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the cookie conversation

So Keely and I were making chocolate chip cookies the other day and she sat down to devour a little dish of chips with her first cookie and she says, "Mommy, I'm going to have a sister one day."

(how Keely softens the butter) 

This raised my eyebrow because we haven't told her that I'm pregnant or what the means. I didn't think I could handle her questions yet. She can ask soooo many questions. Also, with all the unpleasant things that have been happening I didn't want her to associate the baby with all this bad stuff-hospitals, doctor trips, me feeling so bad etc.  I've never had to tell her about where babies come from. We've never been around another pregnant person. She's never asked. So, after she said this sister thing I said, "Oh really? "How do you know that?"

"Daddy told me."  (He swears he didn't).

Keely, do you know where babies come from?"

"Yep. Other people's houses. We don't have any babies at our house, so we have to go to someone else's house."

"I see. Well that wouldn't be too nice to take someone's baby. They'd really miss it and little babies really need their mommies and daddies."

She goes back to eating her cookie and I'm thinking that I should go ahead and get the ball rolling with the baby talk. Seize the moment.

"Keely. Babies are at some people's houses, but that isn't where they come from. They grow inside of their mommy's belly."

Keely got her far off look and I took her picture. 

She stared off like this for quite awhile. This is always her expression when she is told new information- the "now processing material gaze".

Then she came back and said, "WHAT!?" I told her again. Then she asked about everybody she knew and if they had grown in their mommy's belly. "Whose belly did Grandma grow in?" I started to get nervous because I know her typical pattern of questioning and thought for certain she was going to ask how it gets there and how it gets out.  I just can't tell her these things yet. She's so sweet, and young, and innocent! I'm not going to lie to her if she asks, but I want to tell her in some pleasant way that I haven't come up with yet. She has noticed some of the changes in my body, so I know it's just a matter of time before she figures it out. I was hoping to wait until month 5, so she could go with us to the big ultrasound and see the baby and it would make a little sense to her AND I'd only have 4 months of questions to take. I do think I'm going to tell her sooner now.

She finally nods this new info. off and says, "Yeah, okay. But biiiirds grow in eggs!" She says it all sarcastically and like- "Well fine, you know all about that stuff but I KNOW this juicy tidbit, bet ya didn't know that momma! Ha!"

Then she goes back to pondering and chewing. 

I went and got her baby scrapbook out and showed her the pregnant photos of me and told her she was in my belly then, blah, blah, blah. She then had to look at the whole album and talk about everything in it. She loved this book. Now, I feel bad that I haven't kept it up. It is a pretty cool thing. I mean, who wouldn't like it. It's a book all about YOU! How many of us have that? I was already feeling bad that I haven't wrote a thing about this pregnancy in a journal. The second child is already neglected. Keely has two journals and two full scrapbook albums, a box of mementos, several boxes filled with photos and all the stuff on this blog. What have I done to myself?  How am I going to keep up with that for two? oy. I got to get my scrapbook, detail recording self in gear.

And yes she asked many more questions. "Can I have a baby in my belly?" "Do daddy's have babies in their bellies? Well, why not?" and on, and on, and on.

(my mother's day flowers) 

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