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Milo-7 months

At 7 months you are a busy little man. You are crawling wherever you want to go and once you get there you quickly stand up and try to grab anything you see. It then goes directly into your mouth. You often make this noise when you finally achieve whatever your mission was (reach a destination, grab a coveted object). It is a deep, throaty "aaaaaaah. aaaaaah. aaaaaah." sound. It's funny. You are so proud of yourself.
Milo you will not be contained. We did not buy any plastic, baby holding contraptions for you, but some has come into our lives anyway. You (like your sister) will not be content in a mobile sitter/holder/crib for more than a few minutes.
Shiny, rattling, bouncing, singing spasmatic devices do not woo you (or me). It would be nice for you to sit happily for a bit here and there, but you just want to be free. Free to crawl and stand and fall and bang your head repeatedly.  You just don't get that you can't stand without holding on.  You will let go with both hands to hold a toy or turn around and then you fall hard. Like a cut tree. "Timber!" You don't bend your knees or try to let yourself down. You just fall… stiffly. Thwack! on the hardwood floor and then you wail, of course. Fun stuff.
You are still a drooly, drooly child and you don't have any signs of teeth yet. This is fine by me. I want you to just be a baby. What's the rush? I guess that's why I haven't started you on any foods yet. I hadn't even thought about that whole rice cereal at 4 months thing and build up to fruits etc. Nah. You've just been nursing. The last few weeks I noticed you seemed overly interested in our food and drinks though. So much so that you grab our glasses and suck viciously on them while keeping eye contact with us. Your expression says, "This is o.k right? Not that I'm going to stop, but this is good right? I love this. I'm so happy."  So fine. I started giving you some cold water to drink. It is hot after all. And I got out the rice cereal today, but I'm not happy about it. hmpf.
I'm not even going to talk about sleep this month. Sleep is for the weak! That's my motto! Seriously though, I really miss sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time. sigh. Oh right, I'm not talking about it.
Milo you just get cuter each day. People in public can't keep a smile off their face when they look at you. They love you and they love how chill you are relaxing in your sling. So do I. Your hair still looks red, but there is a little blond patch in the back. Your eyes really could not be any bluer. You are so rollie-pollie too. You have a hard time sitting up because your mid-section is just too full. Who needs to sit anyway?
You love to be kissed and chased and tickled. I put you on our bed and pretend I'm coming to kiss you and you giggle so much. I then have to cover you in kisses and you love it. You then pull my hair. And eyelids and nose and smoosh all my internal organs, but it's all in good loving fun.  You put your hands on the sides of our faces and open your mouth wide when we say, "Let's kiss."  You rock Milo.
Since it is summer and we live in the south, there is a need for some cool water on most days. You love to splash in the baby pool. Also, in the sink or any container really. You gasp each time the water hits your face, but you keep doing it.

You're happy for daddy to hold you, unless you are tired or cranky and then whenever you hear or see me you start crying your bitty head off. You cry straight at me. If I am near enough, you put your arms up to me. Poor baby. Poor daddy.

Milo we just love you to pieces.  Happy 7 months baby boy. 

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early summer

Geez oh Pete.

We started Keely's therapy and it's weird. It's unsettling to read an evaluation report on your own child. It's sad watching her in "play" therapy unable to do what she's asked to do. Watching her frustration level rise in the presence of other people, not just at home with us. It's heartbreaking to see her struggle with her own body. You can see she wants to do and be, but her body just can't quite carry off the tasks. I want to wrap her up, kiss her, take her home, give her a sweep of my magic wand and just make her feel normal. 

Man, does that photo make feel teary. I get so very upset with her behaviors sometimes that I wish I had an eject button for myself.. where I could just disappear for a few minutes, but then later she'll say something like, "Mommy, you'll always be MY baby. O.k? even when you're mad with me." and then I fall to pieces. I wish you never knew I was mad. I wish I always could be calm. My poor little girl. "I love you Keely!" I want to scream it over and over and I want it to really get into your head, so that you know that no one could ever love you more than I do and no matter how I react to what's going on that I always love you, all of you. "I love you. I love you. I love you." I know none of this stuff is your fault and most of the kookiness isn't intentional. Deep breaths. 
We started "brushing" her at home and that's just weird too.  Every two hours we have to brush her body with a surgical brush. I could go on about this, but I'm too tired. Milo just had a double ear infection and has gone back to waking every 2 hours at night. Both kiddos are up at around 5/5:30…and they are both still tired. The therapy (like many other things do) has caused Keely to get worse-of course, the assumption is it'll get worse before it gets better.  Let's hope that happens. We are looking for better here.  Before therapy Keely and I had gotten into a groove and she was really doing so much better and so was I, so right now I'm a bit disgruntled.  I hadn't anticipated a worse time frame. Oy.


We celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary last week. I use the word celebrated loosely. In actuality all we did was say, "Happy Anniversary" and gave each other a high five. I lie. We didn't even high five. Lame-o-rama.

Summer is here. It's been in the upper ninety's all week. Why don't we have central air yet?  Keely has been playing in her baby pool until we set up the jumbo, inflatable tacky one in a few weeks. Milo has been splashing about too. He likes the water and our well water is especially freezing on these boiling days.

Our yard is looking quite nice (for us anyway). We don't have green thumbs so when things grow and stay green we are pleased. Keely's birdie garden is really sweet and pretty. I'm so glad we did that.  We have sunflowers growing and all sorts of wildflowers. Our vegetable garden is doing great…strawberries, corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers, & cucumbers are all coming along. I spruced up Keely's fort for her too-made a rug, curtains, and hung some chimes.  Milo is keeping us extremely busy. He wants to be on the go always. He is triple handfuls, but so cute that it hurts.  I love these babies so much that despite all the garbage and trials we have on our hands, I sometimes want some more of these sweet, little blue-eyed, goofy, often slobbering, rollie kiddos around us. Milo's growing so fast. Keely is already looking like a big kid, loosing her babyish look. I mean what's better than having a happy baby sucking on your forehead I ask you?

I have lost my mind for sure. Perhaps I should put down the crack pipe and my thinking would clear up. Kidding people. Kidding. It just seems that parenting is really the most meaningful thing I can do with my life. To hopefully raise happy, intelligent, creative, compassionate, funny people to populate their teensy chosen part of the earth.

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He’s crawling like crazy

Milo started full on crawling last Friday and by Saturday was making his way to everything that he could pull himself up on. Then standing there and thinking about walking.  BOY! I've been begging you to not crawl yet and you went and did it anyway, so don't you even THINK about walking. 
This latest development has kept us all comically busy. I hear fast paced, silent movie style music playing in my head as I chase him room to room removing him from dangerous situations. Every time I sit him down somewhere for one second he rolls to all fours and takes off. I'm beat. We started the baby proofing of the house. That's fun. He is just so small and uncoordinated-every object looks dangerous from his level. He is too dang little to be mobile. All these sharp corners, what can we do? Ryan says let's bubble wrap everything. Won't that be pretty?
All I get is blurry shots now, because he is always coming to get the camera. He wants to mouth that thing… bad. I give him the lens cap to hold him off for a second. 

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