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I Only Have Eyes For You

Keely's latest favorite song is "I Only Have Eyes For You" as sung by Ella Fitzgerald. Listen to her sing the chorus here (It's pretty short). There is also a duet version with Keely AND I, but you're crazy if think I'd post that here! ;-)

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Oh Sheet!

So Tropical Storm Ernesto is heading up the coast and already we are getting rain, and they say we will for the next 3 days. I've got some groovy thifty finds to show, but it is so dark and gray I can't take a decent photo. So, just imagine some pretty stuff will ya? great.

I spent hours yesterday CUTTING up the sheeting.Yes, I went ahead and did it. It hurt at first, but now I'm glad I did it. Actually, I spent hours ironing, creasing, cutting and folding-up sheeting. I haven't had that much fun in a looong time.   Some of these sheets are really pretty. I find myself wanting to keep them. Bad Angela. Bad. So, I was trying to come up with a name and a little tagline for the store and the hubby and I have been joking that we should use the word "sheet" as a replacement for another sh__ word.  "Come buy all this sheet." "I've got a lot of sheet"  "Ya want some sheet?"  And my favorite, "This is good sheet!"  Are you following this?  Are you laughing or disgusted by our juvenile humor? I'll go now. 

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An Inimical Wordy Wednesday

Alright, here's this week's word-inimical.  The definition is, "hostile, unfriendly, in opposition". 
And I'm beginning to suspect that there are inimical forces at work around here. First off, our server and bloglines weren't communicating, so most of my blogline readers didn't come over to visit. boo hoo. Then, we have a whole bunch of broken stuff at our house.
The one year old printer, so broken.
The ipod now beeps AND shows an icon of an exclamation mark on a closed file.You can't listen to music on it now at all. A broken, expensive toy.
This is the third pair of the hubby's glasses that Keely has broken. The man can't see without them and his new ones aren't ready yet, so he used packaging tape to hold the lens in. nice. Classy, even.
While I was walking around taking photos of all our broken stuff, the sweating hubby said, "You might as well take a picture of the window a/c because it might as well be broken. So, here it is…
It says, "61" degrees on there. HA! Our house thermomstat says, "85" and that is in the same room as this thing.  Summer can go now. We are done.  
Hope you enjoyed this inimical post. ha ha ha. Oh, we aren't really hostile feeling over all this. It is actually quite amusing. It seems one thing never breaks on its own. Broken stuff comes in groups. Come to think of it, our stove was also broken. The thermostat died, but we already got that fixed. If it's too hot for your oven, then you know you've got problems.
*bloglines situation is now fixed.
** Thanks for your input on the sheeting. Even though I really like the idea of leaving them whole until someone buys a piece, I realized that I can't do it that way because I'd have to sit on the computer, watching, all day to change the status of a sheet if a piece was sold.Otherwise someone might buy 1/4 and another might buy it whole and that wouldn't be good. I don't think my store sight is fancy enough to automate that for me. hmmm. Ya know? O.k. so enough about that now, right? Thanks again. 

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Long lost quick crafts links

I haven't done this in awhile, huh?

Here a few links I've seen around the crafty world, if you wanna look and bookmark a few for yourself.

A pretty good mix of helpful links here. Ideas, tutorials, explanations etc. 

A little more of a commercial site, some corny projects and some o.k here at Craftbits. 

A few, well…maybe just 2 decent projects: here

I'm sure you've seen a lot of these cute fabric cuffs around blogland, but here are the cuff links  at Whip Up  if you missed it.

And, I don't think was is quick but, one neat reversible tote bag tutorial from craftster. 

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[!] blogliners

The hubby did a few internal changes to my blog and now bloglines can't read the feed. So, you'll only be seeing a [!] if you subscribe to this blog until he can fix it. I guess if you see the exclamation point, you know there's a new post.

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Your vote?

Figuring out how to sell stuff is harder than I expected.  I decided to not go with ebay and my hubby has made me a little site, much like this blog page.  I didn't want to get into all that bidding stuff. Here's the product, here's the price, you want it, you buy it, the end.

I have uploaded most of the goods I have so far, but figuring out pricing is yuck. I want the items to be cheap, but I still have to make it worth all my effort. Then, trying to figure out how to charge shipping cost?! argh. I wish things could just ship for free.  I don't want to charge the buyer some outrageous fee when they are only buying a $3. teacup, but I also can't afford to foot the shipping bill, so I must find some happy ground on that one. 

So far- I have put all the sheets up for sale as whole pieces.  I still think I should cut them up into 4 equal pieces. I'd like anyone who wants some to have the opportunity to buy them.  How would I cut them up straight and evenly though? I dunno.  Would you all want to buy a whole Queen sized sheet?  That's a lot of fabric…probably close to 4 1/2?  I'm taking a poll on that. Here goes…

If you are someone who is interested in buying some thrifted sheeting, would you want to pay maybe $10 for a whole vintage full/queen sized sheet or would you rather maybe $4. for a little over a yard?  I rarely sew anything big enough to need so much sheeting and also I don't like to use the same fabric for too many projects, but that's just me. What do you all say? Last call for opinions.

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Guess what? I accomplished everything on my list this weekend. That's a first. So, here is the recovered bench. 

I had some nice Amy Butler fabric that I wanted to recover it with, but it made it the room look too busy. I went with linen and patchwork. Just full of surprises aren't I? This picture looks a little "country" to me, but it doesn't look that way in the full room.  I used charm pack squares to match the rug colors.

And I made the cookies…which are really good, even though I don't have a paddle attachment for our Kitchen Aid (but at least I have a Kitchen Aid, right? Do I get Martha points for that?) nor do I have parchment paper for baking. Sorry to disappoint, Martha. Even without the froofy things they turned out dee-lish.

Daddy and Keely made pizza together. It is really hard? trying? to cook with Keely. She constantly says, "Is it ready yet?" I mean, constantly. As soon as she is finished saying it once, she starts again. After about 20 minutes, you think you may loose your mind, or consider using the rolling pin to whack yourself in the head.  She really loves to "help" cook anything and also clean. Yesterday, she dumped all of our trash for me and wouldn't even let me help her. Anywho. Where was I? Ah yes, pizza…

The naked chef makes pizza.
 Then, the naked chef turned naked pirate, enjoys her own pizza that SHE made.
I also had a photo shoot for all the "shop" stuff. OY! The site is almost complete. I spent hours yesterday uploading the photos and writing descriptions of the goods. It isn't really that much, but it sure does take forever to do it all. I was ready to say forget about it half-way though. I don't have this kind of time. I think we are going to "open" the shop next Tuesday. I have Keely's birthday bash this Sunday and the hubby has gone back to work today, so Keely and I need to work out our new schedule and get into our daddy-less days routine. So, I think next week would just be better for us all. 
The hubby starts his new position today and we are both nervous about it. Hoping that it will go smoothly and be slightly more enjoyable than his last job.   I got some more shop talk, but I'm out of time…so, until tomorrow friends.

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Friday plans

I got my other shoes. So far the first pair, the Born's, are my favorite and most comfortable. I was really hoping those white sandals, down on the right, would be great. They don't fit me quite right though. I thought I had free returns, which is one of the reasons I ordered them from where I did, but it turns out that (in the small print) free returns are only if you are going to exchange shoes…not just to get a refund. figures.
 Well, Friday is here. I've got a lot to do this weekend.  First off, I got this weird bench for 2 bucks. The legs were a bright purple and the top is still a nappy blue gingham, huh?  I already painted the legs and this weekend I hope to recover it with something.  I'm going to put it at my desk, instead of my current chair, because Keely and/or the dog and cat are always trying to sit with me when I'm there. This way, we can all sit together. awww. The family that blogs together….ha!
I also plan to take a million pictures of all the crap awesome vintage goods that I'm going to sell on the store. It may actually be a functioning shop by next week.  Then, if we get a reprieve from the heat at all I might make some of these… 
I don't bake when it is in the 90's. Too hot. 
And then I hope to fit in a bit of reading and also must give the mangy dog a haircut.
Now, will I accomplish any of this? I doubt it. Ah well, plans are good.  I hope you all have a nice weekend, whether it be relaxed and lazy or productive.

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Bunnies and naked pirates

Sweet Tasha sent me this little bitty table. How cute is it? Keely snatched it away and went off to set up bunny's tea party. They have not had a tea party for quite some time. I guess they were just waiting for a new table.  Thank you Tasha. You are so sweet. 
 When the tea party was complete, little miss naked got all her jewelry back out and added a basket lining on her head. "I'm a pirate! ARGGGH!"
She is so silly…and cute. 

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Wordy Wednesday and other stuff

 The definition on the back says: dress, attire, equipment.  A modern definition says: clothes, clothing,  also trappings and accoutrements (<—that's one of my favorite words by the way, accoutrements, because I KNOW you care).

So, habiliments is this week's word  for Wednesday. It's pronounced "huh-bil-uh-muh-nt".  Use it three times today and make it your own. Hardy har har. This, sadly, is another word I have never heard. Here's one of my newest habiliments…1970's (?) skirt for .45!  I actually like the thing and I'm going to really wear it!  See, watch me… 

Told you I'd do it. 
Here's Keely in her latest habiliments. Preparing for Mardi Gras a bit early. 
It's even funnier because that is ALL that she is wearing. For two days the child has been pretty much completely naked, while at home anyway, because we are making great progress with this.
 Here's our story, I tried letting her wear some of those doofy pull-ups to see if they were some kind of magic. They were not. Just as silly as I thought they were (my opinion only) and they gave her a rash on her legs. So, I said, "Keely my darling. It is hot. Those pull-ups hurt you. Go naked kiddo." After a few weird looks, she agreed. She's been using the potty ever since…and NOT the little kid potty. Noooooo. She's a big girl and so proud of herself.
  I'm not getting too excited about this. I know she could change her mind at any moment, but this is still progress.
  And lastly, I leave you with this…one of four peacock plates I picked up. How groovy is this? 

 What? Is that silence I hear? Am I the only one who thinks so?  Well, honestly people. I thought you all had better taste. hmpf.

I kid.

I actually thought they were roosters, but the markings on the back say, "Peacock Garden". hmmm.  


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