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Milo-11 months

11 months. Ah! Inching ever so close to that one year mark. Your personality has really began to shine this month. You laugh all the time. You laugh in our face to get us to laugh. You initiate all kinds of games. You bring us things so we'll do whatever we do with them for you. You bring me our Lambchop puppet so that I'll make it kiss you and eat things. You bring me balls to roll to you and books to look at with you. You give us big, tight hugs, and you are always happy to see us. You bend your head sideways in the cutest way and then smile so big at us. You love to squat down at Caribou too and get him to lick all over your drooly face. 
Oh, you are such a little lover. Snuggly and cuddly. You crawl up into my lap anytime I sit on the floor. You laugh at books as we flip the pages. You love your pet the fuzzy cat book. You enjoy having your head scratched and rubbed. You have been loving on your daddy strong this month. You love to stand in his chair with him and play with his computer and various cords. You also like being outside. You love to feel the wind blow on your face and watch the sunlight dancing through the blowing leaves.
Finally, your first tooth came in this past month and more are on the way. They have been giving you pain though and I feel so bad for you. You enjoy your iced-washcloth many times a day.
You've started waving "hi" and clapping your hands together when we say, "Yay!"  If we say, "no", you shake your head no really viciously. The funniest thing you started doing is dancing.  Daddy started playing the Beatles, Ob-La-Di for you and you started crouching over and rocking your head around strangely. It had us rolling with laughter. Then you started a bouncing dance and you've stuck with that one.  So anytime you hear music now you bounce. You also have a little Leap Frog ABC player that sings the alphabet and you carry it around playing the song over and over so that you can dance to it.
Your feet are so chunky that I can't find any shoes to fit on them! It is a problem. I want to let you walk around outside, but it's chilly and socks aren't the most protective for your baby tootsies. I'm not sure what we are going to do. Every time I come near you with a shoe you sit down and hold your leg up because you are so used to me trying to get something on you. Since the weather cooled off I have trying to put long sleeves on you and you are not happy about that. You tug and pull and scream until I take it off.
The phone is your most loved object in our house I think. It is wired up so that it sits very low, unfortunately. You have easy access to it and you love to carry it and push the light up buttons. You have called your grandfather long distance before and breathed heavily into the receiver for him.  You have also called random folks who then call me back to see why I was calling them.  I claim complete ignorance to them. If we leave the phone on the receiver to get charged you spot it and RUN to it. If we get it first, you fall to pieces in tears. You have also erased our answering message many times and recorded your own. You don't only play with the phone though. Surprisingly, you often go to your toy shelf and get a toy for yourself. You'll then sit down and play for a few minutes.  This amazes me. I hope you continue with this wonderfulness. 
You adore Keely. You love playing with her and imitating her sounds and movements. You love to flop and lay on her and suck her face.  She tries to make you do what she wants to do, but that usually does go well.  She has put a sign on her door now that says, "No babies".  She doesn't want you messing with her bird stuff and you really want her bird stuff.  If she is mad or crying about something, you get upset. You either cry too or go to her and put your face in her face and smile at or try to kiss her.  You're so sweet that way.
Happy 11 months sweet one.

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