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Inter-facing my fears

So, after I finished up my two drawstring bags I was inspired to figure out how to do a messenger style bag. I liked the one above from one of the Kitty-Craft books and especially this one from Molly Chicken. I was trying to figure out how you box-out the bottom, put them inside out, sew the lining up and still get the flap. So, last night I got two small pieces of fabric and a stapler and practiced until I got this. Grrr…..see next post. I curse you Blogger.

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Isn't it great? That's right, I stapled my prototype. Anyway, this morning I decided to try out the life size version. It took about 2 hours and I got this….

It works but it's got a few problems. It is toooooo wide. The flap is too big and it's all together too floppy. It needs a few tweeks and I hate to admit it but ….interfacing. I don't know how to do interfacing. Here's one more photo for you to laugh at.

Could it BE any wider? I based the width on Keely's big paperback books. It was going to be for her. But without interfacing, the sides just sort flop out and it is too long. Oh dear. Alright, so what is the deal with interfacing? Do you cut it the same size as your outer fabric and iron it on and then continue on as normal? or Do you cut it a bit smaller, leaving room for seam allowance and so you don't actually sew on the interfacing? I don't get it. Anyone willing to give me the scoop here? I hope to try a smaller, non floppy bag this weekend. Hey! Are you still laughing at the freakish photo above? stop. Seriously. I WAS so proud of myself for figuring it out. Ah well.

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Thrifty Finds Friday

Oh you blogger! I'll get you! Stop turning my pictures vertical! I can't make it stop. Well, I had to limit myself this week after last Friday's thrifting pile of mayhem. This week, I got this pretty flower fabric and this groovy big floor pillow turtle. He is like 3 feet wide. I like this guy.

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Fabric in the mail

Dear Beki sent me some fabric to play with. Isn't she so sweet? I love getting good mail. Thank you so much. I will enjoy using it ! Pretty flowers, huh? ;-)

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pretty hair

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I've been ready for spring cleaning for a few weeks now, but it has been too cold. In order for good cleaning, the weather must be warm enough to have doors and windows open. So, I've settled on doing organization until the warm stuff comes. I love organizing things. They often don't stay organized, but that is ok because that means I get to organize it again! Cheap thrills. Anyway, you know those baby fruit plastic containers (shown above)? I love these things. They're small, we have LOTS of them and they have lids. Oh the joy. I use them everywhere to organize everything-scrapbooking stuff, office supplies, hardware. I love them so much I've considering stacking them up, tying them with ribbon and giving them as gifts -thinking someone else would give a hoot about something as cheap and silly as me. I stopped myself from doing this, just so you know.

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They are everywhere. Here is the kitchen junk drawer. I'm reorganizing this baby tomorrow. It's looking a bit untidy. I think Keely may have inherited my organizing gene.

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We had a Maisy afternoon today. Busted out all the books and read them with the Maisy doll. These are cute books. I just found out yesterday that there are movies too. Anyone seen them? I've heard they are cute, sweet, and nice. We like Maisy. There is a neat Maisy website. You can read/look at some of the books online. Keely likes to do that with us. There are also printable coloring pages. A few weeks ago I was going to try and use the coloring pages to draw up some patterns for softies to go along with her book-a Charlie and a Tallulah would be nice. That's about as far as I got with that. I don't think I have the knack for softies. It was a nice thought though.

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doodle critters

Yesterday, Keely and I were having drawing time together. I got out the big 'ole box of crayons and two clean sheets of white paper and we drew. I turned on some nice music and the sun was shining in our french doors. She was doodling and then told me that I needed to draw a birdie. So I did. She continued to boss me around and told me to draw all of the above animals. She even named two of them. I'm quite fond of my dog and cat here. They are drawn with chunky stubs of crayons and on a bumpy wood table so obviously they aren't the greatest in quality but hey! Now, what to do with my new critters. More cards I suppose.

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The Drawstring Bag

Finally- I figured out how to make a drawstring bag all by my lonesome. It occured to me in the middle of the night a few days ago how to sew up the top. It is almost right. The second one is for Keely, so I didn't put any button embellishments on it.

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