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Milo-One Year Old

You did it baby. You went and turned one on us. We all can't believe how big you are. It went so fast. We love the little boy you are though. You make us laugh so much and you give us love just perfectly.

In the last month you've started saying more words…"bo-bo" is puppy. "Gat!" for cat and "meeeee-ow". "Bye-bye," "Aw," and "Uh-oh" is constantly heard. You say, "uh-oh" and then drop things a lot. You think you are so funny.
You have yet to sleep through a night. I guess you make up for it through naps, but I do not. I can't wait for long night time stretches of sleep again. I do love going to bed with you though and hearing you breathe. When it's cold, you snuggle up so close to me and I can feel your breath on my face. I wouldn't trade sleeping with my babies for anything.
Your hair is still pretty red in the sunlight-actually it's orange. Your eyes just couldn't be any blue-er. You are such a pretty baby.
You've given up on baby food. You always want what we have, so we give it to you. You try everything and like most of it. You also make a huge mess. You want to use your spoon by yourself and I try to help you, but it usually ends up all over your head and chair. Your high chair has wooden holes carved in the back of it and you have great fun smooshing bits of food in them. You've also discovered that dropping food for the dog is fun.
Cats and dogs are your favorite creatures right now. You are so happy to see them anywhere. Cards, books, photos, you can't get enough. You are also obsessed with these touch and feel books. You say, "Booooo." for book and then start backing up to park your bottom in someone's lap so they will read whatever book you have. You carry your books around all the time and are so excited when we crack them open to read them with you. You squeal and bounce while we turn the pages.
You copy us all the time now. When I get some lotion on my hands, you pretend to rub it on your hands. When we pretend scream or play, you pretend scream.  When Keely runs through the house yelling and singing, you are not far behind her doing the same.
You're still climbing into and onto things. You try to scale our bookshelves. I've walked into a room many times to see you sitting on a (low) table or standing on a kiddie chair. Banging is another thing you enjoy. Anything that can be used to bang, is. You bang away and listen to the different sounds they make. You also bang us. We say, "Ow. Hitting hurts. Play gentle." You say, "Aaaaaaw," sweetly and tilt your head for some love."
Every night while daddy is reading stories with Keely, you and I play in the living room. It's our special time alone. You bring me all your toys one by one and we play together. Sometimes, if you are too tired you will lay still on my stomach and I'll pet your head.

Keely told me on Thanksgiving that she was thankful that Milo had so much love inside of him. It's so true. Oh, Milo. We are so happy you are our baby. You bring us such happiness. Happy first Birthday beautiful boy.

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