll pick up a book or read some ridiculously hard to decode word/sentence like it's nothing. My jaw always drops. 
Milo adores you and does everything you do. Plays your games, picks up on all you say, and so looks up to you. I'm so glad you have each other.  He still isn't allowed in your room, of course and watch out everyone if he touches your special things.  The loudest shrieking and squealing match always follows those times…good gravy. It makes the parents crazy.  Thankfully, there is enough sweet sibling time to balance out the not so nice bickering and the No! It's mine, mine, mine time. 
You still love to give us cards, letters, and tightly taped itsy-bitsy wrapped presents. Love notes liter the house, piles of your discarded trinkets passed on to us lay about, taped on jewels with strings and stickers dangle here and there.  Your love displayed and given.  You are sweet baby.
The sensory thing is still going strong. You go on weekly food jags….provolone sandwiches for lunch and dinner for weeks and weeks. This dress only for days and days.  We still have an awful time finding clothes and shoes that fit you just right. You will only wear this pair of purple socks. You will only wear this Land's End dress even if I buy you more of the exact same dress. It just "feels wrong".  At home you are mostly wearing your undies…and the headband. "It is what it is." has been our mantra lately.
I love you dearly my lively girl. You know what you want and how you want it and that is a good thing. Being you is one of the best ways to be happy I think, so you just keep on keeping. Mommy and daddy will keep trying to let you do that. Happy Birthday my baby and yes, you are still and always my favorite little baby girl. Chocolate, whipped cream, soda pop kisses all over your face.

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