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too bid or not to bid?

Still, heavily involved in farmhouse talk around our place-making lists, estimates, and other fun stuff. Trying to figure out if we are going to put our bid in or not. You have to put the bid in at the courthouse, in person! What a pain. Drive 5 hours just to hands someone a giant check. We may put in our highest bid and then just let whatever happens, happen. If it was meant to be, then we'll get it. Thanks for all your feedback and ooohs and aaaahs. I did put a few more photos on Flickr. Next week I may actually craft something! 

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Go have a ball!

In the last week or so I've seen a few of the fabric balls around and some kind readers have also spotted a few patterns and such. I thought it'd be nice to post them all here for you, in case you want to make one.  I'll post a few tutorial-esque photos in a day or so if anyone needs it.

First, if you haven't been to HeatherBailey's site. Go. It's pretty and she can make flawless pretties, including a perfect fabric ball. She also has patterns for headbands, and baby booties. Two Straight Lines made this cute little pea (basically a ball with a face) to go with "The Little Pea" children's book here.

Here are a few links to the wedge shapes used in the balls. Pattern and instructions . This is pretty much how I made mine.  One other, this is a MS pattern for a fabric covered ornament. It is the pattern I used for mine though. There was one other that Laurie sent me but I can't find it now! Laurie? She sent it to me. It's here.


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E.I.E.I.Ooooooh dear.

Well, we drove way out to the farm house that we have been interested in yesterday. Five looooooooong hours in a car to get there.This house is being sold by court order and about 5 people are bidding on it, so we aren't sure if we are gonna get in on the bidding or not. I'm guessing that most bidders will have no problem out bidding us! We have 9 days to decide. Anyway, here she is.

See that wrap around porch?

The kitchen!!!! 

You must click it to appreciate the size. Obviously, it needs a makeover but can you see the potential?

The dining room. Keely was running around counting the fireplaces.

Looking into the foyer. Yep, there's a fireplace in the foyer.

Keely in the foyer. Pocket doors leading to one of the two parlors behind her.

Upstairs hall.

How tiny does she look in front of that window? 

pepto master bedroom. 

another bedroom-There are 5.

The milking barn. There are 4 outbuildings on the property.

Sweaty me. Contemplating in another outbuilding…and sweating. 

I took 150 photos, so I have plenty more. I also took photos of all the big problems-water damage, rotted wood, the bathrooms (gag!) and such, but I'll just leave you with the pretty ones. I'll post some other shots on flickr later today, hopefully.

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“Will you still love me tomorrow?”

Just posting to say that I'm taking a day or two off from blogging. Hopefully, I'll have something crafty or real estate-y to share with you when I'm back on. 8-)

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Well, that's about as "organized" as my closet fabric stash is gonna get. Mostly it is thrifted clothes and pillowcases. It rained all weekend, which normally would bum me out however, now rain means no pool noise! So, we had a quiet weekend at home exhaustively discussing our future:real estate, jobs, family stuff, and practicing our southern country accents. I won't bore you with the details. I just don't have much in the way of craftiness to post because of the above. O.k? Alright. 
My parents stopped over for a visit yesterday and brought Keely this neat horse. We are prepping her for a country move as you can tell. We've also got her saying, "y'all, hun-ay,  baaaah-ba, and sho'nuf."  Ex. "Hi, hun-ay, when y'all gonna bring that baaaah-ba over to our place and see us. Sho'nuf we'd 'spected to see y'all by now." or something like that.
Now, must get this child some farm/cowgirl clothes. 

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cork coasters

Super quick project:

I got this pack of cork drink coasters at the dollar store awhile back. They have white flowered paper backing on them which I thought was strange, since they'll get wet and the paper will come off. I assume the paper is just decorative and the drink is supposed to sit on the cork part. Anyway, I used fusible backing and stuck a piece of scrap fabric (the blue) on over the paper to see if it would work. It did and now I must make more. Nifty?

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this and that

Keely practicing her role as resident ghost for the future farm house. Thank you all for your rude neighbor sympathy, but renovation money would be much more appreciated.

ha ha ha ha ha. I kid.

I didn't think so many people had this noise problems, so it's a little nice to know that we aren't just being oversensitive. Thanks bloggie pals. Hope your loud people learn to hush soon. 


Well, Loopy I has moved into one of the cubby holes in my IKEA shelving unit. I made her a ticking mattress and pillow, blankets to come later. She's just chillin' have some watermelon tea at the moment. Loopy II has been evicted due to "not making good choices."

I was cleaning out my craft closet yesterday (what a joke THAT was) with Keely and she thought it'd be great to play in my fabric scrap basket.

Yeah, so that was a lot of fun to clean-up. She kept throwing piles up into the air saying,"WEeeeee, I'm having such fun!"

The while I was folding/organizing my other fabric she started picking some of them out and running off with them. "Hold on a second mommy. I'm trying to make you a cute cow!" Then talked to herself while organizing colors. "O.k. I'll use pink for your nose, and black for your polka dots, squares for your ears. Yes, yes, that will be a perfect cow!"   Here's my cow in the making as she left her fabrics laid out.

And lastly, one of our nice, quiet neighbors gave us a bunch of flowers (Gardenia's?) yesterday.  

Have a great weekend all. 8-) 

Oh yes one more thing, over the last few days I've gotten like 10 comments on my blog from casino/gambling/medication spammers! What's up with that?

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She got it!

The lovely Katurah finally, finally got her package that I sent oh….about 3 months ago!!!The USPS is not a friend of mine. I forgot what I even put in it, until I read her sweet post! Then, I thought that I could have made an even better package now. I've learned how to sew many more things since April! Mostly I just sent her crafty supplies, since I knew that is what she and her children had a hard time getting in Zambia. I am glad she finally got it though. I really thought it was lost forever.

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“I’m gonna move out to the country and paint my mailbox blue”

The photo is just something pretty to look at. This is not a crafty post. It's too hot to sew. If you wanna look at something crafty, scroll down a bit. 8-)

So this whole neighbor pool thing is really getting to us. We were trying to be o.k with it, thinking that it'll be mostly quiet during the week since the pool having couple works and we'll just have to tolerate it every freakin' weekend and many evenings. This didn't thrill us, but what can you do? Now, apparently they have given their friends/family/strangers permission to come over anytime even if they aren't home.

Come on people.

So now, it's can we tolerate rudeness on most days all summer? I don't think so. We are quiet people who really don't bother anyone. We spend most of our time at home and it is one of our sources of happiness. Now it is being diminished . And apparently we are very intolerant of other people's noise. I'm not proud of that and I  really was trying to get us to just let it go, but I don't think we can. 

We started looking at rural properties a few weeks ago. The thought of leaving this house saddens me, but being annoyed and having to listen to other people gets us in a bad mood and is taking away a lot of the joy we had living in our home. So, we thought we'd start looking at our options. Maybe we are just daydreaming, temporarily escaping, to let ourselves know we've got some hope if we do actually decide we need to move.

We found one property that we are gah-gah over. And it has made our heads happy for a few days to dream about it and its potential. I love, love, love, old houses so bear with me. This estate is SO huge. It is an old dairy farm with 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, 10 fireplaces!!!!, nice heart of pine floors, awesome bullseye woodwork, and on 2 acres. No neighbors close enough to hear. It is reasonably priced (that means way to cheap to not have problems) and, which of course means, it needs TONS of work. It was built in 1900 and doesn't appear to have been kept up. Did I mention that it even has a fireplace in the enormous kitchen! My heart palpitates over the thought of it. The farm house needs everything-plus more- done to it that we did to this house, and on a bigger scale.  Do we have that kind of money to renovate? NOoooooooo. Could we live in it and slowly renovate it over time? Yeeeeeees.  Do we have a job in this different state? Nooooooo. Are we crazy? Yeeeeeees. Is it haunted? probably? Do I think of every big haunted house movie everytime I look at the property? yes. And also The Money Pit. 

What will we do?  We would be better able to move states next year when my hubby finishes his master's degree, but I'm sure THE mansion would not be for sale then. Hmmmm.   And this one has so many of the things we want. It's nice to dream of a big house in the country. Hey, anyone have $100,000 burning a hole in their pocket? That'd get us some good renovations. 8-)

Just sharing what's going on over here.

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inspiration quest

Our library is seriously lacking in the crafting section, but I did get this small stack to sift through. Also, a few magazines. 
Yeah, so this is an illegal scan of a page from Blueprint. That magazine is not what I thought it was and they are really catering to a much more affluent population than I'm part of but anyway, I liked those big ball shaped pillows in this photo. They sell for $120-170. Y'all are outcha mind! I thought they would be fun for a little pre-walking kiddo and they'd be neat in a playroom. I realize that I do not have a a baby OR a playroom, but nonetheless I wanted to try and make one. I'm trying to attempt sewing anything that doesn't seem to difficult, even if I don't need it, because I really learn a lot from everything I sew. Anyway, back to the ball, I figured I'd better practice on a small toy sized one first.  Keely had a few so I stared at them for awhile to figure out how to do it. This is what happened.
The first one was the pink and it has the shape of a gi-normous tomato pin cushion. I then made the blue one with one less panel and that gave it a better ball shape, but still not quite right. I can't find a pattern for the wedge shaped panel, so I guess I'll keep drawing them until I find the right shape. If anyone has a pattern, please let me know. Anyway.I like these little balls. Kind of the fun of a bean bag. They'd be neat baby gifts with a matching blanket perhaps?

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