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Thrifty Finds Friday

 So I found a few pillow cases, this red blanket and that pink stuff on the bottom left has little cothing on it and it is nice flannel. I don't know what I''m gonna do with it. There is a definate Holly Hobbie meets Strawberry Shortcake vibe going on here.  
 Then I am so pleased with this somewhat ugly yet groovy sheet. I had this big drawstring bag when I was little. I think I was 5 and it looked very similar to this material. Inside my drawstring bag I kept my collection of matchbox cars. I really liked them. Lo and behold I found a big bag of matchbox cars today too! How 'bout that? And Keely likes them. Sorry for the weird photo. They were still in the sanitation phase. 8-)
Here is Keely modeling her latest addition to her dress up box. She insisted on the photo being taken. Notice Her Grace, the cat, is making an appearance. She temporarily left the playtent. 
In other fascinating news: I sorta fixed my sewing maching.After jamming it 8 more times the needle snapped in half and flew across the room. I took everything in the bobbin case apart and kinda cleaned it. Put in a new needle and now we have some action.  Also I did a search for JoAnn's and found that there is one in my area. News to me! It is about 40 minutes away though, so I do not think I will be going there anytime soon. 40 min. there, shopping, then 40 min. back with Keely! Oh no thank you. I'll just go online thank you very much technology.

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Be of good cheer anyway

So I got this shirt late last fall. I thought it was christmas-y. I thought I'd wear it under a hoodie or something. It was had a bit of sparkle, a tree, a nice message.  I wore it a few times and then one day I saw myself in the mirror and said "OOOH CHEER" not like be merry and good cheer but like "rah-rah, go team" Cheer.  Hmmm.  And that ain't no Christmas tree it's a megaphone ya dingbat. Let's be clear- I was and am pretty much the opposite of a stereotypical cheerleader….in highschool I was not popular, pretty, involved, out-going, or social. Definately not a good cheerleading candidate. I didn't want to be either! Anyway this is one of my favorite tee-shirts now because it cracks my hubby and I up everytime I wear it. What I thought it was saying and then me wearing  a "go cheerleading" shirt .  Well, it is funny to us…
Or maybe ya just had to be there.

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“Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around…”

I was getting ready to make some cupcakes and then I realized I had no cupcake liners. We ran up to the store get them and then walked over to Everything's A Dollar to waste a little bit of time.  I found these cute pinwheels, popsickle molds, bubbles and chalk for outside play.

Cheap is sometimes good and in someways it messes with my head. Take the pinwheels. I posted a quick craft link to make some homemade pinwheels this week. I fully intended to give them a try, but when you can buy three cute ones for a dollar…well, I'm guessing I won't be making any myself. Also at the grocery store they had a display of oven mitts. I only looked because I had planned on making one for myself soon. Note: I do not have a habit of buying home decor at the grocery store. Anyway. Making mitts look a bit complicated to me so I was putting it off. Again, if I can buy a decent looking mitt for $1, I think I won't be making my own anytime soon.  I know I could pick prettier, matching fabric and the satisfaction I could have from making it myself would be nice and I could then make them for gifts which would be really nice..but right now in my life I have to keep myself from making things that are going to frustrate me too much and take too long. Especially when I can go buy some of these things for ridiculously cheap. I mean making that oven mitt would surely take me a full weekend and I know I would get mad at all my mistakes be up all night thinking about how to fix it.  Where was I? Oh yes…then, we come home and I make the cupcakes. The unhealthy Duncan Hines in a box kind. Add a simple 3 ingredients, mix, and cook. WHAT is this wonderful invention? I was done before Keely even knew I was preoccupied.  I've been making all this homemade stuff all winter and man does it take forever! Keely loses her patience and I get frazzled and mess something up. I had forgotten how idiot proof this pure junk in a box is and I LIKE IT! And I'm gonna do it AGAIN! HA!

Lessons: Sometimes taking the easy route (even if it is unhealthy) is o.k. and good for your busy head AND Angela, you don't have to make everything yourself, you crazy perfectionist, compulsive freak with over-achiever tendencies. Thank you.

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A weird craft from a weird lady

Well, what you have here is your basic chair bib.
What?  YOu've never heard of a chair bib? Yeah, me either. 
Here's the deal. These are our kitchen chairs. I covered them in black cloth. Keely sits in daddy's chair when we are here alone. She spills everything on the chair. It is gross. I'm sick of cleaning it 15 times a day. So I made a chair bib.  Oh wait. I TRIED to make a chair bib.  I used a vinyl table cloth for the top and backed it with this weird grippy canvas (so it wouldn't slide around). Then I wanted to put some velcro on the side flaps so I could just fold it under and hold it on the chair nicely & easily. HA! First, that vinyl stuff rips so easily and secondly my machine WILL NOT sew the little velcro strips on. The needle goes down then it goes "CLUNK" really loud and locks itself in place. It won't move or sew. What?  I can't figure out why. It's really thin velcro. Anyone have a clue?   Still the giant flappy winged chair bib fits the chair and doesn't slide off when Keely sits on it so it may be tacky, but it works and serves its purpose. 
Hmmm now that I think about it , it would be better just to make a vinyl chair pad with back ties. yep. That'd probably do better. OK so. This was just a proto-type then?
Hubby said, "Why don't you just put a towel on the chair?"
Why don't I just indeed. (insert me huffing and stomping off)

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smiles in the mail

 Look what Amy sent me: Lovely yellow fabric, her bib template (with instructions!), a super cool bib that she made and a sweet little note card. Isn't it grand?  I love polka dots and our kitchen is light green, so the bib matches! pah-cha! I 'm really liking the chenille backing too…where do you get that at?  I love it Amy and I am so appreciative. Thank you!

Backstory: Amy offered to send me her template for making a bib because, like her, I still stick a bib on the kiddo at mealtimes. We don't have enough clothes for how messy she can be. Actually, she is a really picky eater and most of the things she will eat are just messy! Yogurt and pureed fruit for example.

All the store bibs are either too small, too hard, or too gawdy and we really need some more bibs. I tried making a bib and it did not go well. I couldn't get the neck hole right. Keely cried when I tried to get her to wear it. If I get it out she says, "NO! Not THAT one."  So I am thrilled to have this template to go with now. I hope to try it out this weekend.   I must figure out how to sew velcro on first. 

Remember that Mommies book I posted awhile back? Well, Amy sent the yellow fabric in regards to that. She noted the Mommy's apron and I said I have NO yellow in my stash. I do now. 8-) I got the book out and looked at all the pictures of the mommy wearing an apron (and there are a lot!) they are all in different patterns of yellow. 

Thank you again Amy!

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At least someone likes it

Keely has not gotten in her playtent since I first made it.
Yepper. Not. gotten. in. it. AT ALL!  grumble,grumble.
BUT the animals are getting a lot of use out of it. Sadie (the cat) naps in there for several hours each day and Caribou (the dog) sneeks in when Sadie will let him. 

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present making and broccoli


Just a little peek at the momma's presents.

I finished up the sewing things for my mother's day gifts yesterday. Now I gotta find some store bought stuff to go with them. Keely was being so cooperative and actually letting me sew. She was playing at the table with me and then she wanted some Raffi on to dance to. Ugh! But hey she was content and I sewed like a mad woman and then as I am almost finished my stinking machine goes all wonky on me. The stitches got all baggy and crazy looking. I did everything I could to fix it. Wasting my time and I was getting mad because I was SOOO close to finishing. I sat still and looked at the machine and realized Keely had changed ALL the settings when I had gotten up to iron something. Little stinker. Well, I fixed it and finished them up. whew.

Yesterday, Keely and I spent the morning at the beach walking. We found some interesting things: an old Leggo man, a huge bright green stalk of broccoli (what the ?), tons of ladybugs, 2 purple jellyfish,  3 floating life jackets (that can't be good), and a bald dog with just one crazy patch of white Einstein-like hair on his head.  Very odd day at the beach for sure. I did not bring my camera because I figured maybe, just maybe the poor child would like to be with just me and not have a camera following her around for a change.  I do wish I got a shot of the broccoli though.

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Grelot, Clochette, Bouton

When Keely was born I got a gift certificate to Hanna Anderson. These little cuties were one of the things I bought. They came in a bright blue fabric boat/car. I thought for sure any kid would love these guys. Keely has maybe played with them once. Her daddy and I  played with them a lot! The box they came in had their sounds that they make written in french: Clochette, Grelot, Bouton (bell,rattle etc).  We decided those would be their names. "I'm Grelot. Clochette. We're Grelot and Clochette…"We had them singing, dancing and whatnot with a bad frenchy accent. Keely just looked at us like we are absolutely nuts and said, "NO!" a lot. That girl is trying to stifle our creative endeavors, man. Anywho, I was looking at them the other day and thought, "HEY! I bet I could make something like this. They don't look so hard."   Think of the possibilities…

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Food sort

When you get bored playing the same thing over and over again you just gotta get a little more creative. Keely decided we would not be "eating" the food, but instead we were gonna sort them by color! It looked pretty when we were done and now she is ready for kindergarden. Ha! I don't even know if we are sending her to K yet. Such educational fun. So now get your kiddies toys together and go color sort. Buttons are fun too. 

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Give me an P. Give me an O. Give me a M!

Alright, not THAT kind of POM POM, this kind of pom-pom. I made a few yesterday. Aren't they nifty? I like them trimmed and untrimmed. I'm gonna use them as bows on presents I think.  They are really fast to make and you know I like that!

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