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but he’s just a wittle baby!

Mr. Nine Months decided to start walking this week. WALKING!

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Keely at five


And now you are five.  Your daddy and I are having a hard time thinking of you as a 5 year old. It seems so big. We keep telling you that you are still our little baby girl. You've gained so much more personality this last year. You grew even more intense, more determined, more independent, more beautiful, and more amazing.
I guess the biggest thing that happened in this year is your new role as big sister. You have become such a wonderful care giver to Milo. You love on him. You instruct other people in the right way to play and talk to him. You help him and give him toys. You never have said a mean thing about him. You make us so proud. Of course, now that he's mobile you do have your grab-your-things-and-hide-them-from-him moments.
You are so tall that you look older than you are. You have long legs. You are thin and your hair is usually wild because you can't stand for me to brush it and you rarely will do it yourself. You have quite a few freckles scattered across your nose and forehead.
You still have you favorite clothes that you wear more than anything else. You dislike shorts, pants, and socks. When it's warm you are most often found in just your underwear. We've learned a lot about you and ourselves this year. We've learned more about patience and letting go of things that just aren't important. 
You talk (and negotiate) endlessly. Sun up to sun down. You usually go to sleep at 8:30 and wake up at 6:30. You started going to sleep in your own bed this year, but you always come in and get in bed with us whenever you wake up. You tell me that you can't go to sleep without me. When I tell you that you are still my baby, you tell me that I'm your baby too.
We took you to 7-11 to get your first slurpee and we ended up getting a few more throughout the summer. You insist that they are called "7-elevens" not slurpees.  "Can we get a 7-eleven today?" You still say, "bemember" for remember and "renoculars" for binoculars. "Wush" for wish.  "Taste-it" for any kind of dipping sauce. "White soda" for Sprite. " 'spose" for suppose.
You love birds. You set up your bird office several times a week and do your very official birdie work there.  You carry a bag and a basket filled with your bird paraphernalia most every time we go somewhere. You can make some really good bird calls too-cardinals, chickadees, seagulls.
You stopped liking music for awhile and every time I turned something on you'd tell me to turn it off. You won't let me listen to any kind of talk radio, podcasts etc. either. Lately though you have decided that you like music where no one sings. So, we are listening to that. One day we had violin music on in the car and I looked in the rear view mirror and you were sobbing sadly. The music was making you so emotional, so sad. No more mournful violin tunes for us. You have always been a sensitive child and we always need to treat you sensitively.  I know you have so many beautiful things inside of you and sometimes we can't read what you need and you don't know how to express what your feeling or how to help yourself through rough patches. We are all still learning.
You have gotten quite independent this year. You love to get your own glasses and pour your own drinks. You make your own sandwiches and anything you can do for yourself, you do. For awhile I would get your toothpaste on your toothbrush for you and leave it in the bathroom. You would then get my toothbrush ready for me too. It was messy and sweet. You stopped that now because you like to get your own things ready. Sometimes you declare that a day is "beach party day" and you tell us everything we need to do. You gather supplies, you pack lunches and drinks and there is no question that we will participate in your plans. Some days are "love days" and for a few hours you do things you that you think show love. Other days you pick a person and it is their day. You do nice things for them, including making them presents or taking money out of your piggy bank and insisting we go to the thrift store or the dollar store so you can buy them a present.
You love stickers and making cards. We get love cards daily. You draw and write so well. I love reading your notes. Caribou and Sadie also get cards. You tape them up over their beds. You have decided that you do not like dolls. You prefer your animals. Ducky is still your favorite animal. He sleeps with you every night. You talk to him before you go to sleep at night for quite awhile. Things related to Hello Kitty are also in your favor right now.
You decided that you do not want to go to school this year. It helped me decide to try homeschooling. You said, "I can't go to school ALL day because I would miss you too much." and "What if I needed you?"  You are starting gymnastics soon and I'm signing you up for a few other classes too. We are still trying to find a friend for you. I had no idea it would be so hard finding a nice girl your age to play with.
I love you my baby girl. You are wonderful and so very special. Happy fifth birthday.

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Now she is five.


Keely's birthday was Saturday and Tropical Storm Hanna was scheduled to hit us at the time of her party. We didn't let it stop the festivities though. Her grandparents came anyway and it turned out the storm wasn't bad at all.

This year she wanted a chocolate cake (3 layers) with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles. When cake time came, she blew out the candles and then said, "NOW can I make a wish?" We said, "Yes!" No matter that the order was backwards. She said, loud and proud, "I wush I was a bird!"

She had a wonderful day and now she is five.

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