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so this is spring

Hello out there.

The flu briefly got Keely and then it came and got me. I'm on the mend, just not normal yet. Lots of fun over at our house these days.   Thank you for the concerned emails about my absence. It's nice to know you care. Be back soon. 

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I’m title-less.


Well, the hubby got the flu and has been home for two days…sleeping and coughing. Poor guy. Keely and I are steering clear of him as best we can- handing him meals with tongs while wearing face masks. Kidding. I definately don't want the kiddo to catch it though. I AM walking around with Lysol and Clorox wipes, but you knew that didn't you? Thankfully, the weather is so warm that we have all the windows open. Ryan was in our bed all day yesterday hacking. When the evening rolled around I made him a new couch bed and then I had 3 hours of laundry to do, before we could sleep there. Boy, do we have a lot of blankets on our bed. What a pain. And why do I own duvets that are too big to even fit in our washer? That's plain dumb.  I hope he gets better over the weekend and the rest of us are spared the sickness.  Happier news:  Keely has been an angel the past few days.  I can say that she has been a joy to be with. We've run a few errands (med.s and food) and spent a lot of time outside. Spring is good. She's been so sweet, funny, and helpful. I dropped a drop of sauce on my shirt last night (slob) and she jumped up, ran to the bathroom to get her washcloth and she came to wash it off for me. "It's o.k mommy. We can just wash it off. Let me help you."  Later, the cat's toy was under the couch and got all dusty (slobs), so she took it into the bathroom and washed it off for her. Such a nice kid. I love that girl. Oh, and she's cute too.
No plans this weekend except nursing Ryan and entertaining Keely-trying to keep her from asking daddy if he's still stick every half hour. With any luck, I may get to read through some of my lastest book stack.


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Thank you and the tale of an oven mitt


Happy Spring! 
Y'all really like some fabric food, ay? Good golly! My self-esteem has been sufficiently boosted and I thank you all very kindly for your generous praise. Have I mentioned how much I love reading your comments? Hmmm? Well, I do. 'Tis good. Thank you so much! I'll try to answer everyone who had a question.
short story time:
Many years ago my husband and I were aging teens and working in food service together. At one point, we worked in a very small kitchen that both served food and cleaned the dishes of a very small dining room. One day I was working the industrial dish washer-the kind that a school cafeteria has-giant box on a sink counter with a steel door that you slam shut when you want it to run. Anyway, I was washing dishes and somehow I big oven mitt got slammed in the door and then fell in the washing pit and got a tad mangled. A co-worker & friend, pulled the poor thing out at the end of the cycle and put on a big dramatic show-weeping over the death of oven mitt, calling me a killer and so forth. Our small gang of employees got in on this and everyone passed away the morning hours joking about this. During shift changes, I went back into our kitchen for something. The lights were out. I opened the door. Looked around. It was strangely dark and quiet. Only the dim recessed lighting was shining down on a counter top at the end of the galley style kitchen. I walked slowly forward. There was something on the counter.  When I got there, the lights were shining down on the word MURDERER spelled out in bright red ketchup. Hardy har har. Oh how we laughed. Such goofy fun. Ryan was responsible for this.

This was years ago. We haven't talked about this in forever.  A few days ago I walked into our kitchen to find this- 

Alright, does anyone know the real name of these flowers? The ones I posted a close-up of the other day?  I was told  they were snow lilies and then snow bells, but after doing a search I have found that is not correct.
Anyone know?
**Update: They ARE called Snowflakes! Link here

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play food : the final episode

At long last, I present to you all the play food. Amy has received it, so it's safe to show now. 


toast and an egg 
pancake and bacon 


Two sandwiches- cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle

and a P.B. & J. with tortilla chips 
 a cut-up quesadilla
3 chocolate chip & 3 sugar cookies 

an ice cream cone with three scoops of ice cream  

 and the whole spread…it's clickable.

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buttons and whatnot

The girl is loving the "button movie". Every night after dinner she has to watch it,several times. She is now trying to recreate it with her buttons while humming the little movie tune.
Our neighborhood is along the path of a large St. Patrick's Day parade route and when I was little my cousin and I used to always go. Since we've moved back here, Ryan and I have yet to go. We thought this year we would-maybe Keely would get a kick out of it. But when we got up at 8:00am our neighbors (the pool ones) already had about 20 people in their yard, all clad in green, holding beer bottles, and hooting and whooting. Oh boy.Other folks were staggering around carrying coolers and the infamous red plastic cups. We changed our minds. The parade isn't so much about the family or the kids anymore- it is more about the youngins' (not me, I'm SO old) getting plastered and going nuts. So we stayed home and cleaned & rearranged our study and Ryan built my table! We just need a piece of countertop or something not hideous for the top of it and it's done. Awesome.
One half of the room -not finished, but cleaned up. That bookshelf was a disaster. I realize a before and after shot would be more effective, but I do not have one. So sorry. More to come.

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feeling quiet and wearing green


I'm running low on words right now (amazingly, this does happen sometimes). It makes for a quite blog though. My apologies. I did want to pop in and say hello to you all and wish you a nice weekend…and happy St. Patrick's Day. Keely is quite disturbed that people may actually pinch her if she doesn't wear green. You should have seen her shocked face when I tried to explain this.  I don't know if she was more upset because she always. always. wears something red, so she thinks she'll be pinched or by the fact that people are "allowed" to do something mean. I've promised her she won't get pinched tomorrow either way. I always thought it was a silly, mean custom and I always made sure I wore green when I was in school. Anyway. Farethewell. Here's hoping you don't get pinched.



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another day, another bag and Baby Ben.

Bag 2 is complete. I actually followed a pattern! It's Amy Butler's In-Town bag. It's pretty easy to make. I used heavy weight material so it kind of holds it shape better than other's I've made.
Now, I'm working on two new pillows for our couch.
This weekend, after much delaying, my hubby is going to attempt to build me a work table in our study/junky room. It's going to be tall-like kitchen counter height and have a big shelf underneath it for storing fabric. I so hope that when it's done, this room will stop being a disaster. Also, the screened-in porch is nearing completion and we have no furniture for it. So, we are going to start shopping around for something to use out there. It'll be nice eating outside and not being pestered by mosquitos.  We've got lots on our to-do lists as always.
Yesterday, Keely and I ran up to the store and I saw a little Baby Ben clock. It was small and silver- just like the one my grandpa used to have on his night table. It made me smile to see it. I had to walk back and look at it and then I decided to get it. It was cheap enough. So I get home, open it up and realize you have to wind that thing every 24 hours if you want it to work. Hmpfh. Well, alright. That could be a nice little morning ritual. Wind the clock, start the day. I wound it up and sat it on a shelf. "TICK TICK TICK TICK!" AH, that sucker is LOUD!  I walked away, but could still hear it. I put it on a solid surface and could still here it AND it sounded like it started going faster and faster. I kept looking over my shoulder and frowning at it. My heart started trying to keep up with the clock's pace. My god that thing was making me so nervous! Ticking so loud, so fast, everywhere I went. Tick Tick Tick. I started having this horror film anxiety. I felt like I needed to run. Must hide the clock. I tried to make it stop, but you can't stop time. ha. It reminded me of that old "Friends" episode where Phoebe had the smoke alarm that kept beeping no matter what she did. Shhhhh. Clock! Just be quiet! I stuffed it in some fabric until the wind runs out. Guess I'll just have a clock for looks. Nothing weird about that.

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botanical schomanical


Yesterday we went to the botanical gardens. They have a special children's zone there where we spent almost 2 hours. I am so proud of how Keely acts with other children. We have no other small children in our extended family and not really in our neighborhood either. She doesn't get to interact much and I feel bad for her sometimes. I also worry that she won't "play well with others" when she does have the opportunity.
She always eases my mind when we go to the park or anywhere else where she is with children though. She actively seeks out girls to play with. She's not shy at all. She asks them to be her friend. They agree and then they go about talking and advising each other on their next activity. She is always so sweet and says such nice things to them. She tells them "Wow! You are really strong!" or "You did a great job."  "We are big girls together."  Warms my heart. If rowdy kids come around, she attempts to befriend them but whe she sees they aren't going to play nicey-nice, she says, "Mommy, why don't we go over there." -pointing to another activity. Or "Let's go somewhere else now."  Anyway. I'm just so proud of the kindness she shows her peers.
The garden was not so much of a garden yet. Still not into spring yet and there wasn't much of the botanical stuff to see…only some daffodils, early buds, and saucer magnolias.
Still pretty enough and we had a nice day together.
*Is this time change messing with you all? It usually doesn't really bother us, but this earlier time this year is beating us up. Sleepy zombies over here. It's just one hour. It shouldn't make much of a difference, but it really does.

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brown bagging it

 Thank you again you sweet people. I so appreciate your words. Keely is back to herself, thankfully.

for the first time in 2 weeks, I've sewed something! I've had 2 bags on my list that I wanted to make and then I saw Sally's bag a couple of week's ago and decided I should give a boxy/panel bag a try too! So, I did that kind first. 
I also interfaced for the first time ever. Granted, I'm too cheap to buy real interfacing. I just used this thick felt I had. It took quite awhile to make, and I like it well enough even if it is a little snooze-a-roo looking. I gave it several pockets too.
  I do think it's too big for me to carry around daily though. Oh wait. That implies I leave my house daily. I do not. Anyway. I'm planning my next two bags out now and I still need to make a camera bag of some sort. Better get busy.

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Making me smile:

Anytime we say something that Keely doesn't understand or hear she says, "What did you said?" We love it so much that we now say it to each other.

She also says "dud" for her past tense of "did". "Keely did you finish your milk?"  "I dud! I dud!"

The way Lola laughs about the beetles on Charlie & Lola .(You must watch Beetles, Bugs,& Butterflies. It's under the clips category and is very short.) and the way that Keely tries to imitate Lola's bent over laughing. Funny stuff.  Just because we don't have cable doesn't mean I'll fully deprive her from tot pop culture-little snippets online work out just fine. 

We have this little doll of Shakespeare and he has a little beard, so Keely thought it was so funny to start calling him "Shakes-beard!" ha!  She is giggling at her own silly jokes all the time now and it always makes us laugh. She just can't stop laughing at herself sometimes. Like anytime we see an UPS truck she has to ask me what that truck is? She knows, but she is setting me up for the following routine: I say, "It's an UPS truck." and she goes "Nuh-uh, it's an upside-down truck!" and then she rolls with laughter.

And with that- I'm taking a step away from the blog for a little bit.  And ya know, it is a little lonely in blogworld lately, especially with some of my favorite bloggers now taking their own breaks. Be well and happy March! Spring is just around the corner.

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