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my funniest doctor (or Keely talk continued)

We've been to the doctor more times recently than in the whole of Keely's life, consequently Keely has been playing doctor a lot. This week I had a real appointment because I had this freaky growth on my shin. Turns out it is a benign tumor that has decided to grow. Lovely. I'd prefer no tumors, thanks. Anywho. Today, Keely gets her dr. stuff to "fix" me. I sit down. She says, "What's wrong with your leg today?" I say, "Oh I have a weird bump on it. Can you fix it?"  She says, with stethoscope around her neck and glasses on, "Ummmmm….NOPE! but I can listen to you heart!" and she waves the end of the stethoscope up at me comically. If she knew how to raise her eyebrows up and down, she totally would have.

 I laughed so hard I cried mostly because she is so funny and also because it seems like that's kind of how real dr. visits go. Yes, I see you have a problem. It's a good one. We don't know really what it is, what causes it, or what to do about it. Soooo, how 'bout we give you some random prescription and see what happens?

Anyway after I messed up her play with my giggling, we had to re-shoot the scene. We started over. This time I asked her if she thought she could fix my leg and she said. "Yeeeeeeah (slow nodding of her head). No. BUT I can draw you a picture of a NEW leg!" She grabbed her notebook and drew me- with a really nice, new leg.  Now there is a medical service I could really use.  I have a few parts that I'd like to have drawn and then magically brought into existence, in its proper location to replace the old part.   

After my dr. visit was finished I got a special sticker "for being so patient". Bwah ha. Seriously, that's what she said. Patient. Although she didn't know she was being punny. I wish all my dr. visits were so entertaining.

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approaching summer

Seems were always busy around here lately. Haven't had much time to write and I don't have the patience to wait an hour while my photos upload. I need to fix my uploading issues soon. Summer weather has come our way rather suddenly and we've been dividing our time between running errands and dilly-dallying outside.

The girl loves her squirt bottles. She cleans everything with them.

It's not a bad way to spend our days. I'm definitely out of the habit of blogging though. Today I was going to write a Keely post (aren't most of them?). I figure if I'm not using this blog for anything else right now I still have to record those childhood memories.
Keely you are so grown-up sometimes it's frightening. Slow down please. You so love to do everything yourself and want to replicate what you see adults doing. We came home from the dr. today and you ran to find your doctor bag and a pen and notebook (to use as a file). You gave me a check-up and recorded very important notes in my chart.  You are always writing notes now. You draw maps for your animals too "so they know where they need to go" and you give it to them. You write names on index cards and label things around the house. You can write most of the alphabet now. You're getting quite good at writing your name too.

I finally let you walk at the stores. No more cart riding for you. It has made a big difference. You nearly beg to go to some store that you can walk at everyday. You run to your bedroom and pick out your clothes and shoes. You go to the bathroom and then put on all the clothing you that you can manage alone and then bring the rest to me to help you with. While I help you, you proudly tell me everything you did to prepare for this monumental outting to Target. A most joyous occassion. The novelty has not worn off yet. You walking has made most of our errands take double as long as they would have previously, but you are happy. You stay with me and haven't broke anything yet.  You've also started riding your tricycle around the neighborhood when we take a walk, but usually 3/4 of the way home you say, "Can't I just walk?" like I've forced you to do this ridiculous activity and you then clumsily drag your bike the rest of the way…throwing dirty looks over your shoulder at it when it doesn't cooperate. 

Naps are fading away. If you don't have a very active day you will not go to sleep for a nap. I'm slowly accepting that it's time for me to just let them go. It's hard. Strangely, even if you don't take a nap you don't go to bed any earlier than usual. Some days can be really long.
You love to talk on the phone now. If a grandparent calls, you stand in front of me with your hands on your hips saying, "Can I talk now?" "I have to talk to them tooooooo." Then when you do talk, we can't get you to stop. You walk around the house talking, using animated arms and hands. We have to pry the phone out of your hands to end it. Chatterbox.
I'm suffering from some insomnia lately, so I lay awake watching you sleep. I can still see your newborn face so clearly in your slumbering expressions. It makes me teary. You still suck with your mouth when you sleep sometimes and it makes me laugh. You haven't sucked on anything (pacifier, bottle, breast) in a very long time. You laugh a lot in your sleep and talk too. You'll say, "Well, I'm still NOT going to go to sleep. hmmpf." Too funny. Sometimes you roll over at night and snuggle in my neck and say, "Oh mommy, I love you." You're sound asleep. That's the good stuff.

When I correct you or use a not so nice tone you've started saying, "Well I'm going to live somewhere else and you can't come!" or crossing your arms and saying, "Well then I'M MAD!" and you stay mad for quite awhile.  Daddy and I started to lose our patience with some of your more trying behaviors lately, so we had to have a long talk and we are trying to get back to being the calm, kind parents we want to be. You really do respond well when we just take the time.
We are also considering homeschooling you. I'm really torn on this one. The more I learn about what's going on in elementary schools these days the more I want you no where around them. However, there are a few benefits to attending a school. I don't know what kind of teacher I'd be to you or if that's where I want our lives to go. Homeschooling is a big deal. I haven't even fully wrapped my head around all that it would mean. The possibility is there though.

I love you my big girl and I'm so proud of the person you are. One day when we were out, someone stopped to smile and talk to you. After we had passed, daddy said, "She makes people smile." It is so true. Everywhere we go people stop what they are doing to look at you, watch you, or to catch a smile from you. You are so special. I could write about you forever I think, but I'll end here for now. 

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house four

So some of you remember last summer when we were questing for our future farm house in need of renovation (see the sidebar category "house hunting")? Well, we decided this weekend we'd go look at a fourth farmhouse. Actually, we already knew this house was in really rough shape, but we wanted to scout out the area and see if we liked it.

After driving through some really flat land, lots of fields, the swamp, and listening to 100 zillions "Are we there yets?" we found the property. Here's the lovely tree lined driveway. 

Here's the poor house. It's pretty near falling down I think. 
We didn't have an appointment so we didn't get to walk in it. That's alright though because we could barely even walk on the porch -or what was left of it.
Ceiling wasn't much better.
We looked in the windows and got an eye full. Yikes. The house was too terrible for us to even consider, but the land was so beautiful.
Farm fields surrounding all sides. Quiet. Oh so quiet. The only sounds were birds and the leaves rustling in the wind. Good stuff.  But back to the house.
I guess you could say it had potential if you had an endless supply of restoration money. Yes, it would be an awesome place to live then. However,this shot sums up our feelings on the structure.
Yep, I live with these two nuts. 
At least I got some nice photos out of the drive. 
We drove through a few other little towns, ate lunch outside on the water at a park. The weather was beautiful. We came home to cook up some fresh farm vegetables delivered from my dad. A pretty good day was had.  

(Except for as soon as we got home we were greeted by the sounds of our neighbors having their first pool bash of the season. yay.) 

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A patch and growth

Keely decides to dress-up as someone several times a day. There are outfits, routines, and songs that go with most of the personas. Sometimes she acts out stories. Lately she's been a postal carrier. Oh fine. A mailMAN, but whatever. She told me the other day she needed to be a pirate, but she didn't have an eyepatch. The horror.  It was late so I told her that I'd make her one the next day. Bright and early she told me, "O.k now will you make the eyepatch."  She never forgets anything. Ever. Alright so I was just going to cut one out of paper, but figured it'd ripe before the day was over and she'd go ape. So I asked her to help me find some black fabric and ribbon to use. She stopped. Look horrified and put her hands on her hips. "NO mommy! Not blaaaack! I'm a girl pirate. I can't wear black. Mine has to be all pink."  I don't know where she gets this from, but I know not to try and talk her into the world of colors know no gender. Pink eye patch it is. Whipped up in about 5 minutes. 

ARrrgh!  So what if it's a tad too big and falling down in this photo. You get the idea.
She likes it.
Hmmm. Things are growing around here. The garden is doing well. Weedy already, but well.
The belly is growing too.
It's a preggo mug shot. Not the most flattering photo, but my hubby hates taking pictures and moans about how terrible he is with the camera. I love you Ryan, but would ya just shut it and take the photo and try not to chop off my head.  Yeesh. So what if I boss you around while you're trying to do it. "Line up this. Turn off the flash. Make sure my hair's not sticking up and no body parts are overly exposed.  Yap, Yap, Yap." It's hard loving me sometimes, no?
With Keely we did a photo every month at the same time, in the same place, with me wearing the same thing. I'm not so disciplined this time around. We've only taken 2 shots so far. That one was at 3 months.  Ah. What can ya do?
Have a good weekend all.  

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the cookie conversation

So Keely and I were making chocolate chip cookies the other day and she sat down to devour a little dish of chips with her first cookie and she says, "Mommy, I'm going to have a sister one day."

(how Keely softens the butter) 

This raised my eyebrow because we haven't told her that I'm pregnant or what the means. I didn't think I could handle her questions yet. She can ask soooo many questions. Also, with all the unpleasant things that have been happening I didn't want her to associate the baby with all this bad stuff-hospitals, doctor trips, me feeling so bad etc.  I've never had to tell her about where babies come from. We've never been around another pregnant person. She's never asked. So, after she said this sister thing I said, "Oh really? "How do you know that?"

"Daddy told me."  (He swears he didn't).

Keely, do you know where babies come from?"

"Yep. Other people's houses. We don't have any babies at our house, so we have to go to someone else's house."

"I see. Well that wouldn't be too nice to take someone's baby. They'd really miss it and little babies really need their mommies and daddies."

She goes back to eating her cookie and I'm thinking that I should go ahead and get the ball rolling with the baby talk. Seize the moment.

"Keely. Babies are at some people's houses, but that isn't where they come from. They grow inside of their mommy's belly."

Keely got her far off look and I took her picture. 

She stared off like this for quite awhile. This is always her expression when she is told new information- the "now processing material gaze".

Then she came back and said, "WHAT!?" I told her again. Then she asked about everybody she knew and if they had grown in their mommy's belly. "Whose belly did Grandma grow in?" I started to get nervous because I know her typical pattern of questioning and thought for certain she was going to ask how it gets there and how it gets out.  I just can't tell her these things yet. She's so sweet, and young, and innocent! I'm not going to lie to her if she asks, but I want to tell her in some pleasant way that I haven't come up with yet. She has noticed some of the changes in my body, so I know it's just a matter of time before she figures it out. I was hoping to wait until month 5, so she could go with us to the big ultrasound and see the baby and it would make a little sense to her AND I'd only have 4 months of questions to take. I do think I'm going to tell her sooner now.

She finally nods this new info. off and says, "Yeah, okay. But biiiirds grow in eggs!" She says it all sarcastically and like- "Well fine, you know all about that stuff but I KNOW this juicy tidbit, bet ya didn't know that momma! Ha!"

Then she goes back to pondering and chewing. 

I went and got her baby scrapbook out and showed her the pregnant photos of me and told her she was in my belly then, blah, blah, blah. She then had to look at the whole album and talk about everything in it. She loved this book. Now, I feel bad that I haven't kept it up. It is a pretty cool thing. I mean, who wouldn't like it. It's a book all about YOU! How many of us have that? I was already feeling bad that I haven't wrote a thing about this pregnancy in a journal. The second child is already neglected. Keely has two journals and two full scrapbook albums, a box of mementos, several boxes filled with photos and all the stuff on this blog. What have I done to myself?  How am I going to keep up with that for two? oy. I got to get my scrapbook, detail recording self in gear.

And yes she asked many more questions. "Can I have a baby in my belly?" "Do daddy's have babies in their bellies? Well, why not?" and on, and on, and on.

(my mother's day flowers) 

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Kicking it Old School


Such blucky weather we've been having around here. Where is the sun? We've gone a bit stir crazy so I tried rearranging the living room with Keely's "help". It looks awful now and is a giant mess. While scooting the couch around the room, I found our beloved piece of stained glass. See, I haven't made anything in awhile so I'm going to show you something made 7 years ago! Old School arty projects.
It's pretty isn't it? The shadow on the right is from the wall it's leaning against. It's the first and last piece we ever made. When I graduated from college, Ryan and I were homeless and jobless. While job hunting we spent a chunk of time making this stained glass thing. When it was complete, we made a headboard and put the stained glass inside of it. Sounds weird, I know, but it was pretty groovy and we got tons of compliments on it. I don't have a nice photo of that to show you though. Anyway, years later when we became a co-sleeping family of three and were blessed with a king-sized bed- we booted our old queen sized headboard to the curb sooo fast.  We did keep the stained glass (of course) and it has sadly resided under our couch since then. Pity. 
Keely and I had a lovely round of dress-up today.


Don't ya love the glasses? Very old school.

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belly shrimp and other oddities

The poor neglected camera. 

The poor neglected blog. 

My poor neglected blog mates. I am so sorry y'all. I just can't keep up right now. 

I have nothing creative or cheery to write about. My brain is mushy and so sleepy and the rest of me is nauseous quite often. Working on getting food and drink in me regularly is the main goal of most of my days- that and wondering if I should take my anti-barf med.s or not. Fun stuff. I already had my (early) 12 week appointment and the babe's doing fine and I got to listen to its fast heartbeat (160). The first trimester is almost over though, so with any luck, some of these blah feelings will be behind me soon. Remember when I used to blog almost 5 days a week?! Ha. Someone would have to pay me to do that now. I'm ready to put a pillow on my keyboard after writing just that paragraph.

Let's see what I've got to amuse you with though, since you were nice enough to stop by and forgive my horrible punctuation.

Keely's newest nickname is "belly shrimp". That's funny, right?  This girl goes by so many names it's a trip. She answers to most of them too. "Bender" is what I usually call her. I say it in public and people make faces at me and say, "WHAT is her name?"  There used to be this robot toy called the Kinderbot and when she was 10 months old she started speaking a lot and her vocab. grew so quickly that I called her the Kinderbot. It changed over time into Kinder Bender and now, just Bender.  Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, right. She got this stuffed flamingo who she calls Flingo. She said, "Why is he pink?" I said (because I had been taught this) that they get their pink color from the pink shrimp they eat (This is not really correct. It is from their diet though, which is high in alpha and beta-carotene. Just so you know.) Keely thought the word "shrimp" was just soooo funny. We don't eat seafood so I guess she'd never heard it before. Later I was tickling and pretending to gobble her belly up. I said she tasted like ice cream and she said, "No, I'm a belly shrimp!" and then laughed hysterically as did I and now she is called, "Belly shrimp." 

The girl is very into birds still and loves to identify them by their calls now. She can imitate a few of them very good too. We found this site that she loves. It has lots of bird calls on it. She can do a mean Cardinal song.

On one of my life sucks days I was trying to distract myself and find something funny. The only (How sad is that?) thing I found was this. I've never been a fan of Star Trek (Sure, I've been to a few conventions….kidding.) I really only know a few character's names, but I still thought it was chuckle worthy. "Keep it on the chip." Ryan's favorite line is, "This boy loves that leftover roast beef." oy. We need help. Keely has even started in with some of the lines. We are not proud of some of the wrongness we pass on to her. Nothing terrible you know. Not like we are kicking back bottles of liquor nightly and polishing our guns (much) but still everytime she portrays something we have inadvertently taught her we sing that Crosby, Stills, and Nash song lyric, "….teach your children well…" and tsk tsk ourselves. 

Alright. I just wanted to pop in and say that I was still alive. Please don't count how many parenthesis I used in this post. Ease up woman.  Have a good weekend.  

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Around here

This weekend the weather was good. We found a cheap (thrift store) outdoor couch-like thing for our almost complete screened-in porch. It needs a paint job and I get to make some cushions for it, but like I said…it was really cheap. We went to all the stores we could think of trying to find outdoor furniture, but good golly $800. for a cheesy set! Not happening. I'll keep our $30. 7 foot long thingie. All three of us can sit on it with the animals and still have room to spare. Keely and Sadie love it.

(Surely the days of that red dress are numbered, right? It's hot and long sleeved.)
We are going to fork over a bit of tax money for a table and chair set though. We also stocked up on bubbles (I even got some for me! Giant bubble wands are groovy.), outdoor chalk, clay,
and picked up a Hula-Hoop for Keely. I hurt myself trying to demonstrate my (un)wiggly hips and the hubby couldn't keep it going either. It was a few good laughs. Keely calls it her "Lula-Loop". Love it.
In the study/craft room I set up a little table for Keely. She has been calling it her desk.  "You have to be quiet now. I'm at school and must do my work!"  Then she draws or writes letters for a few minutes.
We also got our garden planted and things are sprouting already- tomatoes, peppers, beans, and cucumbers are on the way. I also planted herbs, but the squirrels keep stealing them. Alrighty,so that's what we've been up to inbetween all the medical drama. Happy May all. I so hope that this month is going to be better than February, March, and April were. Yeesh.


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