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In a nutshell

Long time no post.

I can't believe I haven't posted in so long. Yeesh.

What's happened in the last two months? Oooooh not much. Milo is now 14 months old. Keely is 5 1/2. Christmas came and went.

It was good. My kiddos got the greatest wooden toys. I love them as much as they do. OH! and Keely has a best friend now and has weekly playdates her. I'm so happy for her.
She is also doing great in gymnastics and with school work. She's a smarty. Ryan got put in a new position at his school. He is now a fifth grade teacher. Yikes. I had a birthday and turned 33. AND We have put a contract in on a new (old, beat-up) house. Scary. Ya know, great economy and all. It is the perfect time to buy a new house. Right? RIGHT? Yeah, so not really much happening.
Seriously, the days are full over here and I wish I had free time to babble about it all, but I don't.

Here's a little day in the life for example: Yesterday, Keely had her check-up and I was helping her get out of the bath in the morning. Milo came bulldozing in the bathroom and leaned into the tub and fell head first into the water. His head-up to his shoulders- was fully submerged. His legs were sticking straight up in the air. I heard the thunk and quickly saw him, grabbed him by an ankle and yanked that baby up so fast. Keely started screaming crazily and yelling, "Is he alive?"  Good lord child. YES! he's alive. I might not be though. So I'm trying to calm him down and Keely is still crying. I look at her and blood is pouring out of her nose.  This happens any time she is really upset. We had a bit of a crisis in our bitty bathroom. I get both of them settled and dry. I start running around to get us ready for the doctor appointment. I turn around and Milo has flipped the laundry basket upside down and is standing on top of it bouncing.  Two minutes later he is scaling the wall so he can look out of the kitchen window. He's pulling himself up on the sill…toes dangling mid-air. Then he is dragging his rocking chair around the house, banging into the walls and furniture.

He finds a good spot, rocks for a minute, then stands up in the chair and rocks. The boy is relentless in his adventures. Finally, I get us into the car and drive to the office. Keely starts protesting and whining. We get there. She curls up in corner and starts saying, "Can we go nooooooow?" repeatedly. We get in the exam room and she starts crying. She wouldn't stop. She didn't get any shots. Everyone was so nice to her. She sobbed the whole dang time. I don't know why she was this upset. Milo started crying too because she was. Two crying babies and three adults trying to talk it all out. It was 1000 degrees in the room and we couldn't get out of there fast enough.  So then it was 11:00 am. Still a whole long day ahead of us.  You can see why I don't get to blog right? Let's not forget the disasters that my two monkeys make in our house each day either. oy vey.
Anyway, that's what's up around here in a nutshell.
 I'll right about the house adventures soon. We are going to sign the official contract tonight and I don't want to jinx anything.

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