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Milo at 10 months

Oh my baby boy, you are something. You just took off walking a few weeks ago and it is so weird seeing your short little body cruising through the house. You follow Keely everywhere, always trying to get into her things-sometimes she even lets you. You chase me into every room too especially, when you're feeling clingy. You moan at my legs and reach up to me so I'll pick you up. Sometimes you throw in a "ma ma maaaaaa." You walk with a definite waddle, but you can go really fast and you have great balance for such a little guy. Usually you walk with your hands up in the air.
Oh! We switched you to cloth diapers last month. How exciting, right? I don't think you care one way or the other-but there ya are. Your parents have gone hippy-dippy.
  This month you have discovered the dog's food. It is your constant mission now to get the food. You stealthily go into the kitchen and either dump the bowl out or just pick up handfuls at a time. You either feed them to the puppy or you shove them into your mouth and smile at us. We all have to fish gritty dog food out of your mouth daily. You still love the animals and always drop everything and zoom to Caribou if he starts barking at something. You kind of imitate his sound too.
You still say, "boo" a lot, but now you love to play a little hide-and-seek and a tiny I'm gonna getcha game. You laugh so much at these. You will chuckle whenever we try to amuse you. That's so nice. You are always good for a pick me up.  You also laugh at lights that blink and moving shadows. You just started trying to wave when I say, "Hi!" to you. And also if I say, "night-night" you will lay your head down and smile for .002 seconds. Then, you are back off and running.  Lately, you will lay on your belly, spread all your limbs out on the ground and start sucking the floor. I don't know what you get out of this. It is a strange sight.
You aren't enjoying eating food much. You just managed to eat some cheerios, but everything else solid-ish makes you gag. You don't really like baby food except sweet potatoes and pears. Juice doesn't excite you either. You do like to hold your water bottle upside down and make drops to play with though. You nurse a lot through the night, but hardly any during the day. You're too busy to eat I guess. You are still chunky so I guess you are getting what you need.
You have said words that sound very much like, "baby", "cat", and "puppy" already. Will you be the early talker that your sister was? We wonder. You love to put objects inside of bigger objects and you seem interested in how things work and go together. You also love to feel small details on clothes like embroidery or run your fingers on carvings in furniture. You love to rub your face on textures too.  You laugh when I gently blow at your face and lay still when I lightly run my nails on your scalp. Sometimes I can get you to fall back asleep by rubbing on your feet.
You are my delicious Milo. I love you. Happy 10 months baby.

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