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The Jungle Fort

The Jungle Fort is complete! How cool is this thing? As you can see, we went with the curvy slide. Next, hubby is going to work on a little picnic table for Keely and then, we're going to go about embellishing this baby up!   Unfortunately, it won't be long until the heat and mosquitos limit our nice outdoor time. Perhaps a large mosquito netting around the entire yard is in order.   I realize this picture gives the appearance that the whole thing is seriously leaning. It isn't…well, not THAT much anyway. 8-)

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pillow talk

We've had two of these basic, floppy, hand-me-down, floor pillows for awhile now. They've been well used, even though they match NO room of our house. I had recently kicked and shoved stuffed them ever so gently inside of Keely's playtent because I was tired of looking at their pink stained selves. Well, I finally made some gigantic covers (about 3ft. x 3ft.) for them to match our living room… or our study.
The fronts are in polka dots (Moda's Old Fashioned Charm) and the back of the pillows are in some really soft thrifted sheets (blues/tans/greens).  I takes me sooooo long to measure and cut out material, especially big pieces. I have all the tools to use for measuring and cutting accurately, but it still takes for.flippin'.ever. 
Well, I am so glad to have the pink things covered at last. This sewing thing is coming in quite handy 'round here. 
And what is with me making all these cold weather things now? Blankets and pillows when it's 90 degrees and the humidity is already cranking! That ain't right. I should be making an air conditioner and some ice cubes.

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Howdy all!

We all were sick for the entire weekend (what fun!) and by Monday were starting to feel better. The good news is, I think we will survive.   Thank you again for all your nice comments.

I finally got around to making the matching pillow and blanket for THE playtent. I'm sure the cat and dog are going to enjoy them very much.

I only had these bits of the material leftover so I couldn't do the original blanket "design" I wanted. This is what I did come up with:

This is the first blanket I've ever made so I don't think it's too bad. The solid blue material is what I used for the tent's lining. I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now because it gets soooo wrinkly! But it is all that I had that matched. I hardly think one should go around ironing blankets. I hope I do not give in to that silliness. The pillow, I must say, is cute. Look:

I was really considering letting my dorky self go ahead and try to make a little softie for the pocket, that would (of course) match! But this little bunny of Keely's worked just fine. First ever blanket and pillow…now I'm scratching'em off the list!

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and on that farm he had a …

So, Monday morning Keely sits down and rocks and feeds her stufffed puppy and then gets a stack of books to read to him. Very cute.  She's reading along and then gets to her "Old MacDonald" book. I don't ever read it because it's just WEIRD! The book's weird and the illustrations are even weirder.  O.K. so fine Old Macdonald is Scottish, sure sure but is this really necessary or kind? and in a children's book? I mean, LOOK!

He's a drunken Scotsman!!? And he is just sooo bummed because his liquor bottle's gone dry!!!? and then it's raining on just him, so that's got him a bit down too. I'm just saying, it's a weird book. Did I mention that it's weird?
Keely also does a fine impersonation of this illustration. "Boo hoo, my drink is all gone. hmpf." complete with giant frowny face. 

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in light of recent developments…

What I said about the household sickness in the earlier post? yeah, scratch that.  I spoke too soon. Hubby came rushing home from work an hour after he left this morning because there was an addition to the sickness that was subsiding…..spewing. lovely.  He's taken to bed for the day. Keely was fine yesterday, but today has developed a cough and drippy nose. Me? Well, I have a 101 fever and my eyes and lips are burning!!!! I am on flippin' fire. And my aching head. Oy! AND it is 90 some degree's here today and so humid in our house I can't stand it. I hate to lay around when I'm sick because it makes me feel even sicker.  But I'm so miserable that I can't do anything productive.  This is just not fun.  

AND we don't have AC.  This old house had a giant wall unit when we moved in, but we remodeled the said wall last summer and now the ac is gone. In its place is French Doors. Not quite the same result. Open up the doors today and a big blast of moist hot air smacks you in the face.  We got a new heating system installed 2 years ago, but could not afford to add the  central air on at the same time….so now, summer is quickly approaching an I guess we are gonna have to buy some super tacky trailer parky looking window units for every stinkin' room so that we do not die from the heat.   


OH yes, we need a picture….ummmm…here's one. It's a bird that Keely drew yesterday. cute huh?

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Lily pods and thrifting finds

Two years ago I planted Lily bulbs and they came up beautifully. I was constantly on Keely's case about leaving them alone though. She kept pulling the closed pods off before they even got to bloom. This year, a few have started to bloom, but most of them are still in closed pod stage. She pulled a few off. I kindly told her that if we pick them now then they won't grow into pretty flowers. She pulled a few more off. Mmmm-kay. So, we come to another example of my progression into a slightly more laid-back momma. This year, I took the pods she pulled off and put them in bud vases and now they are blooming inside for us to enjoy.  I didn't tell her to stop and I'm not gonna either. I'll keep reminding her that once we pick them they can't bloom outside though. I figure she'll get it eventually (10 years or so). In the mean time, this makes everyone happy….well, maybe not the flowers or the bugs, but at least I'm not getting bent outta shape over some flowers. Progress is progress.
Here's a dark photo of my few thrifting finds for the week. A way cool turtle .75, a appliqued kitty shirt .99 , a funky baby blanket .99, a few pieces of fabric–check out the little striped ships! and a cute little bag for Keely .99.
I got a couple other things but I feel too yucky to try and take pictures and really, do you care? hmmmm? do you? 
Sickbay news: 
Husband is almost better, Keely seems to be feeling much better, and I am worse. bah! My head just may explode from the pressure. I can hardly open my eyes all the way. That's not right.
Today I got our big fat stack of bills out of the mailbox and go about flipping through them  when I come across a piece of junk mail that is addressed to my grandfather. This happens once or twice every few months and each time it makes me bawl! Just seeing his name in print and knowing that he is no longer here makes me so sad. He has been gone for about 10 years and you'd think places would have updated their mailing lists by now….. 
 Well, that was one of my few attempts at a combo post.
And I don't like it one bit.
I know it's annoying to have 4 posts in a day, but I like my blog to be slightly organized and I've got categories on this blog for Pete's Sake! I can't categorized posts if they are on mixed topics! That would be madness! 
Have a wonderful long weekend all! 

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your one stop poodle shop…well, not really…

Yeah, yeah…you're in the right place. I'm the one with the toy poodle. What of it?

I'll get you Megan! mwah-ha-ha…. 

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Thank you for all your get well quick wishes!

We still have fevers (and the addition of coughing and coughing and coughing) and just are not feeling well. But did that stop me from making a quick jump to the thrift store? Noooooooo.  We did spend the rest of the day and evening laying around and staring vacantly at our cracked ceilings.

Let me tell you a story, since I honestly have nothing else to write.

A little note: When I'm at the store I don't like to talk to people. I like to look at what I want to, focus on keeping my kiddo happy and getting out of there as quickly as possible. I start to sweat when people want to chat endlessly. Also, I like to use paratheses when I type. Have you noticed? And if this is all to rambly for your sane heads to follow, we'll just blame my fever, k? 

Keely and I are browsing quickly threw some kid dresses. She and I are being very lovely and nice to each other because we don't feel so well and we need lots of love to get better. This elderly lady came up and pointed a finger in Keely's face and said, "How old she?"  I said, "2 1/2." She says, "Oh, I hate that age."

Whhhhaaa the ? Whose says that to a mother holding her kid?  I forced a grin, stepped a little bit away and went back to looking.  She comes over and gets entirely too close to me. (I'm a bit of a germ-o-phobe. O do get your breathe outta my space please.) She says, " I have a grand-daughter exactly that age." (self: Oh no. She's gonna talk to me. My please-don't-talk-to-me-anymore manuever has failed. Oh just be nice and listen to the lonely old soul talk. Oh, she already is talking. Nod your head or something to show you are listening already!) " I went over there to my daughter's place and made that kid tapioca pudding. Do you know how long homemade tapioca pudding takes?" Insert the aw geeeez I dunno look here. (And no, I really don't because I can't stand the fish egg looking stuff. And really, must you be so up in my face madame?)  "I stir and stir. It's a lot of work. I get done and I give it to my granddaughter and she has the nerve to say she didn't like it! Can you believe that kid? (huh what? Stop nodding Angela. No more nodding. Stop your head at once! Do you hear what she is saying?) " I was so mad at that brat. I wanted to pour the whole damn boiling pot on her little head!"

OMG! AHhhh! Back off Grandma of the Dark Side! Now, come on! My eyes were wide and Keely was furrowing her brow between the two of us, trying to figure out what's going on. I nodded one last final deep bow sort of nod at psycho-thrift-gram and scooted me and my lucky child outta there.  

Why would you tell someone this story?   Oh, wait..I'm telling you all this Anyway, these kinds of interactions give me a few reactions.

1. Why are there so many crazy mean people in the world? (Please note I've been around plenty of nasty folk in my life and I choose to distance myself from those sorts and certainly want to keep my wee one away from them.) 2. Oh my god if she feels this way about her grandchild, how did she feel/treat her own children? 3. I am sorry about whatever happened in your life that helped make you into this. I am also sorry that you're a scary, cranky old lady who should not be left alone with any living creatures, but you have just made me feel like a truly wonderful parent. So thank you for that. Now, kindly do not ever talk to me or my child again. k? thanks. 

After this delightful encounter I opened my ears up to the people talking around me. I am always saddened when I hear the way some people talk to their children. In about a 5 minute span I heard: "Boy! Sit down in the cart or I'm gonna slap you."  "Are you that stupid?" said to a girl about 4 years old. and " "If I buy you that will you shut-up?"   I know I am hard on myself about parenting and these people both make me want to try even harder to be always kind and also make me feel like I already am some saintly (stop laughing) parent.

Have I mentioned what a cute little doll my daughter can be? I never imagined loving someone so much. Yes, she drives me batty often and frustrates me to no end, but I don't know what I've done to deserve this beautiful little person who says, "I love you mommy." and gives me little surprise hugs and when I cough she pats my back and softly says, "it's ok mommy." She says, "let's cuddle." and we do, of course. She sings and dances and spins and laughs and she is full of life and joy. I hope she can keep those wonderful qualtities.  

Well, we couldn't have a post without a photo now could we?

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Well crud. Keely has a fever and I'm sick with some sinus thing and my mind is occupied, so there isn't the least bit of crafting going on around here. And how much orange juice can one human drink in hopes of fighting off sickness? I don't even like the stuff! I like it even less if its not gonna work!

I'll  just post a few photos from yesterday's beach walk, because I know you haven't seen nearly enough photos of Keely. I heard someone once say that you can take pictures of things other than your child.Ridiculous. I can't believe this to be true. Viscious lie I tell you.

She's getting braver. Don't think I wasn't questioning if she'd suddenly go prancing out to the end. Eeeek! Get your cute pink tooshie back in mama's reach child.


These two have really bonded. "Keely, Whatcha doin'?" "Giving wood some love."

right then. 


ahhhh the cuteness. 

Pretty blue sky. Her face is shadowed, but I'm not complaining. 

Here's the shocker: There's MORE pictures on FlickR! 

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from the idea file

I ripped out this page from Real Simple 11/05 (It's not illegal to use the picture if I reference it right?) issue during our lazy weekend on the porch. I immediately thought of that sushi bag that Stardust Shoes made and obviously, of all you knitters. Isn't this a neat idea?  I don't knit, but I really like this thing.  It's like a crayon roll wrapped around a bag. I'm sure I could come up with some uses for this design. Just thought I'd share.
Lately I've had this strange desire to get some oilcloth, so this page didn't help matters. Look at all the funky summery stuff to make with that freaky plastic material! (Click photo) See that weird long bag? I like how the handle attaches. I could do that. Maybe that is why I like it.  What would you do with a bag shaped that way though? Gather long-stemmed wild flowers? Boy, do I have lots of those around. HA!  Also, see the dog leash in the right hand corner? Well, a few days earlier I was getting our dog leash out and I thought….."I bet I could make a better dog leash. This thing is fugly." Tilt head, eyes looking upwards, pointer finger resting on left side of chin.  "Ah yes…I could kinda use Autum's ribbon keychain method …just make it waaaaay longer."
Like these I made.
I mean, yes we have a bitty toy poodle and we could really just use some thread for his leash, but a cool ribbon or funky fabric leash made by moi! That'd be swell. I'm thinking on it. 
*the reference: oilcloth page from Country Home:Apr/04 now please don't sue me. 

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