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Milo – 8 months

always reaching and the beginning of climbing month
Well, we started the eating foods thing and what a mess it is.  You love to grab the spoons, no matter how many I give you-you still want the one I'm holding. You take it and suck it and fling it all over-hair, nose, ears, room. You've got two food-filled spoons in each hand, waving and smearing them around wildly. Good fun. So far baby fruits are your favorites. You will not sit in your high chair to eat though.  You scream and bang your hands on the tray until we free you from that prison.
You are talking a lot more now.  There are some da da da's, bo bo bo's, ma ma ma's, and ba ba ba's. You also can purr like a cat and blow impressive raspberries. You will sometimes mimic us if we mimic you first. 

When you crawl your hands slap the floor so loudly…thwap, thwap, thwap, as you fly through the house. You try very hard to get into the bathrooms to play with the toilets. You also like to stand at the bookcase and work at getting a particular book loose so that you can eat it. If I pretend to scold you with a "what are you doing?" face and exaggerated "Aht!" sound, you laugh hysterically at me. Keely's room may be your favorite place right now.  We have to sit in there everyday and let you explore her stuff-suck on her doll cradle and climb her dress-up suitcases.

Finally, you are able to sit on your own and boy, do you look cute just sitting on the floor looking around for a minute before you're off racing around the house again. You can stand up unassisted for a few seconds now too. You don't know that you're doing it, but you'll just let go of whatever you are holding and then there you are-just standing there with you legs spread a wee bit too much. You are always reaching for things and trying to climb up on furniture. We may have a climber on our hands. Your head and face has bruises all over it.  You also can walk along tables only holding on with one arm.  We've just gotten used to you crawling, so I'm sure you'll be walking soon. You've got to keep us on our toes.  

Keely loves to move you now.  She picks you up, you scream, she puts you somewhere else. She also catches you when you fall and "babysits" you while I go into another room for a minute. She loves being your big sister. You give her kisses and pretend to be a monster and eat her hair.

This month has brought on some serious separation anxiety issues…ya know because I'm always leaving you. Ha!  You cry when I leave the room. You cry when I put you down. You tug at my skirt to lift you back up. You cry when other people "look" at you too long and now you won't let anyone other than mommy or daddy hold you. You'd like it if I walked around holding you all day including when you sleep. I would if I could love, but you are heavy and I need two hands sometimes.
All sorts of things make you laugh. I'm trying to get your laugh on film though because I don't want to ever forget that sound. Daddy rolls you on the bed and you laugh.  You and Caribou play tug-of-war with his toy and you laugh. We eat your feet, belly, neck and you laugh. We make perfectly timed silly faces and you laugh. I make exaggerated eye/eyebrow movements and you laugh.  You're a great audience.  Happy 8 months my Miggity Moo. I love you so much. Thank you for all my cuddles, wet kisses, laughs and pudgy hands holding my face.  

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Adding to our wooden family … slowly

The grandparent additions. You know who you are. 

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It’s July already?

Hi all. Summer is rolling along. I can't believe it's July already. Ryan is taking a summer course so he's not home with us for a few weeks. We are trying to find some kind of summer groove, but haven't yet. We did make our first family trek to our local aquarium though.

We never took Keely to those kind of places before because it would not have gone well. A couple weeks ago we went with TWO kids and it was pretty dang good. We looked and acted like competent normal-ish parents. We were impressed with ourselves. Keely did great and Milo didn't scream. When Keely started to get too tired (potentially a very bad scene) and Milo was falling asleep, we just swapped them. Keely got a ride in the too small stroller and Milo went to sleep in his sling. All was well. We were on our toes and made all the transitions effortlessly. Oh no! Keely's shoes were giving her a blister. I quickly busted out a Hello Kitty band-aid. Meltdown averted. It was good. I think we really played the part of a perfectly sane, mellow family. HA! We really fooled the tourist masses. Suckers.
The best part though was when Keely touched a sting ray. She was over the moon about it. I'm so glad I captured her happiness.
We were hoping (and really trying to convince ourselves that we could) try to make a few summer trips this year, but when gas prices are around $4. a gallon-I think that won't be happening.  We'll have to make more local mini-day vacations. We even started questing for our future farm house again, but the housing market isn't looking too good right now either, soooo that's on the back burner now too.
Hmmm. What else?  I've only been a wee bit crafty lately. I made these super groovy shorts for Milo out of Ryan's old pants.
 AND I've been wanting to try making a little taggie book for Milo forever. I finally whipped up this one.
I wanted it to be very simple, but interesting to my little guy. He is into playing with tags and any little pieces that can be flipped, so I also made a few lift the flaps inside of it.
After making this one I have SO many more ideas to make it even better, too bad I have no time for that.  Alrighty, that's all the news for now. Onward with summer. Today we are making smoothie Popsicles.

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