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The great quilt

Finally. I get to post my lovely quilt! Alright, I know you all know the deal now- the play food/quilt swap, right? Well, Amy was worried that my food would out-do her quilt. HA! Look at this beautiful quilt. I got a real quilt…in the mail! THAT is awesome, no? Amy posted it on her site if you want to read her words about it too.

It's big! It is so pretty and happy. I love all the small prints. I love the layout. I love the old-fashioned feel and weight of it. I love all the colors. That was the only thing she wanted me to pick, the colors. I requested-red & white with a touch of aqua.  I think she added the perfect amount of aqua. She did such a wonderful job! I laid it around our house in random places for awhile just so I could admire it as I went through the day. It is perfect…even the back of it is great. Don't ya love the patchy stripe there? fun.
I'm far away from being able to do a quilt like this – cutting all those squares out and trying to decide on a layout. That would take me for. ever. AND the binding! The handstitching! Oh that Amy is the master binder. It is perfection. 
AND she even made a sweet little doll quilt for Keely!
So cute. I'm tempted to hang it up somewhere. So, I think Amy truly outdid herself here and I am one happy swapper. Amy I so love the quilt and all the thoughtfulness and energy that you put into. Thank you my friend.

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most definitely too much information

OH people. What to say? What to say. I wasn't sure if I should go into detail here about what the problem is or not. Seems a bit too personal and I'm guessing most people do NOT want to hear about this awful stuff. I don't think I would. Leave now if you shudder at the word uterus. I would not have previously been able to write about this stuff, but over the last week words like urine, bladder, cervix, uterus etc. have been thrown around a ridiculous amount and whole offices and floors at the hospital know of my medical condition. No lie. I do know some of you do want to know what is going on and this is the only place I journal my life at so…here is the shortened version:

On trip 2 to the hospital in the middle of the night, I was "lucky" enough to get to go into Labor and Delivery instead of the E.R. This was so much better. The nurses are much kinder and the environment vastly less stressful. What was determined was that my retroverted uterus had fallen into my pelvic cavity and basically gotten trapped there. It then pushed on my bladder and made it impossible for it to function. The bladder would fill normally, but could not void. At all. This was immensely painful. I was sent home with a third catheter. Catheters are not supposed to hurt. Mine was killing me. I couldn't sit down and every step I took was like sitting on a giant needle. Monday I went in to my OB and the doctors stood around trying to figure out what the heck to do.  They'd never had a case like this and the looks on their faces was not reassuring. Finally, my favorite doc had an idea to insert this giant pessary (medieval medical instrument used for torture in my opinion) which would hold up my broken uterus temporarily. First though…get ready for it….they had to manually move my flippin' uterus up into a normalish position. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I asked for them to shoot me or to put me in a coma and wake me when all this was over. I got nothing. So, after much crying I was sent back home. Ryan and I removed the catheter on Tuesday morning ( I never imagined the things we'd get to do together as a couple. Ah love.). I started feeling much better after that was out. Then back to the OB to check on everything and so far they think this is going to do the trick. At week 13 (3 weeks from now) the baby/uterus should be big enough to not be able to fit into the pelvis, so they will take out the pessary (someone please help me on that day).  So there ya go. I am home and praying each night that I don't have to drag us 3 back to the hospital and that this is sort of fixed for now. I'm scared out of my mind though…stressed, tired, and still nauseous. I look rough. 

See? BUT according to the doc.s and Ryan, I look a thousand times better than I did. yikes.

The good news is the baby seems to be doing fine and Keely is a wonderful child who has tolerated all this chaos so well. 

  She is a little whiny and cranky now with me home alone with her, but I guess she has been saving it up.  I'm trying to be as normal as possible with her now. The girl loves to swing. I can push a swing. We swing a lot. Bless the swing.
Her smile and laugh are the best. Flowers in the yard and warm weather are also good.

Thank you so much for all of your concerned emails and comments.  I've checked in here several times throughout the last few days and even through my tears I felt your warmth- so thank you. 

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Uncle! Uncle! I give!

Another middle of the night hospital trip, back to the doctor. I have issues. My anatomy is having a major problem dealing with this pregnancy and while we now know what the problem is- no one knows quite what to do about it yet. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get some answers. I'm back to being in pain, hobbling around, fighting tears, and moaning, so I won't be back here until life improves. Do I know how to have a good time or what?

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All in good fun

So I'm thinking the E.R. should sell special year passes or membership cards. Ya know you pay the price of one average E.R. trip and the rest are free for the year. You can get expedited services, ride all the rides, play with all the gadgets. Good idea, right? Well, it's looking good to me since we've been to the freakin' hospital 3 times in the last 2 months! This is not normal. We are not an unhealthy family with weird medical problems. I had never been to the E.R before having Keely and I've never been the patient in my whole life, until now. oy.

Tuesday night at 2 am I woke up in lots of pain. I paced the house and moaned for 2 hours until I couldn't take it anymore. Woke the hubby up and then we got Keely up who almost happily got up and got dressed (shocked me). We ran red lights and zoomed to the hospital. The good thing about going at an odd hour is that it isn't too crowded there and you get seen faster…or maybe it was because I was the pregnant woman, doubled over, sweating and moaning in pain? Could be. Anyway. Got lots of tests, needles, blood taken, ultrasounds (baby is fine), catheters (EWWWW and that is plural!) I.V.s, pain med.s, cried all over a nurse, pleaded for help. Good fun. All that was figured out is that something was very wrong with my bladder. Is this too much information for the blog? Maybe. Anyway a normal bladder holds like 200/300 cc of liquid and mine was at 1000 cc and had stopped functioning.  So that was beyond painful. Eventually, the gave me some perscriptions and sent me home. I called my o.b when I got home and they had me come straight in so they could poke around. No one still knows what is wrong with me, but I'm home, not in pain, and have some antibiotics and Vicodin. Weeeeee. I'm not taking the Vicodin though.

The good news is: I have already been worrying about how Keely will handle the birth/hospital stay with baby 2, especially if it's a middle of the night thing and what I learned was 1. She will be fine. She thinks the hospital is an interesting place. She likes wandering around with her daddy. 2. If we continue on at visiting the E.R at this rate, it will be like her second home and she will be more than fine (just kidding universe. We ain't going back!).  

The other wonderful thing was when I got home from the hospital there was a giant box waiting for me at my door. It was my quilt from the swap! Big smiles on that one. I'll brag about it Monday.

Hope your weekend is good…and free of visits to the E.R. 

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a doll sling and whatnot

The doll sling is complete. It took two tries to get the size right. I've used this material for so many things. I bought about 12? yards of it at a thrift store for $4. I probably have 5 yards left. I always use it for things I'm not sure how to make so I don't waste any of my "good" stash. What's my point here? Dunno. Just rambling on.  Here's her little sling.

Keely thinks it's quite funny. She says, "Oh froggy wants to get in the sling." She carries him around, gives him a bottle. Then she says (oh so dramatically), "Oh NOW ducky wants a ride too! Ugh! Everyone wants to get in my sling!" She goes through about 5 animals/dolls each time.

Awhile back Joanna made a beautiful sling for me. Last week I was trying it on and then I was carrying our dog around in it and he loved it. He fell asleep and never wanted to get out of it. He's a weird pooch… or am I the weird one for putting him in it in the first place?  Anyway, then Keely wanted to get in it too. I put her in and she barely fit- her long legs all hanging out the end, but she was amused with it. Man, is she heavy. I decided I'm going to attempt to make myself a newborn sling one of these days. It'll be shorter and sit a little higher on my chest to keep a bitty babe snuggled without feeling lost in the bottom. I never carried Keely in a sling because I just sat in one spot for most of every day and night holding her upright because she spewed milk constantly. That'd made for a wet, nasty sling. Hopefully, that won't be the situation this time around. It'd be handy (ha ha ha) to have some hands free time to be with Keely when 2 arrives. It's quite tricky to get the measurements rights on the sling though, so we'll see how that goes.


There's this song that I keep hearing, "Young Folks". I first saw/heard it on a few blogs. Which made me whistle/hum the beginning of it for several days. Finally I forgot about it and, lo and behold, I hear it on a commercial. Now it's stuck in my head again. I don't even know if I really like it. Just that beginning is catchy to me. Watch it here. Now you'll all be infected…mwah ha ha ha. 

Lastly, a family friend who recently had some big computer troubles sent us this link to a little movie that is pretty amusing. It was to us anyway. 

*Still can't get my email/reply thing to work-even the smarty pants hubby can't figure out the problem. Sooooo, if you asked me a question I will respond to you-eventually. Sorry. 

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Yak, Yak, Yak

So we had a few lovely days of beautiful spring weather, family visits, and naps (me). 

And then some grey and rain.
There has been some productivity around here too. My hubby has taken up drawing a little more seriously these days and wanted something to keep his pencils and things in, so I made him a little art roll.
Let's not talk about how long this simple thing took. This simple thing that I've made before and know how to do!  My brain is just not working lately. A bit cloudy and grey in there too I think.

And then do y'all remember when I was all like, "Hey, I'm gonna make Mr. bunny a little wool coat?" HA!  I KNOW I can't sew clothes…but I did try and failed. Failed. Failed.

I do not know how to sew sleeves on a little arm hole. Nope. It was going to be so cute- with these bitty pearly buttons down the front and a floral print pocket to match his carrot bag. Not now. Not going to be cute and not finishing it. I'm just leaving it lay around so I can laugh at it. You are an embarrassment- you silly coat.  You and your pathethic one arm sewn backwards  sadly hemmed self. 
Boy is this post all over the place…better than nothing though. 

I haven't been out thrifting much, maybe twice in the last month! I'm just not as interested (we've got enough junk), I'm too tired, and they've raised some of their prices. Boo.  However, on last week's brief trip, I found this nifty little school cart. 

I think it's for books, but Keely is calling it her "couch WITH WHEELS!" and scooting through the house with it. fun. I do that on my couch all the time, don't you? It was $3. Awesome. I'm half tempted to make couch-like cushions for the bottom and the back. Ah, that would amuse me. A bitty rollie couch with cushions.

Alright, now we are going back to sewing talk… while I was on a sewing kick, I started trying to make Keely a doll sling and again, the brain is not computing. I completely fade out while I'm measuring, then while I'm cutting–well, during every step actually…makes for some lovely mistakes. Maybe I'll figure it out by my next post. Until then.

*I'm having some email problems and haven't been able to personally reply to anyone for a few days. Hopefully, I get that fixed today. I'm still reading your comments, I just can't answer. sigh. 

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 I got my first peek at the 8 week old baby today.
There "it" is. A wee little thing with a strong heartbeat. Seeing the ultrasound really took my breath away- accepting that this is real and there is a baby coming. The arrival date is estimated to be around November 15. 

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all your warm wishes and congratulations! You made me smile.

The day before Easter it snowed! Total craziness for these parts. The snow was off and on for most of the day. 

Then, now get ready for it……are you ready?  I sewed something! GASP!  I decided on Friday night that I should make Keely a bunny for Easter and by Saturday afternoon I had this…
Soft bunny, mini tote bag, and a wee carrot.  I wanted to make him a long coat (out of the grey wool he's sitting on) and some other clothes, but I didn't have the time or energy. I had this old doll dress that fit "him" perfectly and now our little Easter bunny is a girl. Keely and I also made cupcakes and ate a few too many jellybeans. 
Hope your weekend was good. 

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I'm a terrible keeper of my own secrets. I'll keep yours to the grave, but not my own. So, it is time for me to 'fess up -out with the truth. I hadn't planned on letting this be known to all yet, but I seem to be having a hard time keeping up my with my old habits and hobbies right now -blogging, photography, etc. Sooooo, I figured I might as well tell you now.

Yep. Pregnant! Me. It's still quite early, about 7 weeks. I don't have my first dr. appointment until April 11.  I intended on waiting until then to share the news but I feel kind of bad for not having anything to post about & like I owe you all some sort of explanation. Pregnant, that's my explanation.  I'm very tired and nauseous (with alternating bouts of I must eat everything right now.). Thankfully, I am not actually "getting sick" as I did for so long with Keely, just feeling ill.  It is taking all my energy to just be semi-normal with Keely and now I've been sleeping at her naptimes too, so there isn't much to post about or time to do it. 

The hubby and I are still trying to wrap our brains around this. After almost a year of trying, we sort of thought it wasn't going to happen and both of us had kind of moved on in our minds. Thinking of our life with just us 3….then BAM! Ain't that the way life goes? So, I'm adjusting to making my brain go back to baby thoughts (the nice ones, not the crying for hours a day ones) and to being this low-energy, sleepy person when I'm normally a pretty active, always flitting around type of gal…maybe when this tired stage passes I'll be more perky. Anyway. That's the news and the reason this space is going to get the Most Boring Blog Award any day now. 

Me. Pregnant!?

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Long time no blog. I feel out of practice here. I've lost my blogging, crafting mojo. Quite sad.

Good news is – we are all just about better now and we're all ready to enjoy some spring. Things are blooming. The temperature is nice and the sky's clear blue. Good stuff. Next week we are starting our garden and we are so excited about that. Looking forward to big, overstuffed summer sandwiches & pasta salads on our porch.

This weekend Keely and I took a walk to get out of the house for awhile and the neighborhood is indeed buzzing with spring.

Then she helped me re-pot a few geraniums. "We're growing flowers together!"
We are going to get back to our spring cleaning this week and I hope to even sew something! It's been weeks. If we get lucky, I might find something moderately interesting to say here!

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