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 Heh. heh. Keely found this costume wig and we had to have it. We crack up every time she puts it on.  Not too much going on over here-just sweating. Oy the heat. I did get our little mini-nursery set up. It's a tiny corner of our room that now holds a changing table, mobile, and the glider chair. It's all we've got, so it'll have to do.
We realized that when babe arrives and starts moving around (a bit of forward thinking no?) that we'll have to get rid of our dangerous metal framed coffee table again. We like having a table in the living room-kind of a useful thing. Keely is always playing there too. SO after a bit of brainstorming, we dug out our old enamel table top that used to be on top of a cabinet that was in the kitchen of our first apartment. Yep. We stole it (the whole cabinet actually) when we moved out. Such lawless vandals we are. Anyway, I cleaned it up. Ryan built a frame and legs and voila we have a kid safe table.
It's awesome. It's a perfect height. It has all rounded edges AND you really have to work at messing up the top of it. You can leave drinks sitting on it, draw with markers on it and whatever else the youngins decide to do to it and it will wipe clean. Good deal.

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first day of fall

So last week we had nice fall-ish weather-not sweaty, crisp air, comfortable sleeping. Ah, it was nice.
We took walks/rides around the neighborhood daily and nightly. 
Keely gathered her bag fulls of nature goods. 
I baked-banana bread, corn bread, chocolate chip cookies. We drank hot tea.  
Like I said, it was good. Sadly, now it is back to being close to 90 degrees and the humidity is awful! Such a let down. There are rules here Mother Nature and you are so breaking them! Bring back the fall please. We are all ready.

11 Comments September 23, 2007

all about rainbows, butterflies, and lollipops

I forgot to post this year's addition to the red chair album last week. That is really the only decent shot I got. The rest were grumpy, slumpy, or eyes closed. She was not into it and I didn't have the energy to try for a re-shoot.  

She has been testing me lately. I wish I could take some patient, peace pills or something. Man-oh-man is she a strong-willed little girl. I haven't been writing about parenting issues on here for a long time, but there has certainly been some doozies. How many borderline nervous breakdowns can a momma have? Yesterday we had a very trying day, one thing after another all day and then on top of it all she suddenly got this little quarter-sized rash on her arm. Keely will obsess over the tiniest scratch for a day, so I was not looking forward to what the rash would bring. Then, within about an hour the rash had spread up her arm. She was flailing and itching and going bonkers. I thought maybe a bug had bit her and she was having a reaction. I finally got her to lay down and she miraculously fell asleep. I went in to check on the rash and it was everywhere! All over her little white body. It was puffy and hot and huge! Her cheeks were violet and I was ready to cart her to the E.R. Panic mommy set in fast and I was checking her breathing every 2 seconds. I got a hold of her dr. and we all decided it was hives. Once she woke up we got some benadryl on her and rocked her until the itching stopped.  

This is a mild shot. I can't show the others. I've never had hives or seen them so this was really stressing me out. Not fun. By late evening, her skin looked weird and streaky but better and she was back to pushing her limits. Good times over here. I'm not cut-out to cope with this sort of thing so often. Nope.  Oh, and we all still have colds.

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donuts on the beach

Ho-hum. Not much going on really. I've been so tired that blogging has just been put on the back burner (again). Keely and I had a slow week trying to get into our groove after Ryan's back to working normal hours and her party was over. We've gone on some little outings- to the beach and the park and I've been leaving my camera at home. She's sick of seeing me get it out, so I thought I'd give her a wee break. The weather has finally cooled off a tad and that has been wonderful.I hope it stays. Unfortunately, Keely and I both have rotten colds now. boo. We are cranky. I didn't want us to have a moan at home weekend so I said, "Hey now family of mine, let's go get chocolate milk and a few donuts and take them to the beach to eat!" on Saturday morning. I was thinking it would jump start the weekend on a good note.  Ryan thought this was just the weirdest suggestion. "Donuts on the beach. Why would you eat donuts on the beach?" He kept joking me. For-evah. Why is that weird? I dunno.  Anywho. It was really windy, chilly, and dark skied. Not quite what I had in mind but…what can ya do? 
Donuts on the beach it was. I've always spelled doughnut like that, but I'm trying out the other spelling here. Donut. Wow. Fascinating, Angela. Tell us more.
Keely's there sporting the headband I made her. She wears it in the car when the windows are down and now apparently at the beach when it's too friggin' windy to eat your stinking donut without your hair blowing in your mouth. Who's idea was it to eat donuts on the beach anyway? 
*I wanted to thank all of you who have written the nicest comments/emails lately. They always make me smile, but I do apologize for not responding. I'm just trying to keep my sleepy eyes open over here. Please know that I really appreciate all your words. 

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at four

My little baby is not so little. Sometimes I look at you and your body is long and lean and I can't believe you're my Keely.  You look so little kid-like and not how my mind sees you.  I still see my baby. I get teary when I have to buy you a size 5 dress! A 5! How can that fit my little girl? You talk so grown-up. You want to do everything we do-make dinner (your chair is always at the counter), wash dishes, sew toys, reach stuff on high shelves, use my scissors-the list goes on.  You always say, "…but I am a big now! I can do it."  So we give you choppers to help cut-up vegetables, clean water to wash the dishes and lift you up so you can reach the high-spots. I'm keeping the scissors away for a bit longer though.

You've always loved to write and draw and this year you've really flourished. I dare say you are obsessed with writing. You give me no less than 20 pictures a day. You are always sitting at your desk sounding out letters and asking things like, "Is it a B or D in lady?" When anyone doesn't feel well (including the animals) you immediately run to your paper to draw them a happy picture that says, "I love you." and you draw things you think they will like. If anyone comes to our house, they always leave here with your artwork.
(Caribou growing a garden.)
Lately, you carry a tote bag when we go out. In this bag is paper and crayon-among a million other odd things. You like to write lists of what we are buying BUT you won't do it until we get to the store. So, you find a shelf of some kind and whip out your pad and start sounding out letters. We absolutely HAVE to stop and stand there and wait for you to finish your list.  It takes a long time to write "Thred" (thread) and "tap"  (tape). There is no use trying to talk you out of these tasks or to hurry you. We just have to stop every few minutes and let you add another thing to your list.  Oh, the patience we try to have.  You are so proud of yourself when your list is complete.
At nap time we go and lay on your bed. First, we read a few books. Then, I lay there fake sleeping while you play with you soft toys. You lean over to whisper things to me like, "I'm all done sleeping now. Really. I'm done." "Alright mommy, that's it. Four more minutes and then I'm getting up." After about 40 minutes, I give up on the rest and it's over. You actually go to sleep maybe once or twice a week. You still will stay up until after 10 pm though. Where do you get the energy love?  You've mentioned sleeping in your room at night a few times, but if we start to do that you quickly change your mind and your soon snuggled up with us. We have no desire to force you out. Soon we'll be four in the bed I guess, six including the animals.
I wish I could rig the camera to take a shot of us all sleeping. No luck yet.

You've had one little friend in our neighborhood over the past couple years. I only recently really started making an effort for you two to get together. I had to force my anti-social self to go hang out with her mom while you got to play.  I tried to do it at least once a week. You always played so sweet and nice together. You drew her pictures and left them in her mailbox. Wrote her messages and gave her hugs. You even shared your things nicely, but then this summer they moved. They left for a different city and soon are going to another state. I don't think you fully understand that she's really gone now. You keep asking when are we going to a new house too.  I feel so bad that you've lost your one buddy. This is a big down side to living in a mostly military neighborhood. I hope we find you a new friend soon. 

Food is still not your favorite. Meal times are usually quite a struggle. I try to get good stuff in you at non-meal times and that seems to suit you better. Ice cream and chocolate however, you will gladly eat any time. Dare we give you a sip of soda and you salivate for more and more. You proudly and often say, "Yeeeeah, I don't really like good food, only junk."  super. You still have a cup of milk after lunch and dinner and want me to sit and cuddle with you while you drink it. A sweet hang-on of our baby days together.
You love your books. Clifford books are the best for some reason. You have them memorized and you lay on your bed a few times a day and read them out loud. I love to listen to you. You are such a good reader. 
I am so proud to be your mommy Keely. Your creativity, silliness, sweetness, determination and intelligence amaze me daily. You'll always be my baby girl. Happy fourth birthday Bender.

15 Comments September 10, 2007

her party

purple cake 
purple balloons 
paper bag flowers with purple stems 
and presents 
even a very few moments of calm.  

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Keely and I thank you for all the birthday wishes!  In the morning I made her a purple breakfast smoothie. 

In the afternoon we played and swung and went to the store. I then tried to get some good shots for our annual red chair photos, but cooperation was not in the cards. 

goofy was. 
After dinner we went out for ice cream sundaes and she got to open a couple presents. She had a pretty nice day I think, but she is most looking forward to purple cake at her Saturday party.  I've got to get a decent red chair photo and write up her four year old journal in the mean time. I'm having some real problems with iphoto these days and my computer. I'll probably post those for her next week, so be prepared for a few more Keely-centric posts, like that's anything new.
(sugar high kicking in) 

5 Comments September 7, 2007

she’s four

Happy Birthday Baby. 

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soft sets

Remember back in the day when I made all that play food? Well, I never made Keely the full set and I don't see myself doing it anytime soon, but she loves the stuff I did make her. The other day I realized that she plays with those almost everyday (especially the sandwich). She also plays with all of the "toys" I've made her. I like that. So, I've been working on some more little soft toy sets. Ever since we got the "Little Pea" book (so long ago), I've been meaning to make up a little pea character for her, as so many others already have. I finally did. He wasn't the right size, so I had to make another. Repeat. Then, I ended up with 3, so we had the whole Pea family. Why stop there? I made the candy and a bowl of spinach too.

Then, Ryan said, "Hey, how 'bout a bag to put them all in? One with a pocket to hold the book too!" Oh well that's a dang good idea, just had to make that too.
That's a bad, low-light shot, but you get the idea-green with polka dots and a big pocket holding the book on the outside.
Then, I saw Molly Chicken's cute little mice and gave those a go.
Thanks Lyn, for the easy tutorial.

Also, Keely loves cats so when I found a bag of itty-bitty cats at the store I knew I'd do something with them.

I made a little drawstring bag and filled it with all the cats. Then made little kitty beds for half a dozen of them. I was going to do some yarn balls too.

I have a couple more little sets in the planning stage. We'll see if they get any further than that. I was thinking I could give her these little things in a bag when birth day arrives. They'd be soft, quiet and maybe keep her entertained for a few minutes.  I really want to make her a waldorf doll, but I don't think I'm up for that endeavor right now. I originally had planned on buying her a special doll and then make it a set of things that I'm making for the real baby (bibs, blankets etc.) and it could be her big sister present, but after looking at every doll in the normal stores-I just am not impressed. I then thought I'd buy her a waldorf doll, but they cost a bit of moolah. Anyway, that's on the back burner for now. Little soft sets are on the front burner.

*Speaking of play food….You've gotta check out all the soft food sets made by biofino. This sandwich is so cool.  This bowtie pasta is also cute. It's just felt, cinched in the middle, pinked at the edges. Easy. This one is even easier to make. It looks like fettucinni noodles and it is just strips of nice felt (which, of course, I don't have). So good.

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baby talk and a purple party

Aw crud. Now I'm worried that I sounded like I was asking for gifts! I really, really was not. I was just mentioning that among all of the other things not going on for this baby is a shower.  I've told many people that I always feel sooo undeserving when I get mail goodies or any gift for that matter. I also feel completely guilty if I don't reciprocate. So please do not think I'm whining or saying "send me gifts". I mean really, what have I done for you? I do not expect gifts from anyone. I would just feel stressed about having to send something in return to all of you. I think you all are so sweet and thoughtful to want to have a virtual shower, but I know you have busy lives with your own families and I do not want to add to anyone's to-do list! Honest. 

AND thank you all for your sweetness about the second baby issue and boy talk. I feel a bit better now.

Alrighty, it's almost Keely's birthday. My baby is turning FOUR this Thursday! I just can't believe it. Four seems so big and so old. We are having a small family party for her on Saturday and everything must be purple! The cake must be purple and she wants purple drinks. I'm not sure when this purple obsession began, but it is a bit ironic that it came about after we painted her lavender room blue. argh.  I've got purple work to do.

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