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crafting continued

I decided it was time I tried out the paper flowers from Martha. We hung them in Keely's room. I wonder how long they'll hold their shape? They look quite pretty. I wish I could've found some deeper shades of tissue though-instead of the pastel. Ah well.
Then, this is what I've got going on in our baby corner. 
-some red, some blue, some birds, all above the changing table. 
Then I went to make myself a camera bag, but couldn't really figure out a way to do it. I  made myself a new bag instead! It's interfaced with some thick felt, so it holds its shape better than most of my totes. 
Oh! tried out the little pom-pom pumpkins from Liquid Paper too. I had to choose between rusty orange and fluorescent orange though. I'm sure they'd be cuter in a normal pumpkin shade. These are for Keely's dollhouse.
Alright, this completes my recent crafting adventures. Now, Keely insists that she wants to dress up as a ghost for Halloween. I've tried to make her a costume. One is a sheet turned tunic/dress thing and the other a gauzy long skirt with white shirt, but I think they are way lame. I don't know what to put on her head. She won't go for face paint either. I know it doesn't really matter because she'll only make it up our street probably, but…I obsess. Off to ponder this now.

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dark photos of a blanket

So, the weather finally got a bit chilly. Thankyou! and Keely was looking around for a blanket to roll around on the floor with. The one she picked was just ugly. I didn't tell her that but my brain said, "MUST make her a snuggly, floppy blanket now."  The next day I had this made for her.

We all like it and are fighting over who gets to wrap up with it. I made it with almost all thrifted sheets, hence the pink overload. There's a lot of pink sheets available at our stores. I also added some chenille and minky strips for some texture. I used all cotton batting too, which I love. I opted out on a real quilt with binding and all that jazz. I thought for sure I would go into labor with an unfinished blanket and fabric scraps trashing our house. So this was just a quickie- patchwork top, cotton batting, sheet backing and stitch in the ditch quilting.  I wish I had the energy and the fabric to make a giant one of these. I heart this blanket.  It occurred to me that I probably should be making the baby a blanket, but er…well… I didn't. But I did whip-up a miniature version of Keely's blanket for the stuffed cats she's been toting around.

Very practical. I have a few more things to show, but I'm having some uploading photo problems…again-maybe tomorrow.

* If you have emailed me a question I promise that I have answered them, but for some reason not all of my emails have been getting received. I don't know why. Email again if you still want answering. K?

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Don't let the fallish leaf fool you-it is back to being 85 friggin' degrees here. 

Thanks for the homeschooling/unschooling input.  I had realized that Keely is already unschooling. I was just coming from an ex-public school teacher background going into it trying to teach her in a slightly structured way…that was the "no-go" part. Anyway. I know she is well above where a typical early 4 year old is (not because of anything I've done) and I'm not at all worried about that. I've just got a lot of reading, research, and decision making to do before next year before she reaches an official school age.

next topic:

I had my hello you've reached 9 months OB appointment yesterday and everyone was saying things like, "Oh boy, you are in the homestretch now." and "It won't be long at all now." I am? What? How did this happen! AH! I've got things to do! Ryan and I have our eyes bugging out now and our hands up around our heads a lot. "Why isn't the infant car seat in the car?" "Should we have ordered cloth diapers? How many diapers do we need to start with? What else are you supposed to have for a baby?"  "Is Keely going to go bonkers when labor/delivery comes?" "What the *&^% are we doing!?!?!" etc. The answers to all those questions are always, "Dunno." Yeah, we've really got it together over here.  The official due date is something like November 15 now, but I have a feeling it might be earlier.  Lots of contractions and er…uh…well, the body is doing what it should be doing to prepare for the baby.
Lastly, funny things around here: 

Every night after we do our normal goodnight stuff: read stories, huggie/kissie, lights out,  snuggle down. Then, Ryan says in a office managerial voice with a big exhale, "Good job everyone!" It's his nightly sign off lately. Makes me laugh.

The other night after all the above stuff, Keely busted out with her greatest, slightly shaky, Ronald Reagan voice and said "Weeeeeeell, Nancy." We were rolling with laughter. She's got her daddy's gift for impersonations and it was just so random. No idea why Ronnie was in her head.

Keely is still calling grilled cheese, "girl cheese sandwich". Keely and I have girl ones and daddy has boy ones. I think we'll be saying these two forever. Well, I'm not stopping it anyway. 

Have a good weekend all. 

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home pre-schooling is a no go

I haven't fallen off the planet. I've just been busy, sleepy, and uncomfortable and dear Keely has been deeeeeemanding. That last part isn't new, but I just have to drop off other things like blogging/photographing/crafting so I can use what little energy reserves I have to parent her as nice as I can. I find when my thoughts/interests are in too many places I really stop being the kind of parent I want to be…so I have to let go of my own selfish hobbies/activities. It's just how I work. AND there is another babe on the way, so we see where all this is headed, ay? What will become of this blog? Anyway.

I have been considering homeschooling Keely for many, many reasons. However, I didn't know if we'd work together well in that way or if I could stick with it and not slack off. I thought I'd try some light homeschooling for pre-school this year and see how that went and then make my decision next year.

Well, I've tried and it's gone pretty poorly. Not at all how I had envisioned it.  Granted, it's not the best time for me. I'm tired, impatient, and huge.  My girl is smart, bossy, and a perfectionist. Example 1- I sit down with a "lesson" (I use that term lightly.) planned and start showing her and she stops me and tells me what we are going to do instead. She goes and gets different supplies-some for me, some for her and then she starts "teaching" me. I just sit there confused at what I should do. She is charming, but this isn't what I was going for. Example 2-  She has taught herself how to write the whole alphabet (among a million other things) but S's she couldn't get. I start to show her some ways of practicing them and she tries one time, messes it up, crumbles the paper, throws her pencil, and screams in frustration. She says she's not doing it ever again and runs off. I leave her alone for a few minutes and then I see her on her dry erase board practicing S's. I sneak away. She comes to find me and says, "Come look." I go and she has mastered the S. Perfect S's all over her board. Alrighty.  I'm not needed basically.  We've seen this over and over again. She teaches herself whatever she wants/needs to know. She doesn't want anyone teaching her, sitting there telling her to do something this way. She usually gets interested in something, asks us for some guidance/input we give it ONLY when she asks and that's pretty much it. Unsolicitied advice is NOT wanted. Boy, does she get mad. She works on her missions on her own until she "gets" it. Hmmm.  Ryan said, "Don't stress about it. I think you can take the year off."  

Things in Keely's world lately:
This week she is fascinated with evergreen and deciduous trees-the whys and hows of it all.
She only says "happy Halloween" NEVER just Halloween. Ex: "Everyone has decorated for happy Halloween. "When is it going to be happy Halloween?" 
Then there's "What is the sky for?"
"How come we can't see the whole earth?" 
"Do slugs have little ears?" 
"I'm mad and I'm going to cry MORE LOUDLY all day long!"
She stills says "bemember" for remember and "dish-ah-yous" for tissues. I love those two. 
She is forever asking "Where was I before mommy and daddy had me?" I try to explain this in every possible way, but nothing satisfies her. It comes down to "There just wasn't a Keely before you grew inside me." "…but I want to be here always!" It goes on and on almost daily. 

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8 1/2 months

My girl and I. There isn't much of a lap for her to sit on these days. It seems we missed a photo for month 7 1/2. Oops. So here is giant me at 8 1/2 months. 

Mama mia! I hardly recognize myself. Last week at the O.B.'s office, there was a lady in the waiting room with twin babies. They were both crying. Poor woman. She passed one of the babes to me. My hair was all in the child's way. Oh yes I remember why I whacked all of my hair off 4 years ago. So, soon that will happen again I guess. 

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sixteen bucks & feeling halloweenie

Our attic is a disaster. It's half filled with stuff that a few sets of tenants left up there and we didn't have time to clean it out before we moved in and the rest of it is our fault. I heard Ryan up there loudly counting. I tuned him out when he got to 7 I think. I knew he was counting my chairs. You hush! I like chairs. Most of them are small, children's chairs if that helps. Sooooo, we decided we'd have a yard sale (not selling any wee chairs mind you) and give some stuff away to a few family members to clear out our space a bit. We've never had a yard sale and didn't think we'd like having one, but we thought we'd give it a go. We spent a few evenings gathering stuff & cleaning our attic. Friday we ran around posting yard sale signs. Saturday morning we got up and set up our front yard by 9am. Then it starting raining. It hasn't rained in months. Months people. Seriously, we are in a drought here and it rains on the one morning we got our act together to do this. So it rained off and on for awhile-everything got soaked, dishes filled with leaves and water, all the prices smeared. Very nice. A few folks stopped and bought a couple of things. Then, a guy from the city drove up tapping a clipboard and said," Do you have a yard sale permit?"  "Huh? Sure don't." "You have to buy a permit to have a yard sale here." News to me. So we had to pack up our crappy yard sale. Ryan drove most of it to a thrift store. We made a whopping $16. We discussed throwing all that cash on our big bed and rolling in it. We are so loaded now. What shall we do with all the wealth? 

In other news… 
Keely and I did some pumpkin & leaf stamps for her fall cards. She's been writing "boooooo" on everything. I did a wee bit of Halloween/candy decorating.
And the dress-up box is being used in full force now.
We just found this handmade wizard costume for $2. It's really neat although still a bit big for her. 

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the virtual shower

I should've known there'd be some sweet stuff coming this way…

First, Amy sent me this set of beautiful chenille-backed bibs and burp cloths.
Aren't they pretty? I like the blue and red combos a lot. Me and red lately-what's up? I've never liked red so much before. Strange.

Then, Beki sent this super soft patchwork bib and burp cloth combo.
They are so thick and the colors are great. 

Then Emy sent this really full goodie box. She went to town on this stuff! Check out all the great details.
Appliques, embroidery, painting, patchwork-holy moly! She even included a big sis shirt for Keely. Such a great set of fun stuff. 
Thank you again ladies for all of your thoughtfulness. It was such fun to open these boxes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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owls & beignets

Soooooo… I've been having far too many contractions lately. Friday night they were going for about 3 hours! I was getting a little worried and also realized that I am so not ready to have the baby yet. eek. Best get ready. There's only about 6/7 weeks left.  Yeah. Moving right along. Just because the weather isn't saying fall- I'm still pretending like it is. I've been thinking about a little autumn/Halloween decor, so I finally made up a few of moonstitches owls. I've had them bookmarked for a really long time.

Meet Hootie & the Blowfish. I amuse easily. I ended up making three of them and Keely has claimed them all.  Fall decorations they will not be. Keely toys they are. Also, we found a box of Cafe du Monde beignet mix and Ryan made up some for breakfast on Sunday. Keely and I had hot chocolate with whipped cream to go along with ours. It was quite good. 
~Happy October~

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