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If you give the lady some NEW fabric…


She'll make a new mouse pad! My old one was a typical one you buy at a store. I'd had it for years. It was ratty and ugly. Buh-bye. This one is just two rectangles of fabric with a thick layer of flannel sandwiched inbetween. Works for me. I really like that Amy Butler red lotus fabric AND it matches the "calm" poster in our living room, so I also had to make another pillow for in there too. 
New fabric is good. 

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hello strangers

Hello! Just thought I'd check in. All is well over here. Summer is winding down. Husband is back at work. I'm big and hot and awkward. We've been busy the last few weeks. The hallway got painted
…blue! Actually, it got painted 3 different blues-until settling on that shade which is the same as our dining room. And while we were at it, I had the sweet husband paint the bedroom a very light tan…kinda like a cafe au lait. It looks good with oour deep red quilts. I also got out my mat cutter that I've had for many months and figured out how to cut beveled mats for the artwork I'd recently bought. I'm shocked that I pulled it off. I want to mat everything now.
Well, that's a crappy shot, but you get the idea. I also matted and framed the one in the blue hall photo above. Aren't I so special? 
Then, there's been a bit of sewing, mostly house stuff and Keely stuff. I made her 3 skirts, 2 of which she will actually wear! It is amazing.
I finally (I really can't believe it took me so long) figured out how to do a full elastic casing for the waist. Yeesh.
Two of them are from thrifted sheets and that middle one was an Old Navy skirt size 12 and I thought I was genius cutting it down to a size 4. It worked, looked good, and it was purple! Keely's favorite color BUT she won't wear it because of the fabric feel. Ah well. Two out of three ain't bad. 
  And lastly, here is my (late) 6 1/2 pregger shot. I'm now 7 months. EEk!
I've got more to write about…maybe next time. I hope you all are well. 

20 Comments August 28, 2007

summer break

Hello all. I hope that last post did help some of you out. Again, thank you for your wonderful comments and emails.
Yesterday we had another ultrasound because the first one could not detect our babes stomach. Thankfully, his stomach was located this time. It's smaller than normal, but they said the same thing of Keely four years ago. He looks great though and is quite cute-as cute as a black & white scanned image can be anyway.
Sooooo, summer is flying by and August is already here. I think I'm going to plan on taking a few weeks off from the blog and enjoy having us 3 together for a bit before Ryan is back at work.

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