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I've seen so many cute painted peg folks out there I had to try my hand at painting us. I'm so amused with these-so is Keely. I hope to make our extended family to add to the collection too.
Look! It's us in the big city. Yeah, we bring out pets with us. heh. Keely and I made different backgrounds for them yesterday. It was entertaining.
(I changed Milo's clothes because while the bib says, "Hey I'm a baby." Milo doesn't wear bibs yet, so the little button-up outfit was more him. And yes, it does really matter. Uh hum.) 
Later in the weekend the peg hubby and I got away to Paris
*The pegs can be bought at Michael’s. I think 2 for a dollar. I ordered mine online though. They are cheaper by the bag fulls. There are plenty of unfinished wood craft parts supply stores online. I just used cheap craft paint and tiny brushes for the painting. I'm hoping to find some non-toxic varnish to coat them with next.

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Keely says…

You tell me all the time about the house you're going to live in when you get bigger. It always has an upstairs and a fireplace. You also say that you are going to have one girl baby named William.  I am allowed to come visit, but I can't stay there. This conversation usually leads to a part when you wonder about who is going to be the daddy for your baby. "Well mommy where do you get mens from? Can I just call a man and tell him to come to my house? Who will the man be? How will I know him?" It goes on and I cringe and fumble over my words. I tell you that when you grow up you'll probably meet someone that you'll really love and then if you want him to be the daddy then you both can decide that together.  

When you get bigger you say that you are going to wear all the things that I don't. You want high heels, dresses, shiny glittery shoes, lipstick and nail polish.  I don't know where you get this from.  No one around us wears any of that.  You say that when you are 7, or maybe 5, you are going to wear make up. All of it. I think not.
You are intrigued with pipes. Yes, pipes. How they bring water to and from the house. How they are under the houses and streets. How the water gets clean again etc. You say you are going to be a plumber when you grow up…and a ballerina. 
You are asking me when I'm going to grow another baby for us. You want one for you…and maybe another after that.  

You tell everyone who asks you if you are going to school. "No! No, school!"  

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Milo – 5 months

At 5 months, well actually at the end of the fourth month, you decided you must learn how to crawl!  You are so close. You get up on your knees and rock and get very frustrated that you can't propel yourself yet.  I can't believe you'll be crawling soon.  You're just a little bitty baby. 
You are so strong and you insist on jumping at every opportunity. You like us to hold under your armpits so you can bounce yourself silly. Our arm muscles sure get a work out. When I carry you, you will not face over my shoulder towards the back. You bend yourself awkwardly to be front facing. It is really hard to hold you. You are so interested in everything and you just love to see what we are doing.
There are lots of ticklish spots on your upper body, even your face. Your deep laugh is so cute.  Sometimes you even laugh if we just say some random word repeatedly. You like watching Caribou and Sadie roam through the house now. They catch your attention a lot and you so want to grab them. They are too fast for you…now. They'd better watch out soon though.
This week has brought an unwelcome change in our routine. You've forgotten how to nap (again). I lay you down the same way I have always and you just scream and scream.  I rock. I sing. I bounce. You just won't have it.  As I write this you are slumbering in the Moby. You are so heavy little man I don't think I can do this too much longer. I hope this sleep disturbance is just related to the crawling attempts and soon (very soon?) you'll go back to peaceful napping.  I've given up on you sleeping quietly through the night. That just isn't for you. But my love, you must take some naps. You have a new preference when you do sleep lately, you must have some fabric (my shirt or your blanket) wrapped around your hand and smooshed in your face. I'm worried you can't breathe, so I have to watch you until I'm sure you are out and then ever so carefully, unwrap your hand.
Your hair often looks red. Everyone says, "Oh, he has red hair?" I don't know if you do or not. It doesn't always look red.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see. And of course you have giant blue eyes that everyone comments on too and your easy smile.  People love you little boy.
You keep us busy and are a handful but you do have your chill moments. I can stand you in your immobile walker thing while I clean up the kitchen or mop the floors and you happily bang and mouth your toys while following my back and forth movements. You are nice company. You give me grins each time we make eye contact.  I love you baby boy. Thanks for being mine.


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from Keely

Keely my love, despite our troubles, you are a really sweet girl.  You fill my spaces with love letters. 
My desk with cards. 
You wrap gifts for me and decorate them so lovely. 
 You even write me shopping lists and reminders of things we need.
You draw some of the greatest pictures. I love this one of a chef.
 And you spell out sweetness on the fridge too.
Thank you baby. I love you too.  

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