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added to the book of mistakes

Well y'all we took the babes for their check-ups. We had all our questions ready for the doctor about immunizations so we could hear her opinions. I had read all I was going to read. We went there about 51% sure we weren't going to get Milo his shots. After talking to the doctor and her scaring me with "…polio and measles aren't really around anymore but x, y, and z are very much still around and do still kill babies." We caved and thought we'd be being neglectful if we didn't protect him from very real threats today. So. Both babies got tortured and both parents got teary. O.k fine. I cried until my shoulders shook. The whole time thinking we shouldn't do this. Yes, we should. No, we shouldn't. Then we were done. Milo was fine. Keely was crying about her sore legs. We got home and Milo ate for about 1 min. and fell asleep. He slept for 3 hours! He never does that. He woke up screaming wildly for 30 min. and passed out again.Then 2 hours later he woke up screaming again. He was not Milo. It scared me. He looked different and he wouldn't open his eyes or be soothed at all. After 2 hours of wailing Ryan called the dr. The on call dr. said he might be having a shock reaction from the pertussis shot and we should go to the E.R now.
We did. As usual, it was not fun. He had a fever and hadn't eaten since 8am and it was 7pm at the ER, so we tried to give him Pedialyte. Then after much waiting, we saw two doctors and they checked him all out and agreed it was a bad reaction to the immunizations. But as part of their procedure for infants with fevers they had to catheterize him to see if he had a UTI. He didn't but THAT was so awful. Watching them hold my poor little man down and doing that to his tiny body. I'd never make it in the medical field. So we were sent home and told to keep him on tylenol. We got home around 11pm and all crashed in bed together. Milo still isn't eating normally today, but at least he looks like my baby. I'm still weepy about it all.
I thank you all for your empathy and tips for mastitis and your thoughts on the shots. I fully get everyone's decisions on the immunizations. I really can argue for both sides…such a tough call.  

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and the beat goes on…

I've got mastitis! Weeee! Good times are had around here people. Ever had it? Feeling like you have a flu, but you don't and the crazy chills and then the obvious pain of the infection. Sigh. Miggity and I were supposed to stay in bed for two days together and nurse our brains out. That'd be nice in theory, but there is a 4 year old here that needs some attention and Milo really isn't interested in nursing when he's not hungry. He just furrows his brow and yells at me saying he is all done. I did get one nap in and had to snap a shot of my snuggly boy.  
Later this week both kiddos are supposed to get a bunch of shots/immunizations and I'm freaked out by getting Milo his because of the autism scare. I've read plenty (medical journal articles and parent forums) on the topic, but still unsure what to do for him. How do you make this decision? Dunno.
In other news, we've got tons of black birds that keep circling our little section of the neighborhood. They are so loud and crazy. They all move together from tree to tree.  Keely finds them really amusing.
O.K. that really wasn't exciting, but it's all that I've got.  

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Milo at 2 months


And now you are 2 months old. Your personality is coming through more each week. You are starting to get a little laugh now and it seems to surprise even you. We are trying to figure out your sleep patterns, but it's not easy. You only sleep for 30-40 minutes at your naps and then you can only comfortably stay awake for 30-40 minutes. It makes for a challenging day. The good news is that you actually can fall asleep by yourself sometimes. It is really amazing to us. I soothe you for a few minutes and lay you down and then you just go to sleep! I have to stand and stare because I've never mothered a child like this before. At 6 weeks you were doing this religiously, but now at 8 weeks you seem to be a little fussier about it. You'd rather sleep in the Moby on me. Night time is not too bad. You usually sleep for a 5 hour stretch in there somewhere, of course you then go into grunting after that. I do hope we can get you into some good sleep habits though, for our sake and yours. I'm really trying to help you do this. Sleep is important. 
You, little man, are strong! You can roll over front to side and back and you can lift yourself up for a long time. You also follow our voices around the room and look to greet whoever just walked in. You really like to watch our mouths move when we talk and your smile is like gold Milo. You like your pacifier when you are sleeping, but when you are awake you take your hand and pull it out and make a gratifying spitting noise to show your disgust for it and then you work diligently on getting some part of your fist in your mouth. You move it slowly back and forth trying to get the alignment right and sometimes yell when it doesn't go your way.
Since we brought you home you've had the nickname, Miggity. I didn't know if it was going to stick, but it definitely has.  The longer version is Miggity, Miggity, the Milo chicken. Yep, I think I warned you that you were a member of a weird family. So, currently you go by Miggity, Mr. Milo, Little Man, Cranky pants, Mr. Wah, Prince, and Super baby.
Keely and you have already got something going on and it just warms your mommy and daddy's heart. You LOVE to watch her and listen to her. I think you give her the most smiles too. She is just awesome in your baby eyes and she loves it. If you are sleeping on our bed and start crying she runs in there to cuddle you and pat you. She makes you cards and sings made up lullaby's to you. She has been so good to you and with you. A lot of my time is spent with you these days Milo and Keely is (although often disappointed that I don't have my hands free) being so good about doing something by herself until you're content.
Pre-nap swaying. Sleepy baby.

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the house of sleepy

Whew. Our house no longer looks like this.

Most of our rooms and closets are fixed up. Now just our "new" study needs some decorative assistance. That's probably not going to happen anytime soon. I'm not getting the visions or inspirations right now. I've been home all day every day. Walking around, bouncing the baby and playing playmobil with Keely. Soooo, there isn't much to report. I did get the cord for the camera so let's take a look at miss 20 year old Keely.
What the ?  Poor girl is getting bored around here. She's taken to dancing on the back of the couch cushions for fun and turning most things we say into questions. EX: Keely, it's cold outside so I'm going to bring that plant in. "How come it's cold outside so you're going to bring the plant in?" She can go an hour asking only these kinds of questions that she knows the answers to. oy. My eyes are bugging out here.
Yesterday she asked if we could make lemonade. It was about 35 degrees and I didn't have those ingredients on hand, so we had hot tea instead.
Later, I did dig into my stash of kiddie goods and find a handful of wooden lemons. I also gave her wood cubes that I had painted white for her ice cubes. I thought this was super groovy. It only entertained her for oooooh about 15 minutes. 
Yeah. So is it spring yet?
Other things Keely is doing: Writing the whole alphabet, uppercase and lower, repeatedly. Writing a bunch of sentences too. "I like toys." "I see a dog."  using punctuation and everything.  Her smart brain may burst from the dullness of her days soon. I'm trying to find some energy to step up my game for her, but yeesh, I'm beat. Milo is up by 4am most mornings grunting so loudly and he goes until about 8am. I try to sneak out of bed with him, but that usually doesn't work. Once I do get up with him he usually gives me happy faces and is all mr. sunshine hey-what's-the-problem-why-do-you-look-so-sleepy? OR he falls quietly to sleep in my arms. Stinker.  But by that time we are all up and starting our day off tired. hmmm. So please accept my apologies for not blogging much or commenting or responding. I still read you all when I can.

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file under: great plans for when you have a 6 week old

Oh lordy. What have we done?

Whelp, for numerous reasons (one being that we've done gone & lost our minds) we decided to switch THREE friggin' rooms of our house around. All the furniture and even repaint 2 of them. What a complete disaster. My word. I took some photos of the chaos but I can't find the cord to the computer/camera to upload them so…no photos. Consider yourself lucky. We got the furniture for the three rooms switched now, but their stuff is piled up everywhere.We have a path leading to our kitchen and there are paths through most of the house too. How did we get so much crap in this little house? And then there are the closets that have to be rotated around now. Help me. I'm thinking of throwing it all away. Our house usually looks clean, but the closets. Oh man. The closets are B.A.D. I've been doing what I can while holding Milo, but my body aches now from all the carrying. He is a bit over 10 pounds. So far, he'll only sleep for about 10-20 minutes by himself so all the other hours he is on me or laying next to me. We reluctantly started him on the reflux med. this week too. So far I've seen no change.

Hello Mr. 6 weeks old 

Anywho. Tomorrow I have my 6 week postpartum appt. That in itself is fun, but as an added bonus I get to take my babes with me (please don't have a screaming fit Milo. Please don't) AND it's very early in the morning (for getting us 3 out the door anyway) AND my husband's car is broken SO we have to drive him to work in the morning and then come back home and THEN get ready for my trip. AND it is supposed to be raining all day. Oh the fun we'll have. 

So anyway. I'll be back here when our house is back in order. And I'll reply to those of you who have emailed me then.  

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at home

 Ah, these two. Keely still has this cold and the wee one is having reflux issues and the all night noises.The poor babe chokes, gasps, gags, stops breathing and turns beet red. My heart! My heart! I may strap him upright to my body permanently.  Sooo yeah, we're a bit tired over at our place. It's 8am and Milo is back asleep on my chest. Keely is watching Max & Ruby temporarily. I'm wondering what were going to do for the rest of this day. Lots of sleeping would be good.
We still haven't ventured out of the house.  I think it's best if I don't drive right now. I'm suffering from mushy mommy brain for sure. I forgot my phone number two days ago. I still don't remember what it is. No lie. All I have are the first three digits. I keep meaning to ask Ryan…but I can't remember to. heh.
Miss Keely has gotten out her sling to comfort various stuffed animals/dolls this week. She is used to me toting  little Grunther around I guess. I even sewed something while wearing him. It's a table runner.
It is understandably wonky, but still-I sewed! 
Oh, check this out. I gave Keely a lined magnetic note pad. She put it on the fridge and she makes lists on it everyday. Hmmm. Wonder where she got that from? I'm a list writing freak. She writes down what she is doing mostly. I love hearing her in there sounding out letters and then I read her list each time I'm in there. 
This one says things like, water time, slipper time, milk time, lunch time. Smarty.  Alrighty, the children are waiting to be fed. I'm off.

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