Lucas @ 7

lucas7cLucas you’ve decided that you would like to stay 4. You wished you could stay little forever. Me too. Thankfully, you’re still small enough that we can pretend you are younger than 7. At 7, you are doing first grade work but you are reading way ahead of your age. You like reading and doing your work. You are a wiggle worm through it all, but you manage to do a good job still.  You are taking one class at co-op this semester and doing fine there too. You still are initially nervous about going. At home, I switch through all of you doing schoolwork and during your breaks you play alone or with Milo if he isn’t busy. You two scream and fight a lot, but you also laugh hysterically at each other and call to each other when you aren’t in the same room after a few minutes. You love to play Minecraft together on the Kindles currently. I think you both would do that all day if I let you.

You are small. Your hair grows fast and we have to cut it constantly. Your nails are always dirty. You have a few freckles across your nose and cheeks. You still look like a little boy. You have lost a few teeth. You do not like your head to get wet. You do not like socks. We have a hard time finding shoes that don’t bother you. You don’t like tags in clothing. You are particular about which clothes you will wear. Only loose, soft, comfortable items that aren’t at all too big or too small. You are a still a picky eater. I’m always worried that you don’t get enough protein. I hope 7 is the year your palette becomes adventurous.


You only play with Lego’s now.  All your other toys sit unloved, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them yet. I’m not ready for you to not be the baby, I guess. In the evening, Milo and you go into your room and make up crazy games to play before bed. There is currently a giant slide off your bed made from your Nugget cushions. You two laugh so hard I don’t know how you breathe.  I usually let you keep playing way too late, because I’m so happy you have each other and I want you to enjoy this time of your life together.  I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be leaping off of things wildly at 10:30 at night though.


Lucas, are so sweet, caring, and loving. You don’t like me to go out anywhere without you because you said, “Home just feels better to me when you are here.” Could you be any sweeter, baby? When I do go out, you spend some of that time looking out a window or sitting on the porch waiting to see our car return. Then you run to greet me. I love you, Lucas.  You give us all hugs at dinner every night and tell us that you love us. You hug anyone who is crying or feeling sad.  You always tried to fix whatever is wrong for them if you can. Your feelings get hurt easily too. When someone snaps at you or criticizes something you are doing, you run off crying and sit alone sobbing.  I have to come and love on you for awhile until you are past it.  You still scream loudly when you get mad and you cry very easily when things just aren’t going your way. You forget you have words to use.

lucas7dYou have your desk by our backyard window because you like to see outside. You always tell me when there is something out there of interest…a bird, butterfly, or pretty cloud. You like to go places and check out new sights. You like animals, especially ours. You cry if you do not get the first licks or cuddles when we come home from being out. You still like music more than your siblings did or do.  There are always a few favorite songs out that we are not allowed to change the channel on. At night, you play CDs in your bedroom.  You have a whole stack of them to choose from now.

Everyone loves you and looks out for you. You know you are protected by us all.

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Milo at 10


Milo you are a decade old. You’ve made ten whole trips around the sun. I keep telling you to not be so old. I just can’t stand how fast you are growing up. You don’t listen though. You look older and you’re a bit taller, but you’re just as cute as ever. Some kids at our our co-op decided to vote on who the cutest kid was and almost all of them voted for you!

This year you’ve been really into astronomy. You love reading just about anything to do with space. You are fascinated with black holes and you also love space rovers and satellites. We go to our beach every time their is a launch from Wallops Island hoping to see something. We also try and spot the space station when there are fly overs. We go to the bay to see the full moon risings, especially the super moons. You wanted a telescope this summer, so we got you one. You figured it all out and set it up by your window. You love studying the moon and Jupiter when their within view.


You also still love Lego’s and Minecraft. You build some very detailed creations and tell us every single thing about them and how they work. You want to get into coding now too. You also enjoy reading and you fly through all the books we give you. You read for at least an hour before bed most nights. You still stay up way too late.

You’re doing fine in school although you are easily distracted and I have a hard time getting you to just focus and finish your work. You hardly ever will just sit in a chair and get it done. You cry about having to write things still, although you are a great writer with a wonderful vocabulary. You also get very upset about math, although you are able to understand it pretty easily. You enjoy science and reading the most. Sometimes you like to draw too. You are a perfectionist and get frustrated when your creations are as you think they should be.

milo10bMilo you are a sensitive boy. This summer you gained a new compassion for every living creature, especially ants and beetles. You have to rescue every bug that is in the path of danger. Taking a neighborhood walks became quite tedious. You love your pets and want them to cuddle you at all times. You do get really mad at Cooper for eating your lego’s, but you quickly forgive him and go back to loving on him.

You are still sweet and cuddly yourself. You like to wrap up in blankets and sit near me on the couch. You tell me you love me many times a day. You are protective of your family and like to be with us and explore places together. You do not like to go to stores, unless their are Lego’s. Lucas and you play together most of the day. You two fight a lot too, but mostly their is friendship. Each night while we are downstairs watching a show, you go into Lucas’s room and hang out with him for awhile before going to your own space. You guys usually get loud and crazy, but we let you for awhile because it’s so nice that you two want to be together.


We still go to co-op two days a week. You are taking 3 class right now and have your core group of friends there that you talk to and run around with at lunch break. You all are very opinionated, so you seem to just yell over top of each other to get your ideas across. You guys eventually settle on some sort of tag game and run screaming wildly through the grounds chasing each other.


Happy ten years my Miggity moo. You are sweet, cute, intelligent, funny, and driven. I wonder will the next year will take you. I love you baby.

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Keely at 14.

Keely you are now 14. You are funny, witty, sarcastic, beautiful, loving, and highly-opinionated. You are as tall as me now (5’4). You’re skinny and your feet are still smaller than mine. This past year your love for make-up has grown. Actually, your love for high-end make-up. You won’t even look at cheap stuff. Sephora is your favorite stop now. All you really wanted for your birthday was make-up and money for make-up. Anytime we ask you where you want to go, the answer is the mall. You love to go to Sephora (and ask for a sample) then you swing into Lush (and ask for a sample) and then you stop by Teavana (and snag another sample). It’s pretty funny and you are pleased with your free shopping when you don’t have any money to spend.

You spend almost all of your free time still staring at your phone. Hours and hours a day are spend scrolling away. You love memes. You save all your favorites and revisit them to share them and laugh at the funny ones. You’ve deemed yourself Meme Lord. You watch videos, make-up tutorials, and you tubers. You text friends too. You’ve had a lot of friend drama this year. You have friends a co-op and you talk to old school friends through texting and Facebook, but your two closest friends are Isis and Katie still. Their lives are much different then yours and you are so jealous of some of their freedoms. It has caused our family a lot of drama, sadly. I hope you understand when your older that we are just trying to do what we think is best for YOU, our daughter.

You don’t enjoy any aspect of learning or school or anything that resembles work. You are not academic. We’ve decided that we aren’t going to start high school this year and instead practice some skills that you need for high school classes and let you mature a bit more. You started kindergarten when you were really young, so you’ll still graduate at 18. Hopefully, it works out for you. You are taking a few co-op classes and a self-defense class this semester. This summer you and your dad made a deal that if you practice the ukelele you could get Instagram on your birthday. So, you did-but you still have to keep practicing that. You didn’t want lessons, so you are learning it yourself using things you find online and you’re doing really good. I hope you can see that you CAN learn anything that you put some effort into. When you are motivated, you are perfectly capable.

Your brothers love you to pieces and are always looking out for you. They are also always watching, so when you get more of something or have a freedom they don’t- they love to call it out and whine. You get so mad. They always want to see what your looking at online and you lose your mind because they are over your shoulder being nosey. You do watch out for them though and love them fiercely. No one will mess with your brothers. Milo loves when you include him in your world.

Cooper is your buddy now. You love when he comes to lay with you or wants you to pet him. You also really like when he gets all excited and bites/plays with you rough…until he gets too rough and then you scream like crazy. He’s confused. You’ve been good about walking him with us every day. He needs to get outside and move and so do you.

I hope this year brings you brings you peace and closer to knowing yourself and how to take care of yourself. I hope we can be understanding of your wants and make the best choices for you. I hope you will know how much we love you (even when we are upset). I hope you can find a new friend that will be a good match for you and will help bring out your best qualities. We love you always Keely. Happy 14th birthday!

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Lucas at 6 1/2

My sweet Lucas is now 6 1/2 years old. You are definitely still my baby though. You call me, “mama”, one million times a day. You say, “I love you.” to us all throughout the day and run over and give us hugs. We all love those moments with you. You are funny and wiggly and full of life. Our home would be so dull without you.


We finished up kindergarten this summer. You did great with your first year of school and you can read really well already. You love to look at books on your own and try to figure them out. You love figuring out time and everything about every kind of clock. You always tell us what the time is and how long it is before we have to do something or go somewhere. You are interested in the calendar too and how much things cost.

You still love music. We bought you a little cd player for your bedroom. I gave you some of our old music and you go through them all and pick out your favorites. You play them very loud and drive your siblings bonkers. I love to peek in at you and see you jamming out while building Lego’s. Sometimes I’ll even catch you singing just a little bit. I hope you want to play an instrument one day. I think you would be so good at it.

You ask a lot of questions. Just about every time we speak, we know you are going to ask, “why?”, or “how come?” or for us to further explain. You have a great vocabulary for a six year old. I think you picked them up from your internet videos. “We should use the proper method to fix this.”

During your free screen time in the afternoon you currently watch: Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, Backyardigans, or some Minecraft gamer. You still play Minecraft with Milo sometimes. You play Lego’s, construction trucks, matchbox cars, and playmobil. Outside you love to ride your bike and your scooter as fast as possible. You like to play with your trucks in the gravel too. Our neighbor, Jackson, is still your friend. You two yell a “woo-ooo” sound over the fence when you come outside so that the other person will come out and talk.


You play with Milo half of the day and scream and fight with him for the other half of the day. I guess that’s normal, but it makes for a loud house. You love each other and are bored not playing together, but together you spend so much time planning your game that by the time you are going to play you are on each other’s nerves and the fighting begins.

You love us all so much. You are worried when something is wrong. If one of us is sad, you will give us love or bring us a cup of water or something that you think will cheer us up. You are still so generous too. You will always share or give up something of yours if one of us doesn’t have any. I love that about your heart.


You like to go places as long as it’s not too far away. You still get motion sick. You wear seabands in the car and they help a lot, but you still don’t feel great. You can’t look at books or out the side windows and sometimes just staring straight makes you feel bad, so car trips are not fun for you.

We try to go to lots of places around here to expose you to interesting things without having to travel far. Recently, we’ve been to: traveling art shows at the Hermitage, the Chrysler Museum, historical sites, fairs, state parks, a few beaches, fossil hunting, rocket launches, the zoo, The Jefferson Lab, the boardwalk, Pungo for strawberry picking, Mariner’s Museum, fireworks, ODU, planetariums, and the aquarium. You seem to have fun on all of our adventures.


We have a little bit of summer left and it’s been 100 degrees, so we’ll get in some more pool time and lazy days before it’s on to first grade and the busy-ness of our normal routine. I love you little Lucas. I’m so glad to be your mama.

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Milo at 9 1/2


It is spring time of your ninth year and you are growing taller and filling out a bigger body. I still see my sweet little boy in your face though. This winter was filled with school, co op, mine craft, our dogs, and still looking at houses.  You’ve become close friends with Eli and hang out with him in classes and then in the afternoon you play Minecraft online with him and sometimes with other friends too.  At classes, you are happy to be trailing around with your group-playing games, chasing each other, and discussing important gaming matters.  At home, you still don’t enjoy school work.  Writing is still agony for you.  You are really quick with math. You get how numbers work. You also love to read. You would spend your whole school day reading if I let you.


You love battles.  Battles in video games, reenacting battles in your viking class, battles with Lucas, battles with toys. You also can’t stand for a single creature to be hurt, displaced, or inconvenienced because of humans.  If there is an ant in the house, you freak out and arrange a rescue mission for him to be  taken outside.  You have a big, gentle heart.  You love the puppies and want them to just lay all over you at all times.  They do not often cooperate.  When they do, your are blissed out.


You are still my cleanest child.  You like things to be in their place and will sometimes even clean up after others. You always put your dishes away or pick pillows up off the floor.  Thank you my son. Strangely, your room and Lego’s are not kept very tidy.  Also, your Lego’s aren’t getting much play time lately.  I hope you come back around to them soon.  You have thousands of dollars worth of them to get use out of and your mom needs you to not be done with toys yet.  Stay little longer.

You and your sister were in choir together this semester and you wanted to do a solo for your concerts.  I was and still am shocked. You have never sung out loud before. Ever.  You were so cute and brave at your coffee shop gig. I was  proud of you.


In the winter time, we went to Adventure Park and got to walk on obstacles hanging through the trees…tight ropes, webs, ziplines, and the like.  You didn’t have a second thought about going.  You tried everything and had no fear. We also finally went kayaking this month. You and I rode together.  You weren’t scared at all to get in the bay or the boat.  We worked together really well, yelling left! right! to get our paddling in sync.  You were so happy that we were the fastest boat and that daddy said we looked like we were seasoned kayakers with our rowing.  It was nice working together with you.


You are both a big kid and my little guy still.  You still love to cuddle with me.  You give me hugs and tell me that you love me all through the day.  You are funny, sarcastic, smart, loving, gentle and you still have the cutest face (and feet).  I am always telling you how cute your feet are and you think I’m crazy.  I love you moo.

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Lucas at 6


Lucas, my last baby, you have turned 6. You didn’t seem to care about turning older, but you were very excited about your birthday.  For weeks before your day, each night you would tell me that you couldn’t go to sleep because you just couldn’t wait until your birthday!  You mostly love getting new toys, but you also looked forward to your decorations and cake, of course.  You picked a birch bark woodsy cake and blue decorations.  Lego’s and Playmobil were on your wishlist and you got a few of them both.

You’ve had a few little growth spurts lately and are looking taller and more big boy in your face. You have pretty blue eyes and lovely little freckles across your nose. Your sweet birthmark is still on your neck with no signs of fading. Your hair grows ridiculously fast and we have to cut it too often. You only agree to that event because you get a lollipop each time. You have the sweetest little lips and the skinniest of feet.  You love to flip and roll.  You do it constantly and drive us a bit crazy with it.  You start rolling when we are talking to you, doing school, playing a game, or watching a show.lucas6a

You love being outside.  You like to dig, play with your big trucks, and just explore and collect things.  You got into Bear Grylls this year, so you do a lot of making shelters and surviving in the wild. It’s adorable. You like to play the puppies outside, but they are bigger than you and knock you over when they are too excited. They get a little intense and treat you like a puppy.  You still love them though and always want to take care of them and be near them.

You started homeschool kindergarten this fall. You are learning to read now and it’s so cute to see you with your own books sounding out words and just figuring it all out. You love listening to us read to you too. Writing is not that appealing to you though. You took your first co-op class this fall and loved it. I registered you for an art class this spring and you cry and cry and refuse to go in without me. So we have to just pal around together while Keely and Milo are in their classes.


Lucas you are a sweet and sensitive boy.  You tell us all that you love us 20 times a day.  You will share anything you have. You even give things away to your brother just because he likes it.  You are so generous. What a wonderful quality to have.  You do not like anything remotely scary…not the dark, high staircases, suspense, or mean faces. If there is anything violent or loud,  you are done.

You love certain songs now. You never had favorites in the past, but now you have requests and if they come on while in the car we are not allowed to change the station.  I love to see you singing in the backseat. You like “I Can Make Your Hands Clap”, “Let Me Love You” and “Adventure of a Lifetime” right now. You seem to really like music. You request Bach on my computer often and you like musical toys and you even mentioned that you might like to play the violin, so maybe we will look into that soon.  You will not dance though. Never. Never. No. No. You just will not dance. You keep it to singing, humming, and bobbing your head a little.


Mealtimes have not grown easier yet. Your adventurous palate has not yet made an appearance. You still eat the same handful of foods every day and will not ever try new foods, not even a new cereal. You act like it’s poison.  I’m thinking any time now you are going to grow bored with the same meals; but no you are perfectly content with your repetitive, loyal nutrients.


 Lucas, you are my perfect boy.  I love you so much and I’m so glad I get to spend my days along side you watching you grow and explore and that I am on the receiving end of your cuddles. Happy 6th birthday my baby.



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Milo at 9


Now you have reached nine Milo! You have jsut grown a lot taller, but you still look like my sweet boy. Your hair is just as blonde. Your eyes just as sparkly blue.  You are just as loving and cuddly as always.

This year you have become quite helpful and responsible.  You try to help out around the house. You clean off the table, bring in dishes, tuck in the chairs.  You tell me when things are out of order or messy. You often fix couch cushions that Lucas has messed up.  You like things to be orderly, like me. You don’t like when people leave lights on, doors open, or put things in the wrong spots.  I can relate. We just got our new puppies last month, Luna and Cooper, and you love them.  You are so good taking care of them.  You are kind and gentle.  You take them outside and even clean up after them.  You keep telling me how much fun it is to have puppies or how glad you are that we have them.  You really love animals.  You still adore Midnight, of course.  You want him in your bed with you ever night and you are so upset if he is elsewhere.  You carry him around and try to put him in whatever room you are in during the day.


You still enjoy nature and observing all that there is too see.  You notice beauty and oddity and always point it out to us, so that we can take note of it.  You’re sad when we see a dead bug or trees being chopped down. You have a gentle spirit.

You are pretty quiet around other people.  At home, you talk all the time and run and climb on everything.  You shimmy up and down door frames. You hang from casings.  You rock and spin in every chair you try to sit it. So much energy in your little body.  You aren’t interested in playing any sport or organized activities yet.  I keep trying to get you interested in some kind of music lesson, but you aren’t having it.  You take 3 classes at co-op now…Biology, Astronomy, and Celtic Choir.  You like them well-enough and you do a good job.  You don’t really hang out with any other boys though.  You don’t seem to want to.


You love your siblings.  You get frustrated with both of them often, but you also would do anything for them.  You don’t ever want them to be hurt or sad. You try to fix things when there is a problem.  You do still have your temper. When you are wronged, you get really mad.  It’s a whole different Milo then.  You usually just want to be left alone to calm down while the storm passes.  You don’t walk to talk or be hugged. You just want to be in your room.


You spend most of your non-school time playing Legos and Minecraft. You are more into the coding and mod side of things though.  You love computer stuff and you’re really good at it…like your dad.  You are a wonderful reader too.  You fly through books and spend an hour or so reading before bed every night.  You stay up way too late doing it.  I have to make you go to sleep when I do.

Milo, you still sit next to me and want to hold my hand when we walk someplace.  I love that.  You try to help me when you see that I’ve got too much to do or that my arms are full.  You give me hugs out of the blue and tell me that you love me.   I love you to my boy.  I don’t know what we’d do without you.  It’s been a wonderful 9 years with you in it.  Happy Birthday Moo!


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Keely at 13

IMG_3312 We have officially reached the teen years Keely. You have celebrated your 13th birthday.  It is hard to believe that we’ve been together that long.  You have grown so much this past year. You are almost as tall as me now.  You can wear my clothes now and sometimes my shoes.  You are tall and beautiful. You’ve let your hair grow out and it is dirty blonde with lighter highlights and has a little curl to it. You have a gorgeous smile and sweet laugh.

This year has been all about your phone and social media. You are certainly obsessed. You spend almost all of your free time online-watching videos and make-up tutorials, scrolling through endless photos, and reading every thing that pops up that sparks your interest. I worry about what you’ve already seen and been exposed to at your age. What message the world through your phone has given you about life and women and your place in it all.  We try to talk about what you see and hear and hope that you can navigate it all.  There isn’t any avoiding it in the time we live in.  We can only try to educate you and do our best to keep you safe.


You are in love with all things make-up.  You want all the most expensive brands and you wear make-up almost every single day. You have a beautiful face naturally, but you don’t think so. You think you need to cover it up. You love to mess around with theatrical looks also. You are into horror stories and creepy things, so some of your looks go down that route. Halloween should be interesting this year.  Free reign.  You spend a long time on your make-up.  You have started to enjoy going through the clothes at thrift stores now too.  You know you can actually get a few things, since it isn’t a fortune.  Your closet is overflowing.

keely 13 a

Black is your favorite color. We painted  one wall black for your birthday room make-over. The other three are a light aqua. You got all new bedding too. It looks good and you really like it. It is definitely a teen room. You still read, but not as much as before. You still dislike school of any kind and wish that all things math would fall off the planet.  We are not doing therapy currently since we saw no benefits from it last year. You know that if you feel like you need and want help with something that we will find someone for you.  At this point, you aren’t interested.  We are just trying to do our best for you. We want you to be happy and know that you are loved, no matter what.  We want you to know that you can have a nice future and a decent job and that you will be able to take care of yourself, but you have to put in some work.    You are thinking that you want to be a make-up artist and that you might join the military after you graduate.  I think that is a really good plan for you.


You’re taking classes through our co-op again and you seem to get along with a lot of people there and you like going. You don’t like doing the work for the classes though.  You are also taking voice lessons again.  I hope that can turn into something good for you. Your teacher really likes you.   You are still good friends with Isis and you text and Skype with her.  You go over each other’s house too.  Danielle and you don’t see each other often, but you don’t talk sometimes and go walk around the mall together. Your favorite stores are Sephora and Hot Topic.

You love your little brothers, although they annoy you a lot and you get frustrated with their requests and noise. They love you too.  You think Milo is smart and Lucas is cute.  Lucas says a lot of sweet and cute things to you and you smile and say, “awwwww.”  Milo and you argue a lot, but you also laugh together a lot too.  You joke the same things and it is nice when you two have those bonding moments.  You look out for your brothers and no one is aloud to mess with them.  I hope you three are always close and protective of each other.


We love you so much Keely and can’t believe you are a teenager.  I hope you can slow down and enjoy your life where you’re  at right now. I always tell you that you have your whole life to be a grown-up.  Get all the perks of being a kid while you are one.  Happy 13th Kinder!


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Lucas @ 5 1/2


Lucas, my littlest one, you are a sweet handful. You are growing so fast and turning into a big boy.  You often tell me that no matter how big you are that you will still be my baby and you will still give me love.  You hug me, kiss me, and say, “I love you mommy.” all through the day.  You like to get cuddles in the morning when you first wake up and when you go to bed, but for the rest of the day you are a busy guy.  You are always running, flipping, climbing, and making noise.  You love taking all of the cushions off the couch and chairs and building houses out of them or giant slides to roll down. You can tear up a room.

You love playing with blocks and cars, Minecraft, and  sometimes Lego. You like looking at books, too.  You enjoy watching Clifford and Paw Patrol in the afternoon.  You love eating Tortilla Chips and request them several times a day.  You also love caring around our little fan and putting it right in front of you while you eat your bowl of chips.  The two things just go together for some reason.  You love mostly unhealthy food and still do not have an adventurous palette.  Fingers crossed, that this is the year that changes.

lucas 5.5 aYou are starting kindergarten this year and you are nervous that you wont’ be able to read.   I promised you that you will.  You are excited to be able to read all the road signs we pass and be able to read things in Minecraft. This is the first time I’ve had to really homeschool all three children, so I hope that goes well.  You are also taking your first class at our co-op.  It’s a hands-on science class for little ones your age.  Hopefully, you’ll have fun and make a few friends there.  Our new neighbors have a little boy that is your age and you two have become fast friends.  You talk over the fence with each other and he comes over to play every time he sees you outside.  He invited you to his birthday party too. You two get along really well. I’m happy you have your own friend.

You and Milo love each other, but fight constantly.  He bosses you around and you scream incredibly loud at him and cry. A lot. It gets very tiresome until we just break you two up.  Keely tries to help you out or take care of you sometimes, but you aren’t really open to that most of the time.  You just yell for me.  You will play by yourself for a little while, but you say you don’t like too.  You go up into your room sometimes and play music on one of your electronic toys while you play.  It is really cute. When you’re done playing you tell me how messy your room. You act so frustrated and overwhelmed by it.  I usually help you clean it up when you are done.

lucas 5.5c

This spring you learned how to swing yourself and you were so proud.  You ran to swing at every opportunity for awhile. It was so cute and you were so happy.  This summer you have loved being in the  pool, but you still do not like any water on your face. You scream every time someone splashes you.  You really wanted to learn how to swim.  We tried to help you learn to hold your breath or put part of your face under water, but you are just not ready yet.  You do enjoy just swimming around with your arm floats.  We’ve had a pretty lazy summer.  We did go to Busch Gardens and you loved most of it-only a few rides had you crying. We also went to the Outer Banks.  You had fun there and really like staying at a hotel and playing in a new space. You do get really hot outside though and your little face turns so red it scares me.  We took a few trips to house hunt also and you got car sick on each trip. Now you think that every time we drive somewhere you’re “going to get a car sick.”  It is not fun for any of us.

lucas 5.5b

Your are growing fast, but thankfully you still do some little guy things. You always say the cutest things and I just want to freeze time and eat you up. My eyes fill with tears when I look at your little innocent face sometimes. I just love you so much.  Some adorable things that you say incorrect and I refuse to correct for now…You call the Empire State Building the Entire State Building.  Supposed to is Uh-posed to. Lynchburg is Lunchburg.  You still can not remember which meal is Lunch and which one is Dinner. You get them mixed up every day. Also, potatoes and tomatoes are always reversed.

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Milo at 8 1/2


We have finished up second grade and you’ve done pretty good. You still can’t stand to write and now think math is too hard, even though you are good at it.  You don’t like to write down math problems. You would rather figure them out in your head no matter how long it takes. You enjoy reading National Geographic kids magazines with me every day and you do a lot of reading on your own too.  You like learning about history and science. You watch a lot of science videos too.  I can’t believe you heading in to third grade already!

milo 8.5b

You still love Minecraft and watch some sort of video about it each day.  You can talk about it forever. You enjoy setting up Lego scenes and building new creations, but you aren’t really playing with them anymore. You like for us to go explore new places-the woods, beaches, parks, etc. You don’t care for long car trips though.  You are grossed out very easily. You decided you aren’t going into the ocean anymore because it’s filled with living things and cells! You don’t like to hear about anything medical or see anything gross.  You’re a sensitive one my love.  You almost pass out at doctor’s appointments because you get so uncomfortable with them talking about medical things.

Your osteochondroma has started bothering you lately and we are considering having the surgery done.  I don’t want to put you through it.  I know you will be so scared and the recovery does not sound fun.  I don’t want you to be hindered by a hurt  leg though.  Eventually, it will have to be dealt with.  I just want to do what is best for you.

milo 8.5c

You and Lucas fight for most of the day now.  You make all the rules to all the games. You boss him around and always try to win or have the best powers or skills.  He always screams and cries.  This pattern runs in a loop all day here. It drives us all crazy. You do love each other but there is always competition and we spend so much time together, I guess you just get on each others’ nerves.  Lucas adores you and wants to do everything you do and that makes you so mad.

You still love nature and like to take in your surroundings and see the how and why things work. You’re pretty observant. You love animals and are often scared of insects, but you don’t ever try to hurt them.

milo 8.5d

You still are a wiggly guy. You never sit still or sit normally in a chair. You run, jump, roll, rock constantly.

You decided that piano wasn’t for you and we let you stop. Now you go to speech therapy instead to work on your R sounds mostly.  I hope we can correct that soon and stop going and practicing it. We don’t enjoy it much. You made more friends this year at co-op and have some buddies you like to talk to and play Minecraft with.  You have fun at park days with them too.


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