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milo-9 months

So big you are. So big. You easily stand up by yourself now and cruise along the furniture holding on with one hand. You have taken a few unassisted shaky steps. I can't get a photo of these maneuvers though because as soon as the camera comes out, you quickly come to try and take it from me.
You said your first real word too. 8 months old and talking? Crazy. I've always played peek-a-boo with you and you love it. One day you took a blanket and held it up to my face then you took it down and said, "BOO!". You say it all the time now.  We went to the store together and you were sitting in the cart. I dropped something and bent down to pick it up. You peeked down at me and when I stood up you said, "BOO!".  If I pretend I'm sleeping you cover my face with the blanket and pull it away to yell, "Boo!" at me. Today you just started playing boo with every curtain and door and covering things with blankets and then dramatically uncovering them. You may be a little obsessed. I love it. Boo to you baby.
I love your feet Milo. You use them so much…like a monkey. When I'm trying to rock you to sleep you kick the heck out of my arms as you fight sleep. You use your little toes to ground into my arm muscles. When you are sitting enthralled with some object, you curl your little toes in -concentration toes. 
In addition to waking up 4+ times a night you have decided that you would like to be awake at 3/4 am and stay up for a couple of hours. Fun.  We've tried all sorts of schedule changes to make this stop, but nothing has worked. I guess this is just your clock.
I can't get shopping done very quickly with you because everyone wants to talk to you and you reward them with your bright eyes and your crinkly nose smile. As soon as we finish chatting with one person, another one comes up. 
You are at the age where you are taking all of Keely's things. She is not too happy about that. She tells you, "Noooooo, Milo! You MAY not!" You don't care at all. You've got no respect for her authority, man. Sometimes she picks you up and moves you somewhere else, but you always go back to her things.
You also love to go in places that we don't want you in, like the bathrooms. We try to keep the doors closed, but if we forget, you hightail it in there. You zip over to the toilet and begin flushing it over and over. Then, you go to the toilet paper and unroll it. Keely never did these things so this is new territory. I don't recall having to chase her around so much. You are an adventurous explorer baby.
Your mommy loves you so much. 

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where we are at

I haven't fallen off the planet. Just no time to blog. I'm wondering if there ever will be again? I've been devoting my baby hands free time to homeschooling research.  We sent in our forms to the superintendent and it's official that Keely is going to be a homeschooled kid this year. I'm nervous. She turns five the first week of September. I can't believe that.

Five!?! Now that we are nearing the end of summer, everyone is talking about all their free time that they will have when their children go back to school. I'm thinking about the opposite…adding quality school time to our daily agenda. I often get a little feeling of excitement when I think about all the possibilities with homeschooling. It is usually followed by stress and anxiety though. Am I crazy? Is this the right choice? I hope we can make this work for our family. I really want it to work. I want us to be homeschoolers. 
Ryan has been home for a little bit and we've been spending time as a family. Once he returns to work next week. I'll be on my own again. Then it will be time for Keely's birthday and then the start of "school". AND dear Milo is all over the place. Man oh man. He'll be walking so soon and scaling all the furniture. He is so fast and sticks every single thing he finds in his mouth. He keeps us all busy. Yeah. I doubt the blog will see much of me in the future. 
I have made a few crafty things and we've done some house-ish things that are postable, but I can't get the time to take photos, upload them, and write about them. Sigh. I have so many ideas and projects planned (but not executed), that it gets a bit frustrating. I sometimes want to go blog crazy. This could be an awesome and fun space-crafty stuff, homeschooling adventures, and all the other garbage I'd babble about, but I can't even get more than 6 hours of sleep a night as it is (thank you mr. sleep fighter and miss bed hopper) so it is just right now. I must accept and enjoy where I'm (we're) at in life and keep the babes the priority. I do hope that I can at least write a little something for our family journal here on occasion. 

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