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belly shrimp and other oddities

The poor neglected camera. 

The poor neglected blog. 

My poor neglected blog mates. I am so sorry y'all. I just can't keep up right now. 

I have nothing creative or cheery to write about. My brain is mushy and so sleepy and the rest of me is nauseous quite often. Working on getting food and drink in me regularly is the main goal of most of my days- that and wondering if I should take my anti-barf med.s or not. Fun stuff. I already had my (early) 12 week appointment and the babe's doing fine and I got to listen to its fast heartbeat (160). The first trimester is almost over though, so with any luck, some of these blah feelings will be behind me soon. Remember when I used to blog almost 5 days a week?! Ha. Someone would have to pay me to do that now. I'm ready to put a pillow on my keyboard after writing just that paragraph.

Let's see what I've got to amuse you with though, since you were nice enough to stop by and forgive my horrible punctuation.

Keely's newest nickname is "belly shrimp". That's funny, right?  This girl goes by so many names it's a trip. She answers to most of them too. "Bender" is what I usually call her. I say it in public and people make faces at me and say, "WHAT is her name?"  There used to be this robot toy called the Kinderbot and when she was 10 months old she started speaking a lot and her vocab. grew so quickly that I called her the Kinderbot. It changed over time into Kinder Bender and now, just Bender.  Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, right. She got this stuffed flamingo who she calls Flingo. She said, "Why is he pink?" I said (because I had been taught this) that they get their pink color from the pink shrimp they eat (This is not really correct. It is from their diet though, which is high in alpha and beta-carotene. Just so you know.) Keely thought the word "shrimp" was just soooo funny. We don't eat seafood so I guess she'd never heard it before. Later I was tickling and pretending to gobble her belly up. I said she tasted like ice cream and she said, "No, I'm a belly shrimp!" and then laughed hysterically as did I and now she is called, "Belly shrimp." 

The girl is very into birds still and loves to identify them by their calls now. She can imitate a few of them very good too. We found this site that she loves. It has lots of bird calls on it. She can do a mean Cardinal song.

On one of my life sucks days I was trying to distract myself and find something funny. The only (How sad is that?) thing I found was this. I've never been a fan of Star Trek (Sure, I've been to a few conventions….kidding.) I really only know a few character's names, but I still thought it was chuckle worthy. "Keep it on the chip." Ryan's favorite line is, "This boy loves that leftover roast beef." oy. We need help. Keely has even started in with some of the lines. We are not proud of some of the wrongness we pass on to her. Nothing terrible you know. Not like we are kicking back bottles of liquor nightly and polishing our guns (much) but still everytime she portrays something we have inadvertently taught her we sing that Crosby, Stills, and Nash song lyric, "….teach your children well…" and tsk tsk ourselves. 

Alright. I just wanted to pop in and say that I was still alive. Please don't count how many parenthesis I used in this post. Ease up woman.  Have a good weekend.  

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