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photos, lunch trays, and links


Should I just go ahead and call this a photo blog? Today we wandered on the chilly beach and chased seagulls.

and walked the freshly painted mini-beach strip.

 I got some pretty cool shots of her but for some reason I couldn't upload them. I'll put them on FlickR.


Ode to lunch trays. I shall profess my undying love for them here. I love lunch trays. There. I think the last time I ate a school lunch off a tray was in third grade and I have no fond memories of those lunches, so I think I just like filling up all the compartments. But now, I have a second reason. My child does not eat much. It is rare that she finishes a meal, but I got this melamine lunch tray and filled up all of its compartments and lo and behold the girl ate it all and then some more! I mean, sure it was leaf shaped grilled cheese and her favorite pickles, but still she ate everything else too! wow. We'll see how long this lasts.


This card is all I have to show for my crafting this week. wow, huh? 

Here are a few links to some crafts and/or pages for you to check out if you haven't seen them yet.

Luckybeans put up a nice tutorial for making children's cute hats out of old t-shirts.

This page has some thematic children's activities that look good.

The site, one hour craft, has links to tutorials found all over blogworld.

And there is a new flicker group called holiday gift ideas, that has postings of handmade goodies and ideas for gift giving.

have a good weekend all. 

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Crazy, it’s the new normal! and a really lovely gift!

Hmmm. Well, it seems I'm not the only blogger in a weird place right now.  I can't believe how many of you are feeling this way. Maybe it's the changing seasons, maybe not. Blogworld all together seems a bit slow and not normal right now. Maybe we are all a bit crazy in our own special ways.  My motto is now, "Crazy, it's the new normal." heh.

I got a new photo up on the banner. duh. We can see that. It's huge and we still had to crop the bowl off. I don't like my bowl being chopped up. hmm. I'm working on a better sized one. It's a nutty banner for a nutty lady. So, I was going to write about sad, confusing, bad feeling thing that happened yesterday, which further proves to me that my skin is too thin for the outside world, but luckily I got an awesome package in the mail today which made me smile, smile, smile.  It also means that I got something nicer to post about. And that is a good thing. So, just look at this!

Sweet Joanna posted a photo of a baby sling she made and I thought it was so perfect that I told her I'd love some of the measurements, so I could try it out. (*No, I'm not in immediate need of a baby sling but you never know.) Now, not only is Joanna the mom of THREE boys, but she is also a super crafty lady AND incredibly kind. She went and made me a sling and sent it to me! How cool is that? It is made of really pretty fabric on one side and solid linen on the other. I loved how she tied it up and her groovy tag too. It was so unexpected and definately a bright spot in my day. Thank you so much you sweet, busy, lady. I just love it.  I mean, wow!

11 Comments September 28, 2006

photo happy

 Hello all. No real reason for my blogging absence.  I'm just feeling a little out of sorts.  The kiddo and I have been busy, walking mostly.

Watching fish at the koi pond and gardens.
Being intimidated by giant ships.

Nosing through rich old neighborhoods along the water.
 and climbing their fences.
and fixing up Keely's new room a little.
 I moved one of her little table and chair sets in their and also got a little storage unit to hold some of her stuff that was crammed in her closet. Also moved her dress-up clothes into her bedroom, on the right there, because they were in the living room and THAT was a constant disaster-much better in her room. 
It's not finished, but progress has been made. 
I also have been taking a ridiculous amount of photos. Good golly. Go on over to FlickR if you want some proof.  I take about 60-90 photos every time I bring the camera somewhere, I only upload about 10 to FlickR, it just takes to long. Alright, that's all for today. be well.


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“I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.”

 hello, hello… 

  I'm just posting to say that I'll be taking a computer time-out for a few days.


goodbye. for a little bit.  ;-)

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Mail Goods, Finds, and Bugs.

A few weeks ago I sent Molly some fabric and in exchange she sent me this lovely pendant. It's a beautiful shade of blue and it has a little leaf print in it. I love it. 
She also included these buttons she made! How neat are these? This stuff is so very cool. I really do love them. Thank you Molly!  She has some for sale in her shop too, so you know what to do if you want some too. ;-)  
A few other things I found thrifting this week: 
Good stuff.
Keely was talking about not wanting to go to sleep the other day at nap time and I was telling her that everyone needs to sleep and even animals need to sleep, blah, blah, blah. She started naming off individual creatures and asking if they slept too. Yes. Yes, bears and birds and horses, they all sleep. Then she said, "What about bugs? Do bugs sleep too?" Silence from mommy on that one. Aww, crud. I really didn't know the answer. Is this common knowledge. Did I miss that day of 6th grade science class? I've never thought about it I guess. It is not good when your just 3 year old stumps you.  I had to look it up. Thank you internet. The answer is yes-ish and not quite.  Read here or here, if you must know. 
Tomorrow is the first day of Fall my friends. I hope the weather is pleasant where you are and that the new season brings goods things your way.  

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painting cont.

Hi there.  Last night we painted the living room. The first color was so wrong. It was gray, not tanish/light brown. It didn't go with our couch at all. Hubby kindly went back to the store for choice #2. It is much better.

It is about the color of my morning coffee, well actually make that my cream, sugar, and little spot of coffee. I'm liking this shade so far. Hey, you're reading the book titles aren't you? Go on. Anyway, this shade will be nice for the fall and winter. Warm and cozy. I like how white things show up against colored walls. I also heart all of our white trim/woodwork/mouldings throughout our house, so leaving the other 3 walls in Keely's room white pains me.  She has two windows and two doors that are all being lost in the sea of whiteness now.sigh. I moved some stuff around in there today.


I think I'm going to move the nursery rocker out of there. Boy did I log many hours in that thing. oy. Also, going to paint that green mirror white. Nah, going to replace it. It's too small there. And then figure out how to do some birds on the walls. I planned on white birds on the blue walls, but now I think blue birds on the sad white walls will be better.  I do really like this happy color. I stop and look at it everytime I walk by. I have more plans for that room…eventually.
And you'd think with all this painting/house chaos I wouldn't have gone thrifting. You'd think wrong.  I never buy new clothes, haven't been to a proper mall/store for years and years, so it's always good when I find some decent stuff that fits me well at the thrift store. Check out these recent skirt finds:
$2. each. That's good stuff. They all are about knee length and have a little flare to them. I also never even look at shoes but these caught my eye.

 Red! With tall heels too. They are even a name brand-Tommy H. Sassy! or maybe it just looks like I'll be working the street corner tonight. hmmm.  They were only $3. I thought they'd be cheery looking on my feet with some gray/black tights in the winter time. We'll see if I'll be bold enough to ever wear them in public. Now, that the painting is done I've got a house to get back in order. So, I'm off to do that now. 

16 Comments September 21, 2006

Salubrious decorating

Wordy Wednesday as requested. The definition: beneficial, healthful; favorable to health or well-being.  I know it is not a weird word and thankfully, I've found one I actually knew. I chose this word for the week because this whole painting half-house re-do is healthful to me. A salubrious project if you will. I love when we do house projects that are cheap, but have a big impact on what we see everyday. Rooms get tired to me and make me antsy after a year of staying mostly the same. I have to switch 'em up a bit. My eyes like the newness and my head gets a little bit of peace from these projects.  I always thought my grandparent's (on all sides) were crazy for never changing their homes. I thought it seemed kind of sad to always have that picture hanging there and the couch pushed against that wall and the walls always white.  I now know that my paternal grandparent's, at least, were NOT like that at all. They were just old my whole childhood and didn't do this silly stuff anymore! While moving into and living in our (their) house we've seen the layers of multiple colors of paints in the corners and crevices of all the rooms. Change was here. I've poured over their old photos to uncover whatever mysteries I could and in the process, I've realized that a couch was NOT always there. They moved stuff around too. In almost every living room photo there is different furniture in different places. It is good to know that stuff. I like thinking of them doing what we are now doing. It also makes me feel a little less nutty. Salubrious re-decorating.
So, that being said…last night, "we" painted Keely's room.  We couldn't think of what to have the gal do while we tore up her room and spread bright colored paint around, so we had to let her "help".
It wasn't as disasterous as I feared. She dripped paint everywhere, but she did not paint anything other than walls. I decided we'd first try one wall in the brightest?darkest? color I got and if that was awful we'd go with a light aqua on all walls. So we did the one wall blue and the other three white. It was kind of sad to me to cover over that baby lavender color. My girl isn't a baby anymore. It is so obvious in many ways. But anyway…here it is….
That's a lot of color for our house.  Don't mind the rest of the room. It won't be tackled until this weekend. What do ya think?
The rest of our house is in pale colors…pastel maybe?  I like calm colors normally. They make the space feel relaxed and calm and a little bigger, but I thought we should try this happy color.  The only other risky paint is our mini-hallway.
Now, her room is directly to the left of this mossy green hallway. The color contrast bothers my eyes, very green and then that bright aqua/torquoise. I dunno. I like our house to have a good flow. Maybe it'll be next on the hit list. mwah-ha-ha-ha. 

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Painting palooza and 2nd hand ikea.

Whelp, she's done gone and lost her mind. I think I've said before that my creativity comes in spurts. One week I've suddenly got a thousand ideas and projects that MUST be tended to and then for several weeks I couldn't care less about doing any of that stuff. Nuts.  This is one of my crazy weeks.  The shower curtain pleased me so much and I've found that I really like the the aqua colors in it. It has sort of sealed the fate of Keely's "new" bedroom. It started with this stack of fabrics/sheets: We decided together that we'd do it in a blue shade.

I was thinking of either making a duvet cover out of (one or all of?)them or have her bed white and use some of them for a bunch of happy looking pillows. Then, I've been flipping through the ikea catalog too much and we're both liking this bright kid's room:

 Her room isn't very big, so I'm a bit scared of going with a dark & bright color on all the walls, maybe a lighter shade on all the walls or just one crazy accent wall? I dunno. We went to Lowe's and got some paint chips.

 Decisions. Decisions. She wants birds in her room too. I might try and do a few paintings similar to the decals here.

Her current room is lavender with a bit of springy light green. It was a lovely, peaceful looking nursery. I used to love sitting in there. But as she's grown the room has changed and become a messy hodgepodge of baby stuff/big girl stuff (including our old queen size bed)/ and toys. Now, I can't stand it in there because it's cluttered and doesn't feel good to me at all. It is time to get that room looking and feeling nice again. And then, hopefully, we will want to spend more time in there.

Back to the ikea talk. Last week while thrifting, I found a Poang chair from ikea. I had to get it. It's fun and funky. It is also not really in my normal style. But a chair it is. It'll look good in our study. I might make a new cover for it…

 And then the other night while taking a neighborhood walk, some neighbors were cleaning up after their yardsale and had marked this stack of 5 ikea chairs down to $10. Hubby carried them all the way home. 

I told you before I was so sick of the other ladderback ones we had. I just haven't found the perfect set of wood ones yet. I was also considering putting painted red wood chairs in there, so this gives me an idea of how that would look. Not great really, that's how. I think they are funky and interesting, but I will be much happier with some old neat white ones…eventually. 
And finally, I also decided our living room also needs a new coat of paint. 
Don't you feel bad for my hubby? I mean, one: he has to live with a kook like me and two: I can't really help paint anymore because of my neck, so it's all on him.  We used to like to paint together and now he's got to do it all on his own. And not just one room, but two. Ah well, he married me. sucker. ;-)  

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I not only got the grommet hardware, but I also made the shower curtain. 

It's hard to photograph a shower curtain in our little bathroom. This is the best I could get.
After making this I realized that stores charge way to much for these. They are not hard to make.  It would have been really easy if I was just using plain fabric. The only tricky part was trying to make the 72 inch hems straight. They aren't.  I tried some patterned prints, but our bathroom is so narrow that too much color makes the room look even smaller.  I was going to just do all white at first, but snooze-a-roo…I went with a bit of patchwork for some color. It looks pretty good in the room if I do say so myself.  I like grommets. Grommets are good. And easy. And shiny.  

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Saturday we took Keely out to a marina to look at some boats and walk on floating docks. We were trespassing, but we dressed nice enough so no one questioned us. We aren't really poor bums that couldn't possibly ever afford a boat. Nooooo. Keely was quite impressed. She had to "push" all the boats that she could reach, so that they could go "float with their friends." It was satisfying to her since all the boats really did move when she pushed them.

Keely at 3. hardy har har.
More photos on flickr
The more outtings we go on the more I realize that our area has a lot of neat stuff in it. It's nice to be able to finally take her out and about a little bit. I haven't been able to in the past because she was either too little or just too difficult that it wasn't worth the trouble.  She is enjoying the freedom of running around and exploring these days. The meltdowns now come when we get home and she is tired. 

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