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This weekend the weather was good. We found a cheap (thrift store) outdoor couch-like thing for our almost complete screened-in porch. It needs a paint job and I get to make some cushions for it, but like I said…it was really cheap. We went to all the stores we could think of trying to find outdoor furniture, but good golly $800. for a cheesy set! Not happening. I'll keep our $30. 7 foot long thingie. All three of us can sit on it with the animals and still have room to spare. Keely and Sadie love it.

(Surely the days of that red dress are numbered, right? It's hot and long sleeved.)
We are going to fork over a bit of tax money for a table and chair set though. We also stocked up on bubbles (I even got some for me! Giant bubble wands are groovy.), outdoor chalk, clay,
and picked up a Hula-Hoop for Keely. I hurt myself trying to demonstrate my (un)wiggly hips and the hubby couldn't keep it going either. It was a few good laughs. Keely calls it her "Lula-Loop". Love it.
In the study/craft room I set up a little table for Keely. She has been calling it her desk.  "You have to be quiet now. I'm at school and must do my work!"  Then she draws or writes letters for a few minutes.
We also got our garden planted and things are sprouting already- tomatoes, peppers, beans, and cucumbers are on the way. I also planted herbs, but the squirrels keep stealing them. Alrighty,so that's what we've been up to inbetween all the medical drama. Happy May all. I so hope that this month is going to be better than February, March, and April were. Yeesh.


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