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Just a quick note: I'm not leaving here forever! I've gotten so many sweet emails from people that I didn't even know read this blog. I thank you all for that. I'll be back to normal posting in a couple months, I think…ok? OK.

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Milo at 3 months

Oh my big boy. You are so yummy. Your triple chins, your giant blue eyes, and your little hands. We kiss you so much that we annoy you and you protest now. Your drool continuously and spit too. I call you Spitty Cent (50 Cent) and sometimes Drooly (Julie) Andrews. You'll have to get used to all this affectionate name calling my sweet.  If you aren't cranky, hungry, or tired you are smiling. So much smiles that I've also named you Smilo. See? I warned you, lots of names. You hold your little fists together at your chest a lot and you love to suck on them. You have a larger repertoire of coo's now and the beginnings of a laugh. Oh! and you have inherited my expressive eyebrows. You raise them comically and you can even just raise one of them in a flirty sort of way.The mirror is also a favorite activity. You laugh at yourself in it. So funny.
The terrible immunization episode finally ended and we've got you back to almost how you were before them.  I'm guessing we won't have you immunized further. That was so scary. You seem to be a healthy guy, almost 14 pounds. I love all your rolls. I think you have a hard time bending because of them though. I've already had to pack away some of your newborn clothes. You've outgrown them. So sad. I mean, of course I'm thrilled that you are growing and thriving, but that little tiny ball of a baby is no more. 
You like to lay on the floor and watch us talk to you or kiss your feet.  You are really good at following us around the room too. At dinnertime you sit in your bouncy seat and anticipate a look from us. I see you waiting from the corner of my eye. I turn to smile at you and you kick your feet and squeal and smile. Then we repeat this throughout the meal.  Have I mentioned what a cute baby you are?
You still take about 6 40-60 minute naps a day. We try to get you to go to bed for the night around 7, but you just won't have it. You scream and scream, so we usually end up holding you until we go to bed.  We can't have you yelling when we just got Keely to sleep. I think you know that somehow. I don't really mind holding you for this pre-bed nap. When we do get in bed, you cuddle up next to me with you feet resting in my lap. Whenever you get hungry, you start being noisy and then you slam your head into my chest. You wake up a lot during the night now. Your early morning grunting has quieted a little, but when you are ready to get up between 6-7am, you start crying until we get our sleepy heads up. And so our day begins…

6 Comments February 19, 2008

There’s something happening here….what it is ain’t exactly clear….


Well. I've been blogging for a bit over two years now. Times have changed since the beginning and I think for the next few months I won't be blogging very much…just prioritizing.  This keeping two babes happy and the house running takes a lot of work and patience. Keely is needing more of me lately and that just doesn't leave me much time to do this. I'm going to continue writing my family journal stuff here because it is the only way I'll do it. I understand completely if no one wants to read those though. I do it for us anyway. Someday I must get all of this blog bound into a book.

Challenging things going on:

Keely going stir crazy and getting frustrated with lack of mommy time. She's doing some strange things-acting out I guess.

Milo not going to sleep peacefully anymore. Trying to get him to sleep stresses me out and takes too much time-6 naps a day! I'm just not a cry-it-out kind of momma. Some naps I just give up and pop him in the Moby wrap. 

Gloomy, chilly, and wet weather-boo.

My germophobe self is keeping us stuck at home because there are too many illnesses out there

Good things on the horizon:

Working on my parenting perspectives and techniques once again & hoping for pleasant results.

A new stroller just arrived for our upcoming daily walks.

A brand new fancy library (with a ginormous children's area) is opening less than a mile away from us. 

Organizing old music, finding new music & incorporating it into our daily lives more. Sometimes good music helps.

Watching LOST in bed with Ryan on Friday nights (on his laptop). It's the only kind of dates we have. 

Enjoying my babes, living in the now-reminding myself of this frequently. They're only little for a little while.

Soooooo thank you for sticking around, for all of your comments, and of course, to those who have sent us baby gifts- another thank you to you! You guys are so sweet. I'll probably post on FlickR still because I love me some photos.   

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keely @ 4 1/2 years


You've grown and matured so much in the last 6 months. You seem so much older than your age (most of the time).  You stopped being interested in books and reading temporarily and drawing and writing are where your interest lies now. For Christmas you got a box filled with card making supplies and it has kept you busy for many a day. I have to restock in every few days though.  You make a card, cover it in stickers and words, put it in an envelope and then put it in our mailbox. We have a huge stack of these now.
Not surprisingly you have turned out to be a wonderful big sister. You love your baby brother and are so protective of him. You just can't wait until he is old enough to play with you some. I'm happy for you both that you'll have each other. Sometimes you want to talk about when you were a baby and sometimes you want me to pretend that you are a little baby. I oblige you, of course, because you will always be my baby girl. 
You are still talking non-stop most days. You are humming, singing, laughing loudly most of the time. You love rhyming words too. So, you'll go for minutes saying everything that rhymes with a word and making up songs about it. There has been a resurgence of "heater vent" talk and play lately. I don't know if I've written about this before. Ever since you were a tiny thing, you've been interested in our vents. You watched and listened to them. When we got central heating installed you were a little over a year old and the men were crawling in our attic and putting new vents in our ceiling. You could hear them talking. At that point, you started talking to the vents too. You've done it ever since on occasion. It's odd. You always react to seeing vents at other people's houses. "Whoa! Their vents our on there FLOOR Mommy!"  Talk about getting some strange looks from people. Lately, you are drawing pictures of you and heater vent doing things like swimming or playing in the backyard. I don't think I can send you to public school doing this. heh.
As your 5th birthday gets closer and closer, we are closer to deciding to homeschool you. I'm still nervous about this. I really do think it would be best for you- if we can't make it work. Also, I must find you some friends close in age soon. All the children in the neighborhood are under 1 year now and you need someone to play with.
You have quite a big girl attitude too when things don't go your way or I stop you from doing something. You get a mad expression and put your hands on your hips or cross your arms and say, "You aren't allowed to be mad to me!" "You have to let me do whatever it is that I want to do!" I have a hard time not reacting negatively to this "back talk", instead I'm trying to just let you express your feelings- yet still follow through with whatever I told you. Whenever we are talking to you with a firm voice, you hold your hands up to our faces so we can't see you. 

We switched our house around a few weeks ago and this resulted in our bedroom being about 5 steps away from your bedroom. With that we decided you should try sleeping in your bed at night. Milo was keeping you awake with all his noise. We started a bedtime routine and you never protested. You actually like it AND you just go to sleep in your room. I check on you 18 times though and whenever you wake up -in the middle of the night or early morning- you come and get in our bed with us.  The only problem now is since you go to bed early you are ready to get up at 5:30 am! That's not working so well. Nonetheless, I'm so glad this was not hard for you. No tears are shed at night. I guess you were ready for the change. I do miss having you by my side throughout the night, but I know your sleep is more important.  

Keely, you are my constant companion. I know it is hard right now since I don't have as much time to play with just you and we don't get to go out much now. I hope you know how proud I am of how you've handled all of this and of the girl you are. You are so sweet and funny and the brains on you-well, you're incredible.  You have such a big personality baby and I love you.  

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short & stocky

I forgot to say that Milo weighs 13 pounds and 12 oz. already. He's a big 'un. The doctor had a hard time feeling his pulse because of all the rolls. heh. Milo is doing better except that he just isn't interested in eating much and he is so hard to get to go to sleep by himself now. We want our magic baby back. That's what we were calling him. Ya know I'd sway with him for a few minutes, lay him down and say, "Go to sleep baby." and then he just would! Magic. But now, he isn't doing that anymore. 
but man is he cute! 

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