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“M” is for Milo

He has little M's on his palms. 

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Milo at 4 months


Well, here you are at 4 months. I don't think I could love you any more today than I do. A boy is different than a girl somehow? I mean, a baby is a baby, but there is something else. It could just be personality differences for all I know, but you are truly wonderful. Boy, girl, I don't care. You are a delicious round baby. 
You love for us to stand you up so you can jump. You jump wildly and drool lots. You have entered the screeching phase. I love those happy, songish, high-pitched sounds that come out of your mouth…they have to make their way around your hands first though. Sometimes I can hardly nurse you because you have this fist reflex. You'll be eating and then like a spring hinge- your bent elbow pops your fist right back in your mouth.  You are a strong little man and so expressive too.  You have so many faces already. Oh! and you have started to chuckle too.  You've even got a few ticklish spots. Ah yes, and then there is the rolling…you can roll pretty easily now from back to belly. 

You 're at about 5 naps a day. I still try to put you to bed around 7:30 with the intent of bringing you into bed with me when you wake up to eat, but no. You won't have that. You know it's not really bed time. You force yourself to stay awake until you are so cranky that you and I both just go ahead to bed. You've started snuggling with me at night so much so that you slowly shove me across the bed until we are pressed up against daddy on the other side. I pick us both up and scoot back to our side and we start the migration again.   

We've had to up your reflux meds and it seems to have helped some. I wish we didn't have to give them to you. Eating is necessary though and we have to medicate you so that you can do that. sniffle. You weigh 16 pounds now. Short and stocky you are. 

When you get upset about something you don't immediately cry. You start yelling or doing this angry screech until someone fixes the problem. Then there is THE saddest face in the world that you do. Man it kills me. I'm not sure what triggers it. I think it's when you're faded out a bit and someone pops into your line of sight. It startles you. You go silent and still and then the frowniest frown starts on your mouth and pulls your lips all the way down to your chin and you let out this quiet, shaky, little "wah" sound that is so very mournful. It brings me to tears every time you do it. Oh man, I'm tearing up just typing it.  "My poor baby. Please don't be sad. Come get some love." I tell you.   

Thankfully, you still live up to your Smilo name. You are so smiley. You even smile at strangers. Anytime we need a pick-me-up, we just have to talk to you and you reward us with giant happy faces that make us melt and forget all of our troubles for a few minutes.


9 Comments March 17, 2008

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