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Happy Halloween (& the tale of 1, now 3 bracelets)


Happy Halloween all.  Keely was feeling much better today after all our resting, cuddling, orange juice popsicles, pumpkin choc. chip muffins, and playing. She still has the cold and the cough, but she is acting almost normal. Since the weather has returned us to spring, I thought we might as well get out of the house. We went to walk on the beach.  It was beautiful. I didn't bring my camera though. I sat and sifted through piles of the tiniest shells. I used to collect them when I was little and make bracelets out of the ones that had holes in them.  Keely played in the sand, caught water with her shovel and chased birds.


We came home, admired our finds and had more o.j. pops.
Keely plays dress-up quite often, but she really doesn't get the whole halloween thing yet, so I think we are just going to pass out candy tonight. Speaking of dress-up. My dearest has a whole basket of play jewelry, but there is this one little bracelet that her grandma gave her that she always wears. She even started wearing out when we go somewhere. I love seeing her tastes and style as they make appearances-so telling of her personality. She loves little boxes and miniature things too. I'll have to write a post about all her favorites sometime. Anyway, back to the bracelet. It is a little elastic plastic beaded thing with some mermaids on it and she had to wear it to the wedding last weekend. Well, wouldn't you know it, she took it off at the reception and when we left we forgot it. I didn't realize it until we were almost home and I was wondering how I could be such an idiot. She loves that bracelet and I knew she'd flip out when she went to look for it the next time she dressed-up. Daddy called her grampa at the reception as soon as we got home. He thankfully found it right where she left it.  So, Keely went down for her nap and I scrambled into my scary craft closet to find my old bead box. I quickly strung some stuff together and wrapped them up present style. She woke up from her nap and I presented her with her two new bracelets. 

Crisis averted. She loved them and has been wearing them happily.  Today in the mail, her original love arrived.  Thank you Grampa. She'll be thrilled to have it back.

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sniffle, cough, sniffle

Well, the first cold of the season is upon us. boo.  Keely has a nasty cough and all the drippiness and crankiness that goes with it. Poor little girl. The only good part is that she has been very loving and cuddly because she feels so bad. So folks, you'll know what I'll be doing for a couple of days I guess. 

This Saturday as we were leaving to go to the wedding, after stuffing ourselves into nice clothes and convincing Keely to leave her dress on, we get in the car and are starting to back out of our driveway. Our old neighbor was walking across the street. He has a tiny little terrier dog that is always with him, so my husband leaned out to ask if the dog was behind our car or not. Mr. J, our neighbor, shook his head and said he had to put him down the night before.  I jumped out of the car and ran over to him and gave him a hug. I've never touched him, much less hugged him, and he was quite stiff.  He got all choked-up and his eyes were tearing up…so of course, I start crying and then he sadly walked away with his head down.  We got back in the car to leave and my make-up is all goopy now and Keely is crying because I was. oy.  I feel so bad for Mr. J. He is old and alone. No wife, no children, no one but his doggie. His little pup was his constant companion and the only one he had. He had him for 14 years. They walked all over together. I remember when I was a teenager and he brought home the tiny puppy. He named him Tiger.  Tiger was good little pup. I loved to see Mr. J sitting on his porch, holding Tiger in his lap, baby talking him and kissing him. Such a tender thing from an seemingly tough man. I'm so sad for him. Loss is hard.

I must go play cars with my girl now…and return to my nose wiping duty. 

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ghost and a witch

 This, well… this entertains me. 

That's how mommy plays dollhouse-makes ghost attire for the daddy. heh.
 My little witchling is zooming about the house.

Interestingly, the witch hat can become an enormous raven beak/head with one swift move. Creepy. 

Care to read about the origin of the Jack-o-lantern, or other Halloween word origins? Have a good weekend….happy haunting.

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A gift and skirting the issue.

First of all, I must thank sweet Laurie for the cutest little bundle she sent me in the mail.  A couple lovely pieces of fabric, some lace and a awesome little bag of buttons and goodies.  I do love me some buttons!  It's so fun getting stuff in the mail. I should have shown a better photo of the orange fabric. It's really cute, with mushrooms and things on it. Thank you so much Laurie! 
 Remember how I was saying I have so much to do? Yeah, well I did accomplish some of it, but then the kiddo was being incredibly uncooperative so what's a lady supposed to do with a day that going nowhere good? Go thrifting for an hour. 
Go on and click the photo. 
Keely found that silky stuff in the background with red polka dotted patterns on it for me and I adore it. It reminds me of Christmas. Then I got some linen & canvas scraps, a green pitcher that is being stolen away by the little turkey here and those awesome 1950-60's puzzles made in Holland. They are so flippin' cool.  When we got home the child continued to frazzle my brain and test my patience. After she woke up from her nap she cried and whined almost non-stop for 2 hours. Whaaaa?  She finally snapped out of it when daddy decided to make homemade pizza and she got to help.  She gets in these miserable moods so often in the afternoons, I really want to lock myself in a closet sometimes. I start to think something is seriously wrong with her, but then when she gets over it-she acts perfectly normal and happy.  I think the nap messes up her head. She takes a long time to come out of the fog of sleepiness and every little thing that doesn't go right and even things that do, just send her off and nothing can make her feel better. I'm also suspecting some low blood sugar something going on. Whatever it is, I can do without it. Oy.
Anyway, I decided I needed to go make something instead of feeling frazzled about the little mons angel. So I started the skirt making party. First, I made a practice one out of hideous material and it turned out quite good. She wouldn't let me take a picture. Shocking. Then, I used that thrifty silky stuff to try a different style. 
It's shape isn't so good, but she likes it and has worn it all day. And then I made another one with this navy and white mini-herringbone fabric. Very fallish. She's got an odd pose here so it partially explains the wonky shape.
I really know nothing about clothes making. I just make stuff up and I'm so amazed when anything turns out right. Waistbands? I dunno. Elastic? beats me. Hemming curved edges? Darned if I know. I'm sure none of these aspects are done the correct way, but they still work.  I tried one last one with the silky stuff and it is by far the best, but again…the model wasn't cooperating. I want to make a lined skirt for her, but I can't wrap my head around how to do that yet. Anyway, today we had a good day together and I made some skirts. Hopefully, there will not be crying after today's nap. please. no more crying. 

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haunting scenes…boo.

 The other morning we woke up to this haunty looking fog scene.
And then a ghost came too…

So, I had to get out my witchy legs gear… 
And the seasonal books…for Keely and I.  She loves that old, 1950's Now It's Fall book and Son of a Witch is the sequel to Wicked.
And now it has turned freezing cold! It's in the 40's in the daytime! It's usually like sixty something on christmas! I'm dressing in layers. brrr. Guess I better not move north anytime soon.  Oh, yes we also made Amy's yummalicious potato soup! It was really good and perfect for these chilly days.

I've got a billion things to get done this week so sorry if I'm quiet commenting and visiting. I'm labeling oodles of photos, cleaning out closets for donations, trying to organize my sad recipe collection, finding clothes for all 3 of us to wear to a wedding this weekend (We have NO nice clothes.slobby bums.), making cards for some family, and the list goes on and on. Before I go though, here is your word for the week.  I tried finding a halloweenie word in the bunch, but this is as close as I found.

 Nice. Had to be a woman who scared children. The definition is – dried, shriveled 

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Mary had a little lamb….well 5 lambs actually, and now they are mine-all mine!

A few thrifty finds~  I find some good stuff I know, but I never find antique goods- not for reasonable prices anyway and I NEVER find beautiful old quilts. This one store that I go to has special little room of antiques. They are way too expensive for me, but for the past few weeks they've had 2 ancient quilts in there. They are barely hanging together. They are so tattered…but oh, how I want them.  Their tiny, tiny, patches of handsewn old fabrics, their perfect weight, their unknown history…but they are $35. and I don't spend that kind of loot while thrifting. sigh. Anyway, my heart did go pitter-patter when I saw these babies on a christmas shelf.

I scooped them up so fast. They are so charming and old. They have Germany stamped on their legs and and their little wooden bodies have wool hand sewn around them. I heart these little, tiny guys. Really. I'm sure they were part of a nativity set, but I want to look at them all year round.  (* I saw some similar ones on ebay-search "wooly putz lambs" or "German nativity" if you are so inclined.) I heart you little lambs. Let's just admire them for a bit shall we?


o.k we can move on now.
I started perusing the halloween section to find some cheap costumes for Keely's dress-up box.  We've found some good ones. Here are a few fresh the laundry. All were under $2.
Then I've found her some cute clothes for about $1 each. I love the baby Gap blue p.j.'s. That wood book in the left corner, it's by Melissa & Doug. It has a whole bunch of removeable magnets and each page is for learning a different color.  Keely has long known her colors, but I can't resist wooden toys or magnets.
and a few glassware and fabric finds. My mom used to have some of that pyrex blue pattern (butterprint/Amish) and I used to think it was so ugly and now, here I am buying them up.
Have I mentioned that I love good thrifting days? How 'bout my flock of lambs? Didn't I mention my love for them?   Ah, the goodness.

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doggie woggie

First, let me say that I don't generally dress-up my dog. O.k suuuure, when I was a child I was all about putting doll clothes on my pets. There are even photos to prove it. Sadly, I've left those wild & crazy days in my past- well, almost. Our pup, Caribou, is a small thing and he gets really cold and shivers as soon as the weather gets nippy. I always feel bad for him. I keep looking for a cheap dog coat that isn't goofy or froofy for the poor thing, but I've never found one. So I decided I must make one. How hard could it be? Not very really, but trying to measure his body parts and then get it to actually fit him was a bit difficult. Making clothes (for people or canines) is not my thing.  So without further ado, here is my first attempt.  He is just so embarrassed he couldn't show his face.

The outside is a thrifted men's suit coat for his puppy business meetings. It is reversible to a soft fleece (baby blanket) which will perfect for his weekends at the ski lodge. dur. He is only looking this way because he has to keep watch on that hand of Keely's.  
After I stopped torturing him with measurements, photos, and forcing him to be in close quarters with Keely- he happily ran away, curled up in his coat and went to sleep, so I guess he likes it.
I'm thinking of picking up a stripy sweater and backing it with a cotton print and try to make one with a little better fit. I've never sewn a recycled sweater project before so we'll see. I have a hard time keeping fleece still while I sew and I'm guessing a sweater will be even more difficult than that. hmmm. 
And now for those of you who (you know who you are) missed it so, here is your wordy wednesday word fix-
 Definition: unduly timid, shy; lacking confidence in one's own ability, worth.
Yeah, I have close to zero self-confidence and I don't know if I've ever personally met anyone with a really healthy self-esteem or confidence level. Have you? If so, what gave those people that good stuff? I'm dying to know. Was it innate, taught, learned, something their parent's did right? I want Keely to have it, but since I don't- I'm not sure how to make sure she gets a good healthy dose.  Diffident is not a quality I'm trying to pass on.

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It’s in the bag…

I made a new bag for fall/winter. Can you believe it has some patchwork action? I mean, that is so out of character. It didn't turn out quite how I was planning it, but there it is. 

Next on the sewing list is some kind of coat for my shivering dog. Don't laugh.
So, to all of you who watched the YouTube footage- Thanks for your nice comments. I wish I could film her doing her really dramatic performances, but she hides from the camera when she sees me coming to film her. There were also two other videos on YouTube, if you ventured that far, they were from a year ago, but I had just found them. I can't believe how much she has changed in a year. I really must take more videos of her. All this is leading up to me telling you that I have deleted all the videos from public eyes now. I'm sure all the people that I would like to see them, have now. I'm not leaving them out there for anyone else to find.  
Alrighty, that's all for now. Back to the dog coat.


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Oh yes. That's right. She's in business now.  I love it.  "Mommy, now we can be photographers together."  Many moons ago I took a black & white photography class-shooting, darkroom developing, printing. I've been addicted ever since. I found this old camera in my box of stored photo. stuff. It's perfect for Keely to play with. She's even trying to focus it before shooting.
I finished cleaning up the kitchen the other day and stood back to admire the job. I thought it looked quite nice, so I took a picture of it. I think it will be neat to have shots of our home as it is now. Either we will be here for awhile and I will change all the rooms sooner than later, OR we will be in a new house-either way, it will be nice to have documented our home as it was during these years. Here's a peek for you.
The paned door to the left leads to Keely's kitchen and our pantry/laundry room. We built it on last summer. That door used to lead down a few steps into a dark, concrete dungeon that held the ancient furnace which shot fire. Scary stuff. It's much better now, white tiles and no fire.
Hope your weekend is good. 

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So, thank you on all the spooky kitty compliments. That's nice. I like it too.  I use the scrabble holder thingy to spell out random things all the time, sometimes seasonal, sometimes just random.  I like letter tiles of all sorts. Here's some of my growing collection for proof:

Keely uses them to spell stuff too, with our help of course. 

Speaking of dearest Keely, she has been drawing on any scrap of paper she can find lately.   She comes up to me and hands me her drawings and says, "Here is a friend named Mommy for you."  heh.  They are all over the house.

The girl decided several weeks ago that she does not want to take naps anymore. I decided what she needed was to get a bit more exercise in the day. So without fail, we are going somewhere everyday where she can run, walk, or play and if we do not, she will not go to sleep. fun. I'm really not in the mood to GO somewhere so I decided we'd start walking our neighborhood together.  We walk for about a mile, stopping every 3 steps to look at something or pick something up. Today, she brought this little toy with her and pretended like it was a camera. She took pictures of everything. It was one slow walk. "Mommy, will you move over there so I can take a picture of this pretty tree?" "Mommy, can you stand behind me for a second so I can take a picture of this birdie?"  She was so cute really. I said, "You are a great photographer!" She said, "NO, mommy. I'm not. I'm just a Keely." Yes, yes you are.

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