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birdie garden progress


We've been enjoying some nice weather here. Keely's birdie garden is pretty much in. Daddy built her a nice bench, did a bit of landscaping, put in a bird bath and hung up bird feeders. Keely and I planted a bunch of flowers and she waters them daily.


There is a subdivision in the birds area now-"ladybug land". You can see it in the bottom there. She thought some painted bugs would lure the real thing there. 
Her garden is a nice addition to the yard and it gives her something else to do/take care of. Thankfully, birds do come to the area and clean out the feeders and splash in the bath. I've got a bird field guild and some binoculars to give her still.  Oh, we also got our small vegetable garden in a few weeks ago!

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We went strawberry picking this weekend and then had a picnic on the beach. The weather was beautiful.


Keely had a blast at the beach splashing in the water with daddy. Milo was scared of the noisy waves. He just clung to me and wouldn't move. He prefers are local quiet beach I guess. 


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Milo- 6 months

Happy 6 months my little boy. You've grown so much and time has flown by. You can crawl a few scoots now and you can even stay standing up holding on to something and take a few steps. This boggles my mind. 
You love, love, love Caribou now. You have a special happy screeching sound you reserve just for him. You stand with your arms outstretched and squeal away at him. You giggle when he licks your face.
You think he is hilarious. If he barks, runs, or rolls on the ground you laugh yourself silly. We love to hear your beautiful laugh Milo. 
You move very purposefully now. If you see something you want, you make plans to get to it. You'll scoot, crawl, turn, roll, grab, yell -anything to get it. If we are holding you and you want something on a table, you flap your fingers at it until someone pushes it closer. Then you'll climb up to get it. You can move your body anyway you want it seems.   
You have very irregular sleep patterns. We never know when you'll be tired or when you'll actually be napping. It makes planning things hard. When I think you are tired, I take you in our room and kiss your forehead and rock you. You tiredly moan until you're so drowsy. I lay you down and you scream and cry pitifully. I stay with you-patting, bouncing, or giving you my hand to hold until you go to sleep. Sometimes you just won't give in and we get up and try again later or I'll wear you around the house. Usually you take around 4 short naps a day now. You can not sleep when there is talking or any other noise. You are very easily distracted/always interested. The same with eating. You must have your quiet to do these important things.
You are funny, vibrant, robust, and bright little man. Your smiles are so frequent and heart melting. Everyone wants to be near you. Your sister adores you and wants so much to play with you. You pull her hair a lot though. She is always asking, "Is Milo bigger yet?" She likes to get things for you, pick up all the toys you throw or drop repeatedly and she loves to sing you songs when you're upset. You always smile when you see her. 
We are all so happy that we have you baby boy. 

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I forgot to post our spring fairy house here. So this is it. Keely requested water and an upstairs. I thought the river and a ladder would fit the bill.

Then after seeing this DIY foam core doll house thingy, I thought we'd give that a go.
Keely LOVES setting up houses. Usually she makes them for stuffed animals and they are built with blocks and bean bags. She also has a few real doll houses, but I thought she'd like setting up this multi-purpose house too. Just another one to add to her collection. 

And lastly, I tried my hand at making a couple paper houses. I thought it would be fun for Keely and I to make a whole mini neighborhood and do some landscaping and all, but she is a bit too young and uninterested at this point, so I'm filing that away for a later date. She did draw people and pictures on the insides of these though.
*If you do make the foam core house make note of one of the comments on that post about cutting one of the slits 4 inches long and the other 6 inches. The post says 2 inches and that does not work. 

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technical difficulties

Thank you all for your understanding comments on the last post. I'd love to reply to you all but wordpress is not sending the comments to my email-so replying is an ordeal. grrr. I put my tech guy (Ryan) on it, but he's stumped too. Sorry friends.  At least I can read your words and please know I do appreciate the time you put in to leaving a comment. Thank you.

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 These two chuckalucks are working me! Dang. I love 'em but lordy you chillins' need to take a break and what do you guys have against sleep anyways?
SO. I've forgotten how to blog. Let's see.
We had Keely evaluated and it's no big surprise that the preliminary findings are that she has "sensory issues".  Now what? She can be perfectly delightful, together, and funny sometimes or even some whole days, but other times it is weeks of total madness. God save the queen and us.
That compiled with her desire to wake up at ungodly hours and Milo's need to be held constantly and to be parented to sleep 87 times a day well, it makes for one crazy momma. So guess what? I've been prescribed Zoloft. I haven't taken it yet. It's been a week and the bottle is just a sitting there. I'm phobic about meds especially when I'm nursing. Hmmm. So here we are.  The last few weeks have just been incredibly rough. I can't even put it into words. I thought I was really going to breakdown. Ryan and I are truly struggling with it all, not maritally, just with life. And then the end of last week Milo got a high fever and some belly troubles and I thought I was done for. Everyone knows how I am when the kiddos get sick. Panic. One thing after another it seems.
This week we are doing better. The sun is shining. The weather is springy. We've been able to get outside. I've gone to the store with only one child.  Milo hasn't screamed at every nap. Keely isn't twirling off the walls. I'm trying to keep it together. I really am world. To be smiling. To be who I want to be. It is hard though and takes constant work. The babies deserve a happy momma, so I'm gonna keep trying.
sigh. Is this all too honest for the good old blog? Maybe.
At least my monkey children are friggin' adorable.  

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