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a doll diaper pattern

A few people have asked me what pattern I used for making doll diapers, so I thought I'd make a pattern for you to download.  I just traced a diaper that came with some doll of Keely's.  I used two pieces of fabric to make ours, but next time I think I'll do a more realistic one out of white material and use a layer of batting in it to make it a little more substantial. 

So here is the basic shape of a finished one…

and folded up…
You can move where you put the velcro on the back of the front piece to achieve a different fit. Also, enlarge or reduce the pattern to fit whoever or whatever it's going on.
Click it to download: Doll Diaper Pattern

14 Comments February 28, 2007

Slow Life


I was clicking around Flickr looking at so many pretty shots & inspiring images, and I came across a caption that movinghands wrote. She referenced the Slow Life Movement in Japan. Now I have yet to have my hands on a Japanese craftbook or magazine so maybe that is something slathered throughout them. I know not. It was the first time I'd heard the phrase, so I looked it up and read a bit about it. There's one composite description here (half-way down the page) if you too have not heard of it. Slow Life sounds pretty good. I wish I could get completely into a similar frame of mind. Everytime I read about someone who is or someplace where people are living more simply, away from hustle & bustle, competition, commericialism, & materialism, it always appeals to me. I want to pack up and move to a countryside somewhere, grow fields of lavender, and live a quiet life and be happy with it.  I know that it is quite a romantic vision in my head and in actuality it would be quiet hard and I'd probably be grumpy from being cut off from too many modern conveniences when I "needed" them. What? No thrift store? Still. Slow Life could be sweet and meaningful. 
yesterday's offerings from Keely

Speaking of Japanese crafty books, everytime I say or read the word Zakka I hear the Chaka Khan song in my head and start singing "Zakka khan, Zakka khan…I feel for you…I think I love you…." 'Tis true.

have a slow one. 

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Smocket to me.

Had to go and try out the smocket pattern (thank you Alicia & Amy). I knew Keely would not like it, but I wanted to make it so I could see how one would come together and to see if I would like a bigger one for myself.  I think I would. I have no idea how to enlarge & altar it to fit me though.  I made this one out of soft white cotton for the lining and a really light almost silky grey something- feels like rayon looks like linen for the outside. It was thrifted material. I put velcro on the arm straps instead of having them tie and put a vintage button on top to disguise it.  And guess what?  She loved it! See? 
HA! Not a chance. This was the only shot I got that she looked happy in. The other 20 I snapped in the five minutes she kept in on were pretty much like these… 
moan, fidget, groan, tug, ugh
take it ooooff… 
Exactly what I expected. Anyway. I do really want to make a grown-up smock of some kind…maybe not the strappy back though. hmmmm.
This took me a little over an hour to complete from printing off the pattern, cutting it up, pinning, sewing, etc. So quick! compared to the fabric food I've been doing. Good golly. I mean they take so long because I just get an idea of something I think I can make and then I have to play around with the material and sewing it up until it comes out right. Over and over. I think I'm about done with the food. On to some quick projects that I already know how to make…a spring tote bag & pillow covers may be next.

9 Comments February 26, 2007

a determined penny


Yesterday, Keely got out her little bucket of pennies and was stacking them and playing with them. Then she took them on our bed and spread them out and starting jumping on them. It was fun. They slide around and cling together as she jumped. I thought, "What's the harm?"  I told her just not to throw them. She didn't. When she was done jumping she wanted to leave the pennies on the bed so she could show daddy her fabulous new game when he came home.  The pennies stayed. Later in the evening my parents stopped over for a brief visit. Keely had to show grandma the penny bed too. So my mom, Ryan, and Keely are in our bedroom. Keely is jumping. I'm in the dining room with my dad when I hear a frantic voice say, "KEELY!" and then some disturbing shuffling around and I knew something had happened. I thought she'd fallen off the bed. I ran back there to find my mom lifting Keely back up. Keely had her mouth open in wide scream and her fingers digging at her mouth. She let out an enormous scream with outstretched arms. I ran over to her and knew she'd swallowed a penny.  

Keely plays with all kinds of little things. She has for awhile. She is over 3. She doesn't put things in her mouth anymore and she didn't this time either. She was picking up handfuls of pennies and letting them "rain down". While she was doing this she tilted her head up and was laughing oh so happily with her mouth open. A *&#!$&  penny fell directly into her mouth and straight down her throat and she swallowed. You must be kidding me with this?  My mom and Ryan were right there and saw it happen. They didn't think she was doing anything dangerous and she wasn't really. It was just some freaky bad luck. What are the chances? So, the penny went in. My mom grabbed her off the bed and flipped her upside down and nothing came out, but she started crying so we knew she could breathe.  My parents left and we at first thought, it's alright. It'll pass through. Kids swallow stuff all the time. Then the paranoid us came out and we started thinking what if it gets stuck somewhere and doesn't just move through. What if in two days it's still in her airway and she suddenly can't breathe while she sleeps. Alrighty then, to the E.R. we go. I LOVE the E.R. What a fun place to be! All the desperately ill people, screaming children, angry faces, the waiting and trying to comfort your scared child. What a thrill. Everyone gently scolded Keely for putting a penny in her mouth. Nice. It was an accident! It fell into her mouth. That's hard to explain though. Then, people had to make corny comments like, "Are you a piggy bank?" "Hey, that's not where that goes?" & " I see you've increased your net worth."  Anywho. They said you definitely should come in and get an x-ray when kiddos swallow something so you can see where it is and make sure it is safely moving through. We got an x-ray. She was so brave although scared out of her mind. The nice x-ray lady let us back in the "super secret" room to view the x-ray. There it was. A big shiny circle sitting in her little belly.  Which was good news-ish. Then, we were sent to wait back into giant sick waiting room. We sat on the floor by the open entry doors. We are such germ-o-phobes.  Finally, we got a dr. who said since it was where it should-ish be that we should give it two days and see if it passes and if we don't see it- then come back for another x-ray. Fun. So at 10 o'clock we ran to our car, germ-x'ed our hands repeatedly, got home stripped all of our contaminated clothing off and burned them. O.k we put them in the wash and then repeatedly washed all 3 pairs of hands. Too much? I think not. We then tried to eat some dinner. Keely didn't want to eat because well, "There is a penny in MY belly!"

Yes there is and it'd BETTER come out! 
** Displaying our sophomoric weirdness again: During all of our waiting we tried to calm and entertain ourselves…comparing the staff and facilities to those of E.R the show, Grey's Anatomy, and House. Ya know…"OMG is that supposed to be Meredith? She is so not right for the part. Seriously." "So who's making out in the supply closet over there?" "You'd never be cast for the dr. roll buddy. The hair just isn't right. Sorry." "He would definitely not wear that on Grey's." "Should we be concerned that there's a Craftsman tool drawer chest (it really was) over there holding medical supplies?"   
***Displaying our babes weirdness: Our child was quite scared to be in medical land and I finally got her to just lay down on the E.R. bed. She is really heavy to hold for hours on end. Once she laid down, she immediately calmed down because she saw there was not one, but three heater vents above her… AND not just rectangle and circle ones like at our house, but the holy grail of heater vents…the much coveted…semi-circle heater vent. The angel's did sing. I'm not kidding. She so calmed down when she saw them and started chattering about them. 

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big dead arm

So I get into bed under all 6 of my blankets. I'm snuggled and my spot is nice and warm after a few moments. Keely and daddy go to say goodnight to all the buddha statues around our house, which they do each night. It used to be heater vents and clocks, but now they've moved on to buddhas. Oy. Don't question it. Just roll with it.  Anyway. They come to the bedroom. Keely pounces around on the floor at the foot of the bed talking about something. Ryan leans over me to kiss me goodnight. He puts his hand on the left side of me, on the bed. He jerks his hand back up- then back down on the blankets and feels around. "What's that? What's under there?"  I pat my hand on the big strange long lump. It's not the cat or the dog. "What the ?"  I sit up. I start patting it viciously and he goes off to pet the dog, the DOG, at the end of the bed.  "Hey! Don't you even care that there is something laying next to me in our bed? Aren't you going to rescue me here?"  Grab a bat or some bear spray (because yeah, we've got that), the phone, do something other than shrug your shoulders and go give the dog his goodnight love—while I'm alone with this thing?

"Rescue you from what?" he asks with an are you crazy expression on his face.

"From this ….pat, pat, rub the lump…this thing. It could be some, some, I dunno….a big….dead….ARM…or something! And you've gone off and left me here to fend for myself."

"You're upset because I'm not saving you from the wrath of the big dead arm Angela?

"Thaaaat's right.  I could be in grave danger here. GRAVE! man."

"If there was a big dead arm in the bed…I would rescue you, but I know it is not a big dead arm because I put that in the closet yesterday."


 A few minutes pass. We are all cozy in bed. It's dark and quiet. Then I feel something on my left side. Then it moves up my leg slowly, heavily. My eyes pop open and I know it's fingers and a hand. His  (-not that of the big dead arm's, shockingly).

We both start laughing.

He thinks he is SO friggin' funny. 

*It was just an edge of one of the duvets rolled up strangely and surprisingly, not a big dead arm, just so you know.  

**AND please note the date of this post. It was the day I posted a post with NO photos. Holy cotton- tailed monkey burritos. 

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bedroom photo shoot

It was a warm day yesterday so we went for a little walk on the beach with no coats! A small handful of beach glass was found. 

We came home and played with my camera in Keely's room.  I'm trying to get myself in more photos.  I always have liked looking at photos of my mom from when I was young, remembering her at those times. I can't give Keely my camera just yet to do the shooting, so it's self-portraits I guess.
So there ya go Keely. That's what your mommy looked like when you were 3 1/2. While I was taking this she goes and starts jumping on her bed behind me.
and breahtlessly saying, "Come over here and lay with me so we can take pictures together." Boing, boing, boing.
Well, ya don't have to twist my arm for that.
I got a bunch of cute shots, but then things went all crazy. There was some more jumping, pillow tossing, tickling and then goofy face making ensued.
She is SO winning the weird competition these days.
I love you kissie face.
** I should really consider adding some photos to my posts, huh? 

19 Comments February 21, 2007

A ______

A project:  I used my sewing time this weekend working on the play food set, but I can't show you just yet. So, I've got nothing crafty to share.

A cute kid:  Making a funny expression.

A three day weekend: It was quiet but nice. We ran some errands, daddy made some pizza, Mommy and Keely danced a bit.
An outfit:  We had some snow flurries. Keely ran to get dressed so she could go in the snow.
That's her snow outfit. Stylin'.

A conversation:    

"Ryan you'll be glad to know that I finally have our farmhouse dining room decorated (in my head)."

"What a relief Angela. It was really weighing heavy on me."

I often have myself living in that house and have had a pretty good vision of what it would have looked like when we renovated and decorated it. The dining room I just couldn't "see" though. It was a formal dining room and we are not formal people -anyway last week I finally saw what I wanted it to look like. This is important stuff folks and imperitive that I spend my time thinking about it. Whack-o I tell ya.  Well, I did and I do…so, I decided why not do it in our dining room here? Since, we do have a dining room. So what if it isn't it that house. I also started thinking about some painting and a few other projects and realized that it is spring fever arriving early-every fall and spring people. Things need sprucing up, re-arranging, and painting. Be prepared husband. The list of spring projects is growing.

**For newer readers, the house I'm talking about was a big, old place that we bid on last summer and lost. Sooooo, yes I am a freak for still decorating a house that I do not and will not ever live in. Thank you very much.  

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I've never considered myself a collector of anything until reaching full-fledged adulthood. Little and big chairs have become one of my obsessions I guess, but you all already knew that. You should see the chair garden in our attic. It's pretty funny. A big pile of nice, funky chairs with no home. I will not show you a photo of that. I seem to be collecting more these days. My thrift outting yesterday solidified the things I'm drawn to lately.

Another baby sized quilt.  I have so many of these.  This one is all polyester and was $2. All those little 1 x 3 inch rectangles sewn together by someone. I couldn't leave that at a thrift store, now could I?

Buttons.  My mom gave me hers and my grandmother's. My aunt gave me hers. I bought some. I received some. Yesterday I got a sweet little bag of some more.

Little pitchers.  I just can't be helped. I told myself I would only buy small white ones from now on.

So much for that….and lastly, random small plates/bowls. I adore this swirly blue pattern. Big sloppy kisses all over your blueness. The color, the pattern…good. Actually looking at that photo what I'm seeing is a snail head popping up over waves. That's kind of gross. O.k. Well, I still really like the color.  I don't feel bad at all for buying these (set of 4). They are just too pretty and were so cheap. I think I'm going to try to thrift less. I don't have anywhere to keep all these goodies as much as I like them.

and just for kicks I'll reveal what was going on beyond the above photo…
Laundry in progress. Dog bowl waiting for food. Keely singing extremely loudly while sticking a dripping wet aligator into the drawer handle. He started screaming, "HELP! I'm stuck…somebody help. This kid put me in here!" We've walked into our kitchen many times recently to find odd toys/stuffed animals wedged into ALL the drawer handles, hanging. Interesting times. 

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“valentime’s” cupcakes

Cupcakes were finally made, iced, and sprinkled…
and they were quickly sampled…

Goopy red painted handprints were stamped…

Baths were then had and someone decided it was probably time for another cupcake. She's actually licking her lips here.

 *I think I'd better steer away from reds and pinks for awhile. This whole blog is going all hearty, ultra-girlie looking.

10 Comments February 15, 2007

in a heartbeat

When I first heard Keely's heartbeat in utero I thought is was one of the most beautiful sounds. I've heard many heartbeats before, but none were of my bitty baby. I wanted to just lay silently and listen to her all day. I called up my granny, who used to be a nurse, and asked her if she had any old stethoscopes. She did. I got her red one. I immediately started to listen to Keely's little whooshing, thumping heart…sometimes 10 times a day and other times just checking in with her before bed. No matter how very ill I was- I always convinced myself that she was growing, healthy, and doing well in there. The sound of her heart helped me get through many days. I heard her heart before I even felt her move. Whenever we saw a family member, I stuck the stethoscope on them. "Listen! You have to listen." Be quiet and just listen."  They smiled and some of them closed their eyes. Lost in the moment waiting for the sound of the coming family member. Then, they'd hear it and they'd smile or cry and their eyes would pop open in surprise, but quickly they'd go back to trying to hear it one more time.  The stethoscope brings back many good memories for me. Happy thoughts of my quiet times with the baby I hadn't met yet. Dark times when I was reassured by the thumping. The smiles of our loved ones listening in briefly. And, of course, memories of my granny in her white starched nurse uniform, curlers in her hair, soap operas playing on her television as she wandered through her house getting ready to go to work, packing her lunch, making iced tea, puffing her Chantilly powder on, pinning her hospital I.D. to her pocket, putting the stethoscope around her neck, closing up the house, heading to work one hour earlier than she needed to be there.
The stethoscope has been put away for 3 years now and my granny has passed away. Today we'll get it back out and we will listen to each other's hearts and we'll be together and connected. We'll remember that we are loved, not just today but each day and that time is passing so quickly. We really have to make more time to just be with the people we love.
Happy Valentine's Day Friends. I hope your day is sweet. 

22 Comments February 14, 2007

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